Summer Lecture

Transcript : Some Pow’rful Hand Unseen

“Time. In our ignorance, time is being used against us.

Today’s a significant day.

Saturday 26th July is the first day of the Mayan New Year.

And will be known as the year of the Red Solar Moon.

Which I find kind of interesting, because it falls in the midst of a red Moon Tetrad.

Each occurring on Jewish holidays.

These years are special and were cited in advance in the Book of Revelation, where it says: The third angel poured out his bowl into the river and the springs of water, and they became blood.


Hinduism has four Yugas, eras of decreasing length. We are coming to the end of the final Yuga: Kali Yuga – the Age of Darkness.

Kali Yuga

An era defined during which temporal power has dominated spiritual authority.

Our ancestors forewarned us of this so that we – the seekers – wouldn’t get frustrated amongst this dischord and chaos.


^ A dark princess worshiped by the conquered youth. She is a personification of the forth Yuga.

Perhaps Miley Cyrus’ immortalisation predated her birth.

Cyrus II of Persia took back Israel from Neo-Babylonia in approximately 600BC.

The Cyrus namesake isn’t the only recurrence in our recorded history.

Humanity has been here before. We have been here before.


This is the Tower of Babbling Babylon. And this ^ the tallest building in the world today.

In the final days of Babylon people has become faint impressions of their potential and babbled about every triviality – a curse mirrored today.

Back then the evil was cleansed by The Great Flood. It served to replenisg time and brought the Earth back to a former aspect.

Today we face a different cleansing mechanism.

But before we get to that, it is important to define what this evil darkness, what this Distortion affecting our world is.


Distortion is a relatively primative awareness that promotes everything that is not suitable for mankind.

It encompasses Lucifer’s rejection of higher divine orders, and Satan’s inversion of natural relationships.

The Distortion is not unloved, but in choosing to reject love it looses its awarness of unity with eternity and spawns a brutally ugly apprehension.

It deflects all energy away from expansive embrace and into the psyche.

Delivering humans to spiritual lowlands, and feeding from our aguish.

Antagonising all relationships between the spiritual and the temporal, and  denying us a path to self-realistion.


The Hermetica was a text conceived between the Egyptian and Greek civilisations. It also referenced today:

Men will not love this wonderful world…Darkness will be preferred to light, death thought more profitable than life, no-one will raise their eyes to heaven, the madman thought a brave man, the wicked esteemed as good. The Soul…the thought that it is immortal by nature – this they will mock and persuade themselves that it is false. And only evil angels will remain and drive man into wrecklessness…(and) into all things hostile to the nature of the Soul!’


The Distortion has weakened us to a dangerous extreme.

Its illusory world draws us down into it a counter-initiation so that we might become sub-human.

Willingly living in unTruth, and denying ourselves heart-stirring excitement.

It never fails to take advantage and has led this world to a brink.


And yet while Mankind is confused, the greatest emergence in twelve-and-a-half thousand years is unfolding before our eyes.

The Native American Hopi prophesied the end a fourth age, and spoke of an emergence into a fifth.

Their prophecy centers around a Blue Star. It appeared last year.


The most influential influential institution in the world – the Vatican – has known that there is something coming.


They have an observatory on Mt Graham, in America. It is a sacred location that has been venerated by Native Americans, who know – as the Vatican does – that the veil is thin there.

And so what is it that we’re experiencing in this age of Transition?


Well… the first: a “Blast” wave of a cosmic superwave sent from the centre of our galaxy.

It is the event that all traditions have been alluding to – it has crashed upon our shores and demands energetic and conscious responsibility from all life.


This is the Visoko Valley in Bosnia, and specifically the Pyramida Sunca – which is part of a pre-flood crystal-grid civilisation.


In 2012 I sat atop it and meditated. I found myself surrounded by fire. 

In that moment some of the mysteries of the pyramids were revealed:


The artificial tetrahedrons around the world were 4th Dimensional devices. That is to say, used for temporal purposes – temporal as in time.

