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Some Powerful Hand Unseen (transcript)

Temporary Temples, Crop Circle Conference, Summer 2014

Time. Time has being used against us.

Today is significant.

Saturday 26th July is the first day of the Mayan New Year.

Known as the year of the Red Solar Moon, and it falls in the midst of a red Moon tetrad. Each lunar eclipse will coincide with a Jewish holiday. These years are cited in the Book of Revelation:

The third angel poured out his bowl into the river and the springs of water, and they became blood.


The world’s oldest religion outlines four Yugas, eras of decreasing length. We are coming to the end of the final, Kali, Yuga – the Age of Darkness.

Kali Yuga

An era where temporal power dominates spiritual authority. Our ancestors forewarned us so that we – the Seekers – wouldn’t be despondent in the discord.


A personification of the forth Yuga, a dark princess worshiped by the conquered youth. Cyrus II of Persia took back Israel from Neo-Babylonia around 600BC. The Cyrus namesake isn’t the only recurrence in our recorded history. We have been here before.


Tower of Babel, and Jeddah Tower – set to be the tallest building in the world. In the final days of Babylon, people had become faint impressions of their potential. They babbled about triviality – a curse proliferating today. Back then, the evil was cleansed by The Great Flood. It replenished time and brought the Earth back to a former aspect. Today we face a different cleansing mechanism. But, first, let’s first define what this evil, this Distortion, is.


Distortion is a lowly awareness promoting everything that’s unsuitable for mankind. It encompasses Lucifer’s rejection of divine orders, and Satan’s inversion of natural relationships. The Distortion is not unloved, but in choosing to reject love, it loses its awareness of unity with eternity, spawning brutal apprehensions. It deflects energy away from expansive embrace and burrows into the psyche. Delivering mankind to spiritual lowlands, and feasting on our aguish. Antagonising all relationships between the spiritual and temporal, and denying us a path to realistion.


The Hermetica – conceived between the Egyptian and Greek civilisations – referred to a future when:

Men will not love this wonderful world … Darkness will be preferred to light, death thought more profitable than life, no-one will raise their eyes to heaven, the madman thought a brave man, the wicked esteemed as good. The Soul … the thought that it is immortal by nature – this they will mock and persuade themselves that it is false. And only evil angels will remain and drive man into wrecklessness (and) … into all things hostile to the nature of the Soul.


Distortion has weakened society to a dangerous extreme. Its illusory world draws us down into it a counter-initiation so that we might become less. Willingly living in unTruth, and denying ourselves heart-stirring excitement.


And, yet, while Mankind is confused, the greatest emergence in twelve-and-a-half thousand years is unfolding before us. The Hopi prophesied the end a fourth age, and spoke of an emergence into a fifth. Their prophecy centres about a Blue Star. It appeared last year.


The Vatican knows there’s something coming.


And has an observatory at a location long revered by Original Americans because on Mt Graham the veil is thin. So what is it that we’re experiencing in this age of transition?


Allow me describe it like this: At first a ‘blast’ wave coming toward us from the centre of our galaxy. Crashing upon our shores, demanding we take responsibility that’s conscious of all life.


This is the Visoko Valley in Bosnia, the location of a buried pre-flood civilisation.


In 2012 I sat atop the Pyramida Sunca and meditated, before finding myself surrounded by fire. In that moment, some more mysteries of the pyramids were revealed.


The artificial tetrahedrons around the world were used as dimensional devices. Used for temporal penetration. Fiery winds rushing about me, I was reminded that the pyramids were used by initiates to tap into sequential time, for an observer to move freely – backward or forward – in their own soul’s journey, and to call upon an experience or experience that could serve them now.


After the galactic ‘blast,’ comes the fire of a cosmic explosion – specified in Revelations. Manifesting an uptick in coronal mass ejections, and the solar maximum that we’re leaving behind. Even if we are not in ready state to accept it, it’s coming!


The  Egyptians were sublime philosophers, and the finest knowledge society documented today. Initiates to the rites of ‘ascension,’ or, how to receive the gnosis of guiding one’s soul. Their monuments corresponded between an exterior self and interior self.


The Eye of Horus representing the pineal gland we use to perceive things beyond the material. The Great Pyramid’s ‘King’s Chamber’ is its pineal glad equivalent.

Daniel Rozman Vincent Levison-Plumtree Pyramid

A precisely tuned vortex presenting a portal between realms of consciousness. Where time stops and space extends. Unfortunately, modern initiation schools abuse remnants of such knowledge.

Seal of Bavaria

This image is a fair representation of something called the Seal of Bavaria. It’s an incantation that uses an individual’s auric field to deposit a marker in space-time, in order to easier reclaim that moment again.


Many factions have used derivatives of similar incantations to summon demons and golems – who have become addicted to feeding off our hu-man energetic.



With the benefit of this backdrop you might like to reconsider your ‘ascension’ strategy. Only the considerate soul can transcend the addictions of devolved states. Ordinary men will continue to only exist potentially.


