Lightning in Lagos

[originally published 01:20 GMT 9/12/18]

Few could have anticipated the waves made by the undersubscribed bout fought in Los Angeles on December 1st. Some did – the inner circles of team Wilder and team Fury, and perhaps those who sit back, pay attention and, in their meekness, are afforded a glimpse of destiny.

The sporting world is hastily catching up with a drama that has been building for years. Some would say the grand story began after Tyson Fury beat the monopolistic Klitschkos in Germany, returning home to the public apathy to his gallant victory. It was a cold mirror that raised unreconciled pains of recent bereavement and a miscarriage, anesthetized with gallons of alcohol and lines of drugs – jeopardizing his license indefinitely.

Tyson Fury Lightening In Lagos

Others might look further back to the occasion an Olympic champion in waiting was humbled by Fury’s prowess during a sparring session, a day that still leaves Anthony Joshua’s corner wincing. …All the while a third, older, man, Deontay Wilder, was forging his way, toppling challengers in reaching out toward his destiny. A destiny he shares with both Fury and Joshua.

Since Wilder v Fury, many commentators have changed tact and proclaimed Fury’s brilliance. Fury, Wilder, Joshua have been spoken in the same unequivocal breath by those inspired by the recent Los Angeles bout. Stand back and listen, and the names rattle like a game of rock-paper-scissors. Will the rematch happen; who will Joshua fight first; when; where?

We are facing a scenario unprecedented in sporting history. Three undefeated heavyweight ‘world champions’ all approaching their zenith. So why is no-one treating these Titans with the respect they deserve by investing in a proposal worthy of their potential and their destiny?

Destiny is the object that travels in the slipstream of our history. We might catch a glimpse of it like a lead-out rider spots the helmet of the sprinter over his shoulder. We sense it is there – it feels familiar – but we can’t see its face.

We owe our destiny to those who have gone before. Our fathers and our forefathers. Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua, an Egba from Ogun State, is a Titan conscious of his roots. He wears his allegiance, and guiding force, on his right sleeve. His triumphs have partly inspired a resurgence in Nigeria’s domestic boxing scene, which had been in the doldrums since the Nation’s independence. Boxing was, at one time, Nigeria’s national sport. Joshua represented Great Britain in the 2012 Olympic games. In the UK he is a media starlet, but only a Nigerian has the eyes to see his stars of destiny; that he will return to Nigeria as its most famous prodigal son. The most pertinent question is, who will he draw with him?

When Deontay Leshun Wilder posted a breakdown of his ethnicity on Twitter last year, it shed light on the great cloaks and masks he wears for his ring walks. Wilder is descended from the former Kingdom of Benin, which stretched from modern-day Cameroon up to Togo. Born in Alabama, Wilder’s spirit remains connected to the lands of his ancestors – he has a reputation for reminding the world of the unhealed struggles and humiliation of a great people. This Oba of Alabama was given the name Deontay, Dios of Zeus; Zeus god of Thunder.

Deontay Wilder Rainstorm In Rivers

Tyson Luke Fury was born prematurely weighing 1lb and resuscitated by his father on a day of a mighty thunderstorm. Today he is a man who walks in his faith, proud of the lineage of Irish travelers from which his family come. Throughout his life, the self-styled Gypsy King has always represented what it means to win against the odds. If Tyson Fury’s way of life seems unplanned, then perhaps we can surmise that his life is unfurling according to a divine plan? His calling was revealed at his first breath, as if an Angel traveled to the precious moment when the tiny son was cradled in the arms of his father, John, and whispered, Tyson. He was named in honor of the most efficacious boxer of the era, one who compressed and channeled anger’s energy – it is an exquisite irony that Tyson Fury’s compassion and heart-led courage is already outshining the former champion, his namesake. Not even the Angel could have foreseen this potential:

FURY v WILDER // 14th September 2019

RAINSTORM IN RIVERS // Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium

WILDER v JOSHUA // 21st September 2019

THUNDER IN J-TOWN // Jos International Stadium

JOSHUA v FURY // 28th September 2019

LIGHTNING IN LAGOS // National Stadium Lagos

In this tripodal format Fury v Wilder v Joshua would inspire the attention of the world. Besides being the greatest in boxing history, the combined revenue of this proposed tripleheader has the potential to equate to half that of the annual UEFA Champions League, or half that generated by the quadrennial Olympics. Besides allowing for any buy-out clauses to be easily settled, what a responsibility this unprecedented purse would bestow upon these Titans.