With the tangible feeling of being surrounded by fire I was reminded that the pyramids could be used to tap into the linear time illusion, and for a consciousness to move freely backward or forward in their lifetime/ past and future. To call upon an experience which would serve them in the Now.

Accessing something akin to a personal Akashic record.

The temporal safety mechanism of one’s request being that information would have to be specifically asked for, and could only be given in the context of serving an individual’s higher path.


In hindsight, I find it interesting that I was surrounded by tangible fire in that meditation.

Because after the galactic ‘blast,’ comes the Fire of the cosmic explosion – again specified in Revelations.

This is already manifesting in a huge uptick in coronal mass ejections and the solar maximum that we are observing.

And as we all know (I assume) – light is a carrier of information – even if we are not in ready state to accept it, it’s coming!


The original Egyptians were sublime philosophers; and the finest initiatic knowledge society that we have documented today.

That is to say – Initiation to the rites of ascension; or put another way, how to receive light information.

Their first clue, which we can perceive today, that which they built: their monuments corresponded perfectly between their exterior self and their interior self.


The Eye of Horus, is representative of the Pineal Glad – which is used to perceive things 4D.

The Pineal Glad in the Great Pyramid is the (so-called) Kings Chamber.

Daniel Rozman Vincent Levison-Plumtree Pyramid

And is a precisely tuned vortex portal between 3 and 4D.

Where time is changed into space, and it is possible to travel between realms and worlds.

Over the ages, initiation schools have abused this knowledge.

Seal of Bavaria

And this image – I thought I’d share with you – is a fairly accurate representation of something called the Seal of Bavaria; Bavaria from where the incumbent British monarchy derive.

This seal is an incantation, using the human auric field to literally leave a marker in space time, to better reclaim that moment upon requesting it using temporal devices such at a pyramid – as I found out in Bosnia.


Many factions have used derivatives of these incantractions to summon demons, and goloms – who in their own existence have become addicted to feeding off our human energy – particularly low vibrational energies.




So, with this backdrop you might like to consider your ascension strategy right now.

Only the considerate human being can possibly ascend; because – unfortunately – ordinary man will only exist potentially.


And so for the uninitiated who would like to aid their ascension process…the first step is to let go of intellectualised absolutes.

The most formidable demon is the personification of attachments.

This is why Jesus ministered to those without attachments – whether these attachments were social status, monetary riches…Those who he ministered to stopped using their egos as windshields for life and began to drive with their eyes open.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.04.03

In times of significant Human events man has been aided by messengers.

Archangel Gabriel was a messenger.

What if Gabriel looked more like this? (a future human that couldn’t release ‘life-extension’ sending us a message now)


And what if his annunciations are still personal, but not exclusive?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.07.05

Isn’t the following decoded message, an angelic message? 

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.

Perhaps this is today’s equivalent of Jacob’s Ladder – from the Book of Genesis.


After all, what do people think painted wings on angels actually represented?


So are crop glyph makers heavenly messengers?

Well to know that, one has to first ask, what is heaven?

Heaven can be described as the Fifth Dimension, the dimension beyond Time.

Where thought instantly manifests.

Saint John said in the Beginning there was Thought – this is the Hebrew translation, not English where it is written ‘word.’ In the beginning there was ‘thought’ – let’s be clear about that.

So if in Fifth Dimension, thought instantly manifests – in order to ascend to Heaven, one must have gained a freewill and an understanding of their responsibility over their thoughts.

In 5D, in Heaven, no thought can be destructive, whether it’s jealousy or anger, because if such thought slipped in that realm, then heaven would instantly vanish.

This glyph (above) is a 2D representation of a penteract, which is essentially a five dimensional hypercube.

Symbolic of 5D. Hence I would argue that the glyph makers know something of the nature of heaven.

But before we can get there we must first pass through the forth dimension – and the Egyptians knew this very well.


I thought I’d show you this image – of a crop circle I went to two years ago – because it speaks to the bifurcation of these times.

Just like all good messengers of the past, glyph makers have been ignored and ridiculed by the masses.