The most formidable demon is personified by attachments. We’re told Jesus ministered to those without overbearing attachments – whether social status or money. A seeker’s journey begins by letting go of intellectualised absolutes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.04.03

In times of significant events mankind has been aided by agents. Gabriel is one such messenger, and what if his annunciations are still personal, but not exclusive?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.07.05

Is this decoded message an angelic message? 

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.


Might some crop glyphs be contemporary equivalents of Jacob’s Ladder? Occurring in highest concentration on the isle where his pillow stone resides? Are crop glyphs heavenly messages? One might begin by asking, what is heaven? A place of magnitude beyond time, where thought manifests quicker. Saint John told us that in the Beginning there was thought. If in Heaven thought manifests instantly, to reach heaven one must have command over their thoughts. Their preoccupations, their desires, their intentions – their thought. There cannot exist even a single destructive thought coated in pride, jealousy, or anger because if it slipped into Heaven, and was granted, Heaven would begin to disintegrate. This the story of Eden.


This glyph is a two dimensional representation of a penteract.

A penteract is a fifth dimensional hypercube.

We can say the fifth dimension is a place beyond time, where the past and future fold into an inconceivable brilliance.

…I am content that glyph makers know something of the nature of heaven.


Just like all good messengers of the past, glyphs have been ignored and ridiculed by the masses.

This crop glyph speaks to the bifurcation of these times.

A giant impression suggesting we “Remember the weave of time.”

And in the next field a music festival filled ot the brim with people forgetting themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.31.38

This is a good example of what a denier looks like.

A middle-aged hipster who sees nothing but fad and consensus in anything.

Excelling in nothing but sloth.


A denier would offload the responsibilities related to childrens’ behaviour to the television. 


Whilst the Distortion vampires our children in plain sight.


Brutally attacking the self-esteem the sloth has traded for pride.


But there’s always university, the hipster’s daughter might go to Cambridge, like these girls do (actually do), and play drinking games in bin-liners.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.16.13

And live to be consumed by the transhumanist dream in her prime.



So those of you here, who go out and meet people in your daily lives, use opportunities to assure them that there is a choice to be made.

Crossing the Galactic plane is not a free ticket ride. It is a choice.

The Souls on this Earth will bifurcate.

On one hand, they can be seduced by transhumanism.

On the other, this is the best window of opportunity in 12,500 years to restore heaven on earth.


So to Crop Glyphs.

They represent a mastering of the four elements.


This is the formation that was printed in the broadsheets of the Telegraph newspaper in 2010, captivating my attention.

The Euler’s identity crop glyph depicted the ‘key’ language.

In Greek, the sign U.L.E. means raw material of creation.

From raw materiality, to a Seal in Time.


How about this for a timely alternative to the Seal of Bavaria?

Appearing in Bavaria, Germany only last week.


Situated next to Einstein’s miracle Formula, pointed to the heavens.


This is representative of the Earth’s solar interaction.

The Van Allen belt is the Earth’s auric field.


It is a torodial field, with dimples North and South.


Just like us.

Celestial rays spread throughout our entirety, and illuminate what might seem like chaos.

A state of flux.

Oscillations, nothing but confronting authentic changes.

Confronting the infernal way, which oppresses the Celestial way.


So, as the Celestial rays reaches our solar system, the Sun will augment its effects.


And we must take heed the bizarre language in Crop Glyphs, telling us:

“It is key to protect life until death; and death in not the end.”

Forewarning, twenty years in advance, that our morphogenetic field will step-change as the Cosmic wave reaches Earth. 

That as the Earth’s electromagnet field is rearranging ours will be, too.


As we move from duality to a unified field.

  And advance ourselves from the worship of those things represented by the cuboid.


The hexagon is representative of a cube falling through a 2D plane.


We see cube worship in many traditions – especially occult traditions.


Again we’ve had this play out in the fields.


And a narrative of being freed from the cube.



One of the aspirational teaching of Jesus and his work.


The cross is a symbol of the unfolded box.

The power of geometry.


We would do well to pay attention to the Sri Yantra Sacred Wheel.

It’s nine interlocking triangles representing the harmonic of the Mer’Ka’Ba.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.36.08

The Merkabah is depicted as a pair of conjoined star tetrahedrons, that point in every direction.

The masculine principal points to the heavens, the feminine principal points to the earth, and they each embrace the radial.


In balance, this platonic solid symbolises recognition of all life and a choice to atune with the resonance of creation’s source.

A euphoric resonance that allows for the teleportation of a soul.

Let’s call an emerging awareness of the Merkabah, Presence.


When one is conscious of their Presence, the tachyon field of natural energies enhances.

And serves to improve – in unforeseeable ways – our interaction with the world.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.37.06

We’ll have a hightened appreciation of its majesty.

And improve our interactions with energies around us in order to be spiritually familiar and spiritually-fit.


Crop glyph makers allude to this by immersing visitors in nature.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.37.56

And they have even offered us tools.

This design was fabricated in metal by Ross Holcombe.