At a recent press conference, Fury suggested that the $50m Joshua allegedly snubbed when offered a fight by Wilder was enough to change the fortunes of a small country. This might have been far-fetched, and even by the standards of Nigeria’s wealth, circa. $2bn represents less than a percent of the outflow experience by Nigeria since the three boxers were born. And yet, if these Titans agreed to distribute to three causes – remediation (Delta), infrastructure (Middle Belt), and housing (Lagos) – it would send a deafening signal to Nigeria’s detractors.

Observers know that capital earmarked for similar allocation in Nigeria does not reach its purpose. For this reason, a tripleheader would require seminal transparency – especially in times of financial instability. Thankfully, we have the means to deliver this by utilizing distributed ledgers. If the event’s revenue was directing toward defined and actionable solution-driven projects, it would also offer the Titans a transformational interest even more significant than their sporting career once they step away from fighting – as well as elevating the perceived trust that is currently refraining world-class technology solutions being deployed in the region. Perhaps the Rt. Hon. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike (Governor of Rivers State), Rt. Hon. Simon Lagon (Governor of Plateau State), and Rt. Hon. Akinwunmi Ambode (Governor of Lagos State) would bestow upon the Titans the Freedom of the Cities to mark such a lifetime commitment.

For Nigerians, these days are troubling. The exhaustion of an army facing weaponized warpedness is well known. For at least one election cycle the country has been treading water and still clings to the paused breath observance of oil price – priced in a foreign currency and determined by factors beyond its influence. Meanwhile, there is a vibrant demographic unparalleled in the world. Bursting with innovation and facing communal demoralization that has led those with means to emigrate, and those without trapped by a daily battle to survive.

In mobilizing efforts around an idea, this September, Fury, Wilder, and, especially, Joshua have the opportunity to draw a line in the sand of Nigeria’s plight and international derision. Their combined presence has the potential to galvanize a country, and bottle the transformational power in a three-act rendition of a sport that traces its origin to Sumer.

Anthony Joshua Thunder in J-Town

Rainstorm in Rivers; Thunder in J-Town; Lightning in Lagos – is more than belts. It is more than broadcasting contracts coordinated by the old guard of Warren, Finkle, and Hearns – it is the intrinsic destiny of the Titans. It is the helmet that’s been bobbing in their peripheral vision all their lives. They are warriors, sportsmen, fathers in their own right. Now the world’s eyes are upon them, and it is time for them to raise their sight.

If Joshua and Wilder choose to repatriate their energies to the land of their ancestors, imagine what multitudes of Nigerians who live their best in London, New York, and Guangzhou might recognize a future back in Nigeria. It has become vogue to discuss the repatriation of sacred objects to Edo State, for instance. Even this weekend such a story was published in the Financial Times. In November, for the first time in the noble history of the Benin Royal Family, the Oba of Benin traveled from his palace to receive a foreign visitor in Abuja. Through the lens of time, this stained a low-water mark in Nigeria’s native dignity. It proved that Nigeria will not restore this dignity by prising objects displayed in cabinets for a century, but by showcasing what its culture is capable of, that way rebuilding pride in Nigeria’s citizenry.