On that fantastic day, I spent forty minutes trying to find this crop circle – and turned up and I was the only visitor there. I enjoyed my time there and took some images to share with friends and family.

Cheesefoot Head 9th August 2012 Daniel Rozman

And this was all set against a backdrop of a music festival. People oblivious, or choosing to be ignorant of it. And set against the wailing backdrop, the glyph said to me in quietness: “Remember the weave of time.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.31.38

This is a good example of what a denier looks like. A middle-aged hipster who sees nothing but fashion in anything. The epitome of counter-tradition, excelling in nothing except for being a parody; and embodying sloth at all levels of self.


Look how smart this man is!

Here’s a tip – if you want to look like a ‘glasshole’ then get a pair of these.


This mentality would offload responsibilities related to childrens’ learnt behavioural patterns to the television. 


Whilst the Distortion is has a ball, vampiring our children in plain sight.


And brutally, brutally attacking self-esteem – which is but a product of a deficit in love, affection, and dedication.


But then there’s always university, the hipster’s daughter might go to Cambridge, like these girls do (actually do) – and play drinking games in bin-liners.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.16.13

And if she’s really lucky, she might live to experience the Transhumanist dream in her prime.




So those of you here, who go out and meet people in your daily lives, be sure to use timely opportunities to assure them that there is a choice to be made now.

Crossing the Galactic plane is not a free ticket ride. It is a choice.

The Souls on this Earth at this time will bifurcate. On one hand, they can be hipsters, and buy into the empty seduction of transhumanism.

On the other, this is the best window of opportunity in 12,500 years to ascend to 5D.


So to Crop Glyphs.

They represent a mastering of the four elements.


They speak directly to the elements. This is the formation which caught my attention in the newspaper – which Michael [Glickman] mentioned earlier. The Euler’s identity formation was named that because of the ‘key’ language depicted. The sign ULE –U.L.E.- in Greek meant material of creation, raw material of creation.

From raw materiality, to a Seal in Time.


How about this for an alternative – a timely alternative – to the Seal of Bavaria? Which manifested in Germany, Bavaria, last week – which Jonathan [DeVierville] spoke about earlier, about people occupying it so brilliantly – it seems.


Situated next to Einstein’s miracle Formula.


So let’s remind ourselves of a reason to commend our ancient forefathers.

They understood the importance of 64.

That human’s have 64 codons in their human DNA.

That Moses had to come with a complete set of 64 terms when approaching the Ark of the Covenant.

They knew that the intersection of 64 Kabalistic “Tree of Lifes”


Generating a perfect star tetrahedral.


And so if that tetrahedral shape was undressed to a skeleton, with a light shining through it onto a flat surface, it would project the pattern of the flower of life.

We know this as the “Kabbalistic” Tree of Life, but it predates the Old Testament and belongs to us all.


The seed of life, giving birth to the flower of life.



The flower of life maps over the human chakra system, and if we unskelify the flower of life we realise that the human aura, the personal human auric body converses with the sacred geometry of the entire Universe in the shape of a star tetrahedron.


Da Vinci’s subtle depiction spoke to this.


It is what so many of us know as the Merkabah. The Light Body. Mer-Ka-Bah translates as: Light-Spirit-Soul.


This is the vehicle to travel and accelerate our Soul Journey. To pass through 4D to 5D.


And why the Egyptians venetrated the tetrahedron, because they recognised it as the invisible life-being enclosed within the body, which they called the KA.


And key to a healthy electro-magnetic field, is the Heart – it can’t be neglected because it directly interacts with the Merkabah Light Body and the most important tool used toward ascension.


This was just a wonderful formation.


And spoke to the principles of merging the elements, to offer a platform of deliverance to the fifth element – which is LOVE.


A love required for transcendence.





This is the effect of the solar interaction with our Earth.

The Van Allen belt is the Earth’s auric field!


A torodial field.


Just the same as a Human’s.


And the Celestial rays are spreading throughout our entire beings, and illuminating what might seem like chaos…

…a state of flux, oscillation which is nothing but being confronted with authentic changes.