He called the device the Trill, and I saw firsthand how it was used to rebalance the layers of human aura that extend outwards on a beautiful woman named Ahulani in 2010.


Why wouldn’t we seek to reharmonising with nature?


To perceive the abundance of God’s grace and Nature’s beauty, always.



Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.42.09

And so, upon reaching this point we see the Distortion’s trickery and its hold over us is akin to this.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.43.26

Where there is no accountability, there cannot be consent.

The time for those who have stood by, while we were played off against each other, to head to the door is nearing.

We would have reason to pity them because their role at the completion of an age has become a parody.


Soon, individuals will be allowed to treat things with their own sense of powerful meaning.

Allowing the life-force driven by the Heart to ascend.

Feeling it glow without the persistence of sabotage.

To have confidence to stand up and let the falsified images crumble.


This will be the living condition Thomas Aquinas spoke of.

He wrote:

All human function is subordinate of contemplation, and the raison d’etre of government is in assuring the condition necessary for this kind of contemplation.

If a government is not serving this function, it has betrayed its charter.


Long before Thomas Aquinas, the Aborigines painted their contemplation of life.

Their iconography would be familiar to many traditions.

It centers on the Heart vortex and giving us an indication of what it takes to provide nutrition to our lives and improve our life force.

To use the Heart as a tool to cleanse our emotion.

To use the Heart as a guiding force.

To love and to make love.




Crop glyphs have hinted at the Kundalini, and the rising of the life force – from the root to the crown.

And depict a halo.


Sunk deep within the waters of our history, there’s knowledge to be reborn


The Egyptians represented the halo with the Ankh.


The Ankh is the ultimate symbol the regenerative life force.

Depicting life force rising, congregating at the Heart vortex, before attaining a critical mass that catapults over one’s being and then, like a magnet attraction, drawn straight back to the Heart.

Its breathtaking.

It’s the way.

The climax.


If one discovers the way to ‘ankh’ their energy they wash their electromagnetic field, and it strengthen their bridge to Merkabah.

Impure emotions can be purged almost instantly.

The celebratory feeling of brilliant achievements can be enhanced though ankhing, and positively inform life long after the fact.

Ankhing also mitigates the risk of displaced attention and dissipation of identity.


The arch of energy can be likened to a halo.

If the halo embodies qualities of divinity, it might be that it is a shield and repellent of demons.


Mankind does not appreciate the potency of the heart.

It is the dynamic engine of liberty.

Jesus was called Immanuel by his peers, and in example revealled the soverign power of heart.

An example warped by institutionalisation of his very personal message.


It will soon be time to reappraise some of the statements attributed to Immanuel.

His was an invitation to honour your Presence, and mate its energy to your Heart, so that you might become a tree of life.

If the biblical gréal is a document, perhaps presence is the grail of legend.


The auric field highlights a chalice-shaped outline, depicted across the world, and attesting to societies that knew more than ours does today.


In ankhing, we are reminded that in disembodiment, the Spirit and the Soul – which the Egyptians called Ba and Ka – are inseparable.


That is why moments of bliss can feel like out of body experiences.


The fields are nudging us toward attaining these keys.

Leading ourselves back to ourselves.

Back to the spiral nature of the Universe.

So that we might know what it is to live in God’s strength.

So, being confident of the Distortion’s receding, and in reclaiming our royal potential, we can look ahead.


Look ahead with a life with others, and one other.




The most important person you will ever meet is your other.

Your one lover.

A God-derived test that compels us to see ourselves in others.

Only when we see aspects of ourselves in all those around us will we be rewarded with meeting the other half of our Soul.


 Some attain this glory.

Ephesians reminds us that:

He who loveth his wife, loveth himself.

It’s a statement echoed through eternity.

And allows us to know that it is possible.

And arouses the initiatory process of searching.


The super-gravity of such a relationship is part of each of us – whether or not we are aware of it.

If you are privileged to have met your husband or wife, you will be faced with another test of physical embodiment.

Because it’s possible to have two essences of identical origin but distinct in material experience, you will be forced to confront each other.

The trial of Karmic transference between lovers coming together is the most challenging undertaken – the final expression of seeing yourself in another.

As we know, the dream of two people is more difficult to master than one.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 13.33.44

If you can become unified , you will be given the chance to give life to the emerging.

Immanuel united the divided sexes in his own nature.

Through the grace of redemption, all mankin has the opportunity to do the same.

What’s more, this is our ultimate service.


Our ultimate contribution to Earth and our fellow brothers and sisters.


Only then can we can we look out onto the world and comment.

And in being in a position to pass judgement, we won’t.

We will create.


In a society where meaningful aspects of life are treated as sacred, every occupation will be a priesthood.

And retain something of a sacred function.


Endevour leads to conception.


And the responsibility of the unified field is a child.


The geometry of inception mankind’s expanse.


May our children have the potential to realise their grand potential.


By seeing flashes of the divine in all.


After all, we are children of God’s nebulous design.


Daniel Rozman lecture


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