Boxing pundits expect sporadic bouts to take place in the sanitized stadia of weekly observances. But now the gauntlet has now been laid at the feet of the Titans to fight in quick succession in Nigeria. The world is watching. They, the Titans, have the power to transcend the antagonism of sponsors, promoters, and broadcasters. They will decide. The world will know. There will be no ambiguity. And maybe, just maybe, they will show a world that’s unraveling to fractionations, a better way. …Nine months is enough time to conceive new life and for it to be delivered. There is nothing important that cannot be delivered within the same length of time.

The Oba, the King, the Star need only look to Muhammad Ali. He is looking down upon them – his successors – fondly. Perhaps he is subtly orchestrating this event? Never has a bout surpassed the lore of the Rumble in the Jungle. Maybe the belt given to the next boxing legend has hung over Africa since that memorable night in Kinshasa. Waiting, in suspense, for forty-four years, for its echo to reach the shores of an auspicious moment, the cusp of a renewed age.

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General Election

“…Hush, don’t speak. When you spit your venom, keep it shut I hate it. When you hiss, and preach, about your new messiah ’cause your theories catch fire. I can’t find your silver lining. I don’t mean to judge. But when you read your speech, it’s tiring. Enough is enough…

La la la

Despite the perception that there is an effort to regenerate our political landscape, the United Kingdom continues to accumulate feelings of frustration. In the face of trends set out for all to see, the 2015 General Election took the pollsters by surprise.

Most political commentators advocate a compartmentalised analysis, which invariably dooms observers to picking away at issues forever. Daniel Rozman takes the post-election review to a different level. He delivers interpretations that allow for a holistic, proper and simplified understanding of recent events; after which you will never have to vote (apathetically) again.

More than that, this Election review presents five underlying stories that all pundits have overlooked – related to: a maddened Queen, Boris’ return, UKIP’s real contribution, fragile financial markets and Papal supervision.

Cameron cheek“…Let me be your ruler (ruler)..”

There was one technical outcome concerning the recent election that counts more than any other, specifically, the Conservative Party gained a majority of five seats.

This election was many things, including a case study of dumb luck, and, more importantly, a snapshot of the unfolding power changes that are beyond the influence of Westminster, Buckingham Palace or the over-extended Scottish National Party.

For anyone who was involved on the ground level, or in punditry, there were many eye-catching anomalies in the results  plus some glaring problems with the voting process. Ranging from voter registration issues, voting spillages, and even claims of postal-vote rigging in the constituency of Bradford West.

If any of the vote was at all rigged, then the system has set itself to govern unilaterally without the need to appease the egos of more than one party organisation. But if the votes were counted truly, then the people have given tacit consent for a continuation of the status quo.

Detailed Election Map

Some would claim that the Conservative Commons majority will embolden them. I would beg to differ. On the face of it, nothing has changed as far as the day-to-day Commons script is concerned. Indeed, although the Conservatives no longer need to allude to a Liberal Democrat crutch, in the House of Lords, Labour and the Lib Dems combined have more representatives than the Conservatives, which means that they can still filibuster and vote against all legislation except for that concerning finance.

In the chamber of the House of Lords, the remaining old boys know how to work the floor, much like judges know how to work a court room. There are some very specific rules, and appointments made in the name of (dubious) expertise (eg Alan Sugar) have caused a swell of ineffectual delegates who do not know how to play the specific language game.

Hence, the (Lords) retirement incentives that have been introduced in recent years. They have been met with a stark reluctance, and a drought of peers stepping aside. We are unlikely to see the dynamic in the House of Lords change much in the near term.

As a point information, the United Kingdom Independence Party have two peers, which does not including the influential hereditary peer Christopher Monckton  who no longer sits in the chamber. Meanwhile, the SNP have no representatives in the Lords.

The members of the House of Lords will never bask in the same sense of public approval that Members of Parliament do. ..It is always a queer curiosity to see winning MPs celebrating on stage in faux-surprise for the cameras, having already been informed of the count result behind the curtains..

I suppose we should feel happy for the elected, for they have sought to hear the voice of our polled opinion and we have given it them. The period between election announcement through to the day of swearing allegiance to the Queen is an elongated moment during which their thirst for external approval can be quenched.