Confronting the infernal way – which I spoke about earlier – which opposes the Celestial way, which knows better.

So we have an opportunity to bypass the infernal way, just as Jesus spoke about, and has been mastered by others – we have a chance of mastering our etheric body.


So, as the Celestial rays reaches our solar system, the Sun will augment its effects.


And we must take heed the bizarre language in Crop Glyphs that tell us that it is: “Important to protect and preserve life and our Presence until death, knowing that death in not the end.”


Telling us almost twenty years in advance that our Morphogenetic Field and our DNA will step change as the Cosmic wave reaches Earth.


That both the Earth’s electro magnet field is rearranging, and so are ours.


As we move from Duality to a Unified Field.


And as its influence over time, the infamous all seeing eye – The Lord of the Rings – Saturn…its gravitational influence over us, and how we perceive time is waning too.


And so is the projection of its satellite, the moon. And we will no-longer have to worship those things represented by the cuboid.


Hexagonal shape representative of a cube falling through a 2D plane. – that’s the pole of Saturn, if you weren’t aware of that.


We see cube worship in many traditions – especially occult traditions.


And the recent ISIS movement is a last ditch epitome of this.

Again we’ve had this play out in the fields.


The narrative of being freed from the cube.


In order to ascend.


This is something which the magician Salvador Dali depicted.


One of the key, unspoken teachings and aspirations of Jesus and his work amongst us.


The Cross – the symbol of the unfolded box.


So as 3D is climaxing, we would do well to pay attention to the ‘Sacred Wheel’ – again nine Interlocking triangles.

Yet again another depiction, another depiction of that which I’ve been speaking about, another depiction of the Merkabah Light Body, which I choose to call Presence.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.36.08

And when one is conscious of their Presence, the tachyon field of natural energies enhances!


And serves to improve – in totally unforeseeable ways – our interaction with the world.

But what we will observe is that the world becomes a more magical place. And we do need to improve our interactions with energies around us in order to be spiritually ‘familiar’ and ‘fit’ enough to transcend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.37.06

Self-realised Buddhists understand this.


And the crop glyph makers understand this too – compelling us to be immersed in and to be closer with nature.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.37.56

And they have even offered us tools.

Balancing the layers of human aura.

This design was refabricated [in metal] by Ross Holcombe, and the year I came to the conference he demonstrated on a beautiful lady called Ahulani – some of you may well have seen that. It was named the Trill; and yeah, it is a device which rebalances the layers of the human aura.


To assist us and direct a reharmonising with Nature.


In order to experience and perceive the abundance of grace, and beauty, All of The Time




Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.42.09

And so, upon reaching this point we’ll realise that the Distortion’s trickery and its hold over us, is simply something akin to that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.43.26

And since, where there is no accountability, there cannot be consent.

It’ll be high time for those vessels, which played us off against each other, and kept us from ourselves, to head to the door – and we would have reason to pity them…Because the truth…their role in this age, in this age of contradiction is the biggest parody.


And once again, individuals will be allowed to treat things with their own sense of powerful meaning – and in so doing – as I’ve said – witness miracles before their eyes.

And allow the toroidal life-force driven by the Heart to ascend, for us to feel it glowing in our Heart chakra vortex without being under persistent attack/ sabotaged, to have confidence, to stand up against that which would undermine us – particularly media’s aggregate spew.


This will be the living condition Thomas Aquinas spoke about. He spoke about the First Purpose of Life being Divine Contemplation, nearly eight hundred years ago.

He wrote that: “All human function is subordinate of CONTEMPLATION, and the raison d’etre of government is in assuring the condition necessary for this kind of CONTEMPLATION.”…this kind of contemplation.

Hence, if the state is not serving this function, it had undermined its own charter.


Along before Thomas Aquinas, the Aborigines painted their own contemplation of life; and its iconography is familiar across all traditions, again focusing on the Heart vortex and giving us an indication of what it takes to give nutrition to our lives, our life force.

To use the Heart as a tool to cleanse our emotion, to use the Heart as a guiding force, to listen to its guiding emotional wisdom. To love and to make love.





The glyphs speak to the Kundalini that rises through us, the rising of the life force – from the root to the crown.

And they also depict a halo.


Sunk deep within the waters of our human history, there is pertinent knowledge to be reborn


The Egyptians represented the halo in what people today call the Coptic Cross – it is the ‘Ankh.’ 


Anthropologist, archaeologists…even Egyptologists (those that dare call themselves that) summarise it as the Egyptian’s Symbol of Life – and simply stop at that.


The Ankh is the Ultimate Symbol of the constantly regenerative life-force.

Symbolically it depicts the rising of the Kundalini, the rising of the toroidal life force through the human chakra system, congregating at the Heart vortex, before it attains a critical mass which catapults it over one’s being and then – if anyone’s experienced this you will know what I am talking about – like a magnet, it’ll be draw straight back into your Heart – almost in a breathtaking way.


The benefits of this, is that it cleanses your electromagnetic field, and it strengthens the Merkabah Light Body.

Bad emotions – as I have implied – can be cleansed by the Heart in this manner almost instantly.

And brilliant achievements and feelings – the kind worth celebrating – can be greatly enhanced though Ankhing – and positively informing life long after others would choose to get boozed up and suffering from a hangover.

Ankhing also mitigates the risk of our energy dissipating out the top of our heads, or of displacing of our attention at the behest of a 4D entity.


I have a lot of time for Yoga, and Yogic traditions, but unfortunately this is something that a lot of people practicing yoga on a social scene – my age don’t understand – that they’re generating so much energy but then letting it go to waste.

The Heart, looping the energy around one’s head, to create a Halo, perceptible in 4D – which’ll also repel demons.


The Heart is the most potent tool we have – we should always be aware of that – and long after we forgot to use it, Jesus came to teach us; but even his teachings were warped so that an individual could not be sovereign.

Of course, this Christian iconography is stylistically different, but in subject no different to Egyptian or pre-inquisition Pagan iconography.

I’m not talking about they way that we treat Christianity, Egyptian traditions or Paganism today, which are really but shadows of their former selves, because the Distortion has infiltrated them, or leaving us only enough truth for the masses to pour their energy [indiscriminately] into something which the Distortion is handling.


In awareness of the Merkabah Light Body and Ankhing of the Heart, we might be able to reappraise some of the statements that Jesus made.

His was an invitation to be in your Presence, and to mate its energy to your Heart.

The Merkabah Light Body and the Ankh is the Tree of Life.


These two combined is the Holy Grail.

And how Jesus’ claim that we would surpass his works was accurate.


The auric field generated looks a lot like this – a Chalice.

It is worth comparing these antiquated carvings left by our forefathers all around the world, with that which I have been speaking about.


In Ankhing, we are reminded that in disembodiment, the Spirit and the Soul – which the Egyptians called Ba and Ka – are the same.


Matthew said: “The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

That is to say, if your third eye is opened, your Merkabah Light Body can be used to ascend.


The Merkabah Light Body, and the Ankh there are the Two Keys to Life.

The Silver and the Gold Key that St Peter Holds to the Gates of Heaven.


And which Institutions would keep from us in their distorted deceit.


These Keys, our Shield again Distortion.


And in the fields, never ceasing in nudging, nudging us toward attaining these keys, toward these keys to lead ourselves back to ourselves, back to the door, back to the spiral nature of the Universe that we have been cut off from.

And this is what Christians mean when they say “Do it in God’s strength.”


So now; Being in your Presence, and with the tool to nurture the Presence. One might be eager to prepare for 4D and 5D ascendency.

Confident of the Distortion’s receding ; and of reclaiming our Royal Human potential at the core of each of us.

But there is a significant aspect to our life, and our life experience, which is still missing.

A feature of the embodied experience that we can always undertake, but do so better when the perception of our Light Body’s third eye is cleansed.


That is, our life with others!