Face Plant

It could be claimed that the, so called, pollsters stole the show because they hadn’t forecast the result that eventuated. Maybe this was due to incompetence on their part; or, maybe, it reflects the complaints of vote irregularities; or maybe that when it came down to it, voters changed their conviction – is this a scornful thing?

As the exit polls were presented, and subsequently supported by the results, a casual observer witnessed media at its obvious worst. Unfortunately, for hours on end, media’s forlorn ‘experts’ loaded the unfolding narrative with their personal un-composed shock. In this reflection of immaturity, media let slip a wonderful opportunity to interpret what these election affirmations, trends and individual messages all meant.

In England we have a glut of political journalists who have long forgotten the source premise of their profession’s function. On election night, one could scarcely see the message for the messengers. Much like other staid professions, political journalists have lost any sense of professional pride, and in its place – as if to goad – self-congratulate each other and assist in offering themselves a chance to try out the latest cliché bedded in shallow reflection. Staid is okay when referring to sipping a Port in the Carlton Club where the carpet exudes the aroma of boiled cabbage, but staid is not alright when there are politicians to be held accountable – which is, supposedly, the duty of journalists.

The likes of Nick Robinson and Andrew Marr looked antiquated against the backdrop of ‘unexpectedness.’ They are faces ready for retirement. It is no wonder that the general public feel distanced and struggle to engage with politics when the communications bridge is so weak. It is a shame that the majority of information and interpretation that voters receive derives from entitled, salary-enticed commentators. Maybe this has long been the case; even always been so? But it has never been more apparent. Nor has the opportunity for an opportunist to rise through the channel of public illiteracy so gaping.


For many, the election was a big event. Just over 30 million people chose to cast a vote – a turnout that took me aback …but then again, I misinterpreted the popular view of what a modern vote means.

There were several components to the national picture. The Conservatives had run the show for five years and without wavering employed an elementary, doctrinal one-line message throughout their campaign. It sat in-line with a commonly held perception that things weren’t so bad under their term.

The Liberal Democrats struggled to find their voice. The SNP were campaigning on the back of the Scottish ‘independence’ referendum, aspiring to snatch some seats. Meanwhile, Labour seemed to be polling well and many assumed that in spite of their reluctance to admit it, they would form a coalition government with the SNP. And, in spite of the laughable bias against UKIP from every media outlet, the individuality of Nigel Farage was gaining traction and support across the board.

The trend leading up to the election was that there was no trend. The polls were seemingly unchanged, tying the Conservatives and Labour. Radio debates centred around the potential viability of a minority government. Which begged the question: if the only parties with a clear message – differentiating from the incumbent government – were UKIP and the SNP, why would the electorate vote for a Labour twist? This seemed to be the elephant in the room question the mainstream media weren’t asking.

The opinion poll was elevated to king – cart before the horse. It is remarkable to think that journalist have come to rely upon opinion polls so much. Since when have elections, reporting and election strategies become so contrived? When did service to communities stop being a privilege? When the ability to serve was still revered, and an individual’s version of spoken truth was enough to carry sentiment?

Andrew Marr Tony Blair pals“…he who sups with the devil should have a long spoon…”

Is there a way we can remedy this aspect of politics, specifically the way it is reported?

Currently, there isn’t a platform for journalistic standard to be compared, because there is a stylistic monopoly.

In late ’11 I was involved with a project codenamed ‘Wakonda.’ It proposed a news aggregation platform where monetised funds would be distributed to authors of articles most read and respected by readers – readers who got personalised feeds according to an algorithmic profiling mechanism (not a million miles from Spotify’s first principle).

Hence, an independent journalist operating in Palestine could be reimbursed handsomely for incisive reporting, whilst a writer at the Telegraph (for example) might be exposed for generated ‘no added value’ within the sphere of news consumption. In a word, the Wakonda proposal would democratise news reporting.