It is likely that us gathered here today, are directly or indirectly connected as part of a Soul Clan.

Those who have had intimate relationships in previous lives as family or best friends, are very likely Soul Mates.


 But the most important person you will ever meet in your embodiment is your Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame dynamic is how God’s derived his ultimate test of us in this 3D realm, God compels us to see ourselves in others. And only until we see aspects of ourselves in all around, will we be rewarded with meeting the other half of our own Soul.


 Some do attain this glory, and in the words in Ephisians:

He who loveth his wife (or Husband), loveth himself.”

This is an ultimate statement that stands up to eternal scrutiny.

And also speaks to how mutual love, between Twin Souls, arouses the initiatory process of ascension.


Unlike the Merkabah Light Body, and Ankhing. The super-gravity of Soul Clans, Soul Mates and Twin Souls is a compelling life forces that confronts each of us – whether or not we are aware of it; whether or not we are conscious of it; whether we’re conscious of it or not.


And if you are privileged to have a twin flame as a partner you will be faced with the ultimate test of physical embodiment.

Because – in spite of everything we are told – it is possible to have two ESSENCES that are identical but are distinct because their MATERIAL experience is not.

And in that situation, you will be forced to properly confront and master the limitations of human life.

The trial of Karmic Transference between a Twin Soul, is the most challenging undertaken God has designed for us – the ultimate expression of seeing yourself in another.

As we know, the dream of two people is more difficult to master than one.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 13.33.44

But if you can become UNIFIED, you will be given the chance to give life to the Emerging.

Christ must have united the divided sexes in his own nature.

Through the grace of redemption, it’s my belief that Humanity has been given the opportunity to do the same.


And what’s more, this is our ULTIMATE SERVICE, which we can OFFER TO THE WORLD.


It is the ultimate white magic. Your ultimate contribution to Mother Earth and your fellow Brothers and Sisters – of raising the frequency of this planet.


It’s ONLY THEN that we can we look out onto the world and comment – and in being in a position to pass judgement, we won’t.

We will create.

In a society where meaningful aspects of life are treated as sacred, every occupation is a priesthood. Or to put it another way, a priesthood can only be that if it retains something of a sacred function.

The endevour of the perfection of the Soul starts at CONCEPTION.


The responsibility of the Emergence of the Unified Field… a CHILD.


The Sacred Geometry at the point of inception is the symbol of Humanity’s Breaking Out.


Wonderfully imprinted as a graphic in our fields of agricultural seed.




This is the first glyph I ever entered. And in hindsight it is interesting that his has Greek keys, which I like to think are hinting to the Hermetics; and the five arms, which are hinting at the fifth age. 





Our future children…

May they have the potential to self-realise.

It is one of the most valuable points of our embodiment that we can hand to our children command over our thoughts, intentions and ambitions.

To be in harmony, to have those three in harmony; for these will determine our life’s advancement toward peace – bright Hearts and ultimately ascension.


So – I would compel you – to go out and meet your Presence, meet your own Presence. Take responsibility for it and nurture it with self-replenishing Heart wisdom.


Take a look at this glyph!

When I saw Karen’s [Alexander] drawing earlier, I was taken aback once again by this formation. As much as I had been there and seen it, the way that she represented it made me think and stop, and reconsider it. I think its just an ULTIMATE glyph.

For me it represented the Tree of Life, Ankhing and the Grail of the Womb.

[Again] Our, mastering the four elements, nudging us toward the fifth element of LOVE.

As a side-point, I should say that I have chosen only a handful of glyphs. I think there is approximately – Karen said it better – about 7,000 documented by unfunded researchers. The Russian state has about 25,000 glyphs on record, distributed all across the world.

So there is something to be said for this phenomenon. But I also respect it as being but one phenomena, and there are plenty of other places where people find inspiration and awaken to themselves – things which are preordaining Humanity’s reemergence.


And they all serve toward this; to arrive at being the ultimate human butterfly…


…and possibly ascend to Fifth Dimension.


And I would say, one last thing before offering myself open to take any questions that you might have. A message to HUMANITY. My Hope Is Constant In Thee – and this is why I am here today, to share my insights. Why I have chosen to live my life the way that I have over these past few years.

I believe that these things, which I have shared with you, might be small, these are a few things which we can do, which God might look favorably upon, because it was after all – it is after all – his nebulous design.

 * * * * * * * *

So as I said, if anyone has any questions or wants to scrutinise what I’ve said, please ask.

Q: You’re saying the Blue Star’s arrived – the Blue Star prophecy?


DR: Yeah. I would. It’s my feeling that the comet which we saw last year, comet Ison – which a lot was written about and heavily documented – was the Blue Star. And the trouble is, that with a lot of prophecy, and with a lot of people’s uncontained excitement, they believe that a sign which might be spoken about in advance is going to come and deliver us to redemption in an instance and it’s going to be a really miraculous event for everyone – undeniably – in the world to recognise, but I think that people who do need to recognise it did and that was enough and so it served its purpose.

Q: Could you please show the image of the tetrahedron – with the flower of life? (The shadow?) Right, the shadow.


That’s amazing, that ties in with Nassim Haramein’s work. Yup, that is astounding.

DR: So this is the 64 fold, star tetrahedron. If you reduce it just to its points, its connection points and shine a light on it – we’ve gone through this but I might as well say it again – you get what is this beautiful depiction of the flower of life. And actually, some really committed archeologists around the world – not funded by major institutions, naturally – are finding the carving which are almost laser-etched into stone structures which are difficult to date, but are thousands of years old; and really just point to the wisdom and the knowledge that we have lost over the generations.

Q: So would you recommend that meditation or a certain type of chakra cleansing would help in ascension; what would you recommend?

DR: I mean, I have to say that I am not in a position to recommend [prescribe] anything personally [individually]. I would say that by asking that question you’re already on the right path, and there is something to be said about meditation, there really is! And certain things to be said for prayer, or mantra, and music. But whatever you do, do it seriously.

Q: The photograph that you showed there, with the flower of life beneath it is not from the same object, and that’s always worried me about this picture. The light shining from above this object does not take the object floating beside it…


DR: The concept is – in its nature – true. You need just imagine the straight rods to be curved. It’s the best image that I could find without reproducing it myself.

q. I am saying, it is presented as though that is the image that you would get from that object, and the object and the shadow are not related. In form, in principle, it creates a twelve, a six-fold, multiplied by six, you look…quite clearly.

DR: But you understand that point which I am trying to make, this is just an illustration.

q. I understand it, but you see I believe that one of the things that you said was to avoid deception.

DR: Oh, absolutely!

q. I’m really keen that people understand that this geometry is not being represented correctly, and therefore you should be representing it correctly.

DR: I’m sure that I’ve got dates which are matched to crop circles which are off as well, and you could scrutinise that and say it undermines the point but…I’m sorry. I totally accept your point, but I’m just trying to represent what is actually a miraculous….

q. I’m sure that there are people in this audience that are pleased to hear what I’ve just said, because it matters as it does we record the crop circles accurately.

DR: Absolutely. I would’ve loved to have had something better to represent my message so that people could have both the visual and the vocal representation of what I’m trying to communicate. Communicating verbally is such a difficult thing. As I said, first – in the beginning – there was thought; and if we were in our original state I would not have to be standing and doing anything, you would know. I’m just trying my best.

Daniel Rozman lecture

Q: Would it be that the crop circles are actually three dimensional objects which are (passing through), passing through but the three dimensional image to get an image for us, but actually they’ re just advancing, passing through.

DR: Absolutely, it could be that. I know as much about it as you do. Intuitively it makes some kind of sense to me.

Q: I thought of this and you studying the fourth dimension…see these kind of structures, we could just see and take in the shadow from the fifth dimensional force. (Sure) So this is what I saw when I walked into the fields…this is just a shadow, we cannot comprehend the fourth dimensional…time is shifting within the forth dimension.