Wakonda would reward quality and perceptiveness, and keep journalists embedded in tanker institutions on their toes. Why did we mothball the project? Because Google threatened to steamroll any such proposal with their own equivalent… We didn’t think it would take so long for Google to launch their ‘threat.’ I suppose they are keeping their powder dry for they too have an interest in keeping the corporatised media ship steady.

I share this one example to illustrate the point that there exist innumerable ways in which to improve the standard of journalism. Journalism is a profession in dire straits, along with economics and archaeology…and, and, and…

Questionable Time

The standard of politician’s has fallen considerably too. Cameron has presided in the office of prime minister for five years and yet is undistinguished. He faced a blunt Ed Miliband who still lacks a day’s maturity since being mediocre student activist. And Clegg – who in the near future will cease to be mentioned in political commentaries – was only ever a meagre caricature of Cameron.

There still are occasional political heavyweights who understood the nuances of parliament and have the ear of resource decision makers. One such person is Ed Balls – a graduate of Oxford and Harvard (who was once insulted by Cameron in a remark that said more about him and the sheer callowness of the Commons than it did of Balls click here).

Ed Ball’s brother, Andrew, is the chief investment officer of PIMCO – the world’s largest fixed income investment firm, which manages $1.6 trillion (or the equivalent of 7 months UK Gross Production). Ed Balls has also been a regular attendee at the notoriously self-selecting Bilderberg meetings – whose security measures make presidential requirements seem meek in comparison. Somewhat embarrassingly, Balld struggled to get through security at last year’s meeting (click image below).

Ed Balls“…search my name, I’m on the list…”

Perhaps the Copenhagen entry stumble was an omen for what was to come during this election. To my huge surprise, Ed Balls lost his seat and was displaced in what has been dubbed a ‘Portillo moment.’ With a Labour party now in disarray, Balls would have been the obvious candidate to claim leadership. Incidentally, my money (actual money) was on Balls to win the ’10 contest.

So, with Ed Balls exiting stage left, it seems that his wife, Yvette Copper, is set to take on the challenge. Coincidentally, Cooper is also a Harvard and Oxford graduate, and attended Balliol. Former PM Herbet Asquith once described fellow Balliol ‘men’ as possessing “the tranquil consciousness of an effortless superiority.” Notably, Balliol has produced two other PMs – Macmillan and Heath.

A further Balliol graduate, with whom I have experience interning, is Boris Johnson. I got the impression that this election was not quite what he expected either.

In spite of comparable education and ambition as Cameron, before the ’10 election he forsaked a senior cabinet role (possibly foreign secretary) in order to reign over his own jurisdiction. At the time it seemed like a huge risk because the Mayoral elections were precariously unpredictable – and he had to work for it, campaigning day and night [below: one of those campaign evenings – The Collection, Chelsea]

Rozman, Johnson. Collection

So why is Boris back in parliament now? Why has he taken on a dual role as Mayor and MP? And why is he not in Cameron’s cabinet? …And why has he been introducing himself to the US?

Queen, seven nation army“…Everyone knows about it. From the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell…”

Since mid-’14 I have claimed that David Cameron’s days as PM are numbered. And to the surprise of many, before the election he stated that he won’t be standing for a third term as PM (assuming he would make a second). His admission only underscoring my assertion.

David Cameron has always been arrogantly complacent. In the run up to the ’10 election I saw his thirst for premiership dwindle. He was a regular speaker at a Conservative event called City Circle, where he addressed City workers on a platform of doing what was right for the ‘economy’ and insinuating that he would do what was right by them.

The final speech at a City Circle reception immediately before the ’10 election was so lacklustre it was almost insulting. I am not claiming that this crowd deserved a politician’s attention, but I did sense that at that point Cameron thought he was guaranteed to win the election, and comfortably – who would have thought otherwise, especially with the ’08 crisis still emblazoned on people’s awareness and an angry Mr Brown sulking in no. 10.

Cameron has done a lot to soften his image since those times. It is difficult to forget the stories of how poorly he treated his personal aides – throwing his briefing papers over his shoulder only to be picked up off of the floor by them. The brazenness of him and boy-George was much more apparent in the early days as party leaders. It was only a couple of weeks into their leadership that they spoke, by invitation, at the business school I attended at the time, and, although they had no reason to pay me attention, they made a point of making me aware of it (lol).

As we all know, Cameron missed the ’10 open goal and consequently had to bring onboard a number of Liberal Democrat MPs, not least the insufferable Vince Cable (the Adrian Chiles of frontline politics, and champion of A-level-level economics). This was embarrassing and put a number of Conservative noses out of joint, specifically those who had to make way for Lib Dems among their ranks.

David Cameron Hair

It is true that many backbenchers don’t like Cameron, and not because of his policy direction but because of the way he carries himself in private. A man – or so word has it – with even less grace than Brown. Maybe means can amplify meanness. ..May time’s reflection soften him.

Then came the Scottish Referendum. In simple terms, Cameron sleep walked into the constitutional event, and, superficially at least, was bailed out by his chief pre-premiership foe, Gordon Brown.

We will never know how legitimate the final referendum count was. Given the scale of SNP vote in this general election, Scottish independence might have been what was cast. Needless to say, the result was never going to go Salmond’s way – and perhaps he didn’t deserve it because he knew full well that without a secession from the EU also, in practice Scotland would not have been any more independent than it currently is.

Behind the scenes, the lengths and efforts the civil service had to go to in order to ensure the ‘right’ outcome was considerable. This caused Cameron to be frowned upon further. Then, with incomprehensible audacity, Cameron let it be known that the Queen “purred” at the referendum result. It was audacious because the Queen is his sponsor! Besides, question marks were already being raised because he did precious little to build an energetic case for a ‘no’ vote.

Let’s be absolutely clear, ultimately it was the monarchy that refused the secession of Scotland from the UK. Furthermore, Buckingham Palace can scarcely contain its fury at so many peadophile stories being aired in the past year or so. Stories that lead directly to their front gates. Especially those concerning Prince Charles’ ‘marriage counsellor,’ Sir Jimmy Savile. The Palace is not impressed with how Cameron is dealing with it all. That is why hard-nosed Theresa May has been assigned the job of stonewalling all incriminating investigations. Her reward? Who knows. But every frontbencher seems to have a price.

Sir Jimmy Savile

Back to Scotland … 1) ‘Balmoral’ Castle 2) The Duke of Kent, Grand Master of the U.D.L.E. ‘Scottish’ Rite of Freemasonry 3) Duke of ‘Edinburgh’ …

What would Prince Philip have to say? Well, if he thought it was consequential, his most likely question would be, “Does Scottish Independence mean a reform of land ownership? Because at least 35% of Scotland is privately owned by aristocrat estates and trusts. And that’s before the Monarch’s statutory claim. Oh, didn’t you know? Yes, council tax used to be called ‘feudal aid.’

Scotland according to the Guardian

Now you might see why Cameron is out of favour and out of long-term power. I will reflect on this – and the repercussions that are already manifesting –later .

So if Cameron is out, who is in?

Last year William Hague, former Conservative Leader and Foreign Secretary, was moved into a holding role as Leader of the House of Commons. It was at this point that he announced he would be stepping away from Parliament at the election. But it was Hague who was primed to lead the Conservatives into this election if it had been  deemed necessary – purely based on experiential qualification.

His special situations candidacy is ironic, because it was Hague who was charged to cover-up peadophile claims linked to Ted Heath, and former Thatcher aides (including those associated with 40 care homes in North Wales) in the 80s. Subsequently,  having made his way to MP, he was specifically appointed Secretary of State for Wales at the time of the enquiry into the Wrexham abuses.

I’m not surprised to hear that Hague’s retirement ‘acquisition’ is a mid-Wales mansion. Again, many politicians have their price.

I met Hague only once, it was beside the opposition bench dispatch box in the House of Commons – he was giving a wheelchair-bound constituent a tour.

So somehow, mainly by dumb luck and keeping his gob shut when not rabbiting ‘Long term economic plan’ (Zzz) Cameron sealed a small majority victory. There are many scenarios in which a calamitous constitutional, political, or economic event might compromise his leadership – and I expect one to arise by the time this year is out. At which point, Boris, having already associated himself with the stoicism of Churchill, will keenly step into the breach with the endorsement of many of those whose will matters in the British establishment.

Boris is Hulk

What do you reckon the SNP’s reaction to all of this would be? In the first instance, their record at this election was sensational. In Local Government they hold 33% of seats; the same proportion in European parliament seats. They hold 50% of the seats in the Scottish Parliament; and of the 59 Scottish seats available in the House of Commons they secured 95%!

The Japanese have a word that means ‘spirit of a name.’ Alex Salmond was innately Scottish, and could easily conjure imagery of Salmon fishing on Loch Morar, Faskally or Tay. While Nicola Sturgeon, provokes imagery of that bromidic fish found in the deep Eurasian sea – a fish known to be among the most primitive of all bony fish.

Where there was an element of romance in what Salmond embodied, there is a heavy does of Kinnock-esque opportunism in Sturgeon. We will see just how long she maintains pressure on Trident after BAE announces their retaining and reinvestment of the Govan shipyard, which resides within her MSP constituency boundaries. Is this well-dressed fish so out of her depth that the government (via BAE) already have the hook to reel her in? I think so. Has Sturgeon been neutralised within a fortnight, reduced to a ghost who will speak in mendacity? Only time will tell.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - MAY 15: British Prime Minster David Cameron meets with Scottish First Minister and leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon at Bute House on May 15, 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The two leaders are meeting for the first time since the general election, in which it is expected increased powers for the Scottish Parliament will dominate the agenda. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

The SNP is, by any measure, an adolescent party – the very fact that their newly elected MPs took selfies at the government’s dispatch box before any other business, speaks volumes.

UKIP is an adolescent party too. For the sake of administration alone, thank goodness that UKIP didn’t win 60 seats because the Commons would have ground to a halt. Which begs the question, how is this system of government applicable in an age where we have enough information to decisively make our own decisions, whether it is schooling or health?

I heard a Labour spokesman claiming that the SNP support was an ‘externalisation.’ I would say that’s a poorly chosen verb. Isn’t voting for a representative, by definition, externalisation? Perhaps what the spokesman was trying to say was that the wave of support for the SNP was a comprehensive symptom of disenfranchisement?

Let’s take the 20 year old student who beat the shadow foreign secretaty Douglas Alexander to the seat in Paisley and Renfrewshire South. No matter how composed and good her individual prospects, hers were not votes for constituency representation (or in recognition that she’s the spitting image of Eminem). They were the lashing-out of a constituency that feels its being ignored.

Mhairi Black Rap BattleMhairi Black ready for a rap battle…”you other brothers can’t deny”…

Unfortunately for all those who voted for them, the notion that the SNP will be the ‘opposition’ and hold the Conservatives accountable is a fallacy. There is an implied check and balance within the government structure but quite frankly the Conservatives can do what they like for the time being – and they will.

The real matter at hand is not how we change electoral details but how we change the scenery altogether. It asks us to re-think government responsibility –and raises a first principle point: if we think that we deserve representation we must first demonstrate a degree of responsibility ourselves. For only in recognising responsibility can we hope to excel in a fast changing environment that is conducive to life and not just survival.

Clanranald“My hope is constant in thee

Why shouldn’t politics be personalised; why shouldn’t the best of a politician be there for people to see and take encouragement from? In so doing they would not have to waste energy defending themselves.

So many appraisals of public-facing individuals are undertaken based upon archetypes associated with their role. They have had to be archetypal appraisals because we have forgotten how to discern individual credibility, ability and even likability.

The political class has steralised the astute, threatening to discredit