DR: As soon as I heard someone say that a couple of years ago, it just resonated with me. What you’re saying resonates with me.

q. It’s lovely because you just…there are so many educational videos on YouTube. Students…fourth dimension, this is exactly it.

DR: Imagine trying to explain this to some well-mannered school children, this would change their lives.

I: I did it, and basically you get them to make tetrahedrons out of straws taken from a chain restaurant like McDonalds – a useful use of their resources. You get them to assemble these amazing structures, and then you get them to shine a light through them on a screen (I think that’s what Robin was speaking about). Yeah, it’s self-explanatory – they actually discover for themselves. And that’s the best thing, self-revelation is the key to all teachings.

DR: Maybe some people here would find some veracity in what I have said. I have got (I would get them to do the experiment themselves)…as you can imagine, I have gone on such a journey, contributed by so many people even in this room but yet, this whole mentality of teaching – we all know this – has to change.

Q: Could you talk more about tachyons?

DR: Yeah, sure. Ian would probably be the best person to speak about that… So this slide?


Ian…would you mind? You would do it much more succinctly.

I: Yes. It is a theoretical particle that is time. And time and matter all in one particle. So time – as you are probably aware – is elastic. You have the flow of time, but perception of time is distorted by our consciousness, so that you can extend time by paying attention, or loose time by not paying attention. But the tachyon is the theoretical particle which can be used to drive aircraft and things like that. It’s a field of theoretical physics. The German’s in World War Two claimed to have got a tachyon accelerator, which was used in their Vril time travel. The evidence is very scant, as you can imagine its top secret , and the Illuminasty keep it under wraps.

Q: So are you saying that the crop circles may be a representation a sacred geometry?

DR: Absolutely

q. But if that…I’ve been experiencing crop circles for many years now, and I mainly go for the experience. Does that then mean to see the sacredness in a form is very much dependent on your availability to see (Naturally); which is why everybody sees something different. (This is such an important point) I have found that for years that no matter what you have heard, if you look at that image , everyone sees something different, and when that confusion comes in and they say “What? That’s not scientifically correct” and I think, “I wasn’t in that mode.” I think the crop circles get us into a mode of looking much more light, from a much higher position if we are able to do in our own experience, and everybody would come in at a different level. Which is why I think these sort of events are so amazing, because everybody has a different angle, and from that angle there is an enormous expansion of the beauty, of nature, of the circles, of the people, of everyone’s view and the sacredness. I thought (So Much to be grateful for) that was really good that you spoke about it in your talk, so thank you very much.

Q: I have a question about dimensions and development of consciousness. Because there is an often a crossing link between them, and I thought they shouldn’t be linked so generally, so…

DR: They shouldn’t be linked so generally?

q. Sometimes I think that (It’s a massive – one of the most important questions)…What’s your point of view on the development of consciousness, and the dimensions?

DR: So you’re implying that the dimensions are in a state of evolution themselves? And that we’re-

q. No, no, no.

DR: I don’t understand your question – sorry.

q. [difficult to make out] So what’s your point of view? Because on the slides….it feels like if you have more dimensions it’s sort of better?

Daniel Rozman lecture

DR: Oh, I see! No, I think, my feeling is – my own personal knowing is – that we’re on an infinite Soul Journey. It does not stop at the fifth dimension– what Christians would call heaven. But it is something that we ought to aspire to now. We are conscious and sentient enough to aspire to it and take responsibility over that journey, this is why I’m trying to represent here, but I can’t speak to every dimension. We can teach our children about the first dimension and you know 2D, and 3D. I’m just trying to nudge people – one way – to consider these things. There are traditions that will speak about dozens of dimensions above that. But I think it’s really part of our Soul Journey responsibility to take this seriously and it’s my interpretation of the crop circles, that in at least one aspect of their delivery, their communication is to remind us in a way that’s kind of not staid, that’s not easily dismissed – as much as the phenomena kind of is by some people – it’s not as easily dismissed as someone preaching on Hyde Park Corner on a Sunday. They’re doing it in a novel way.”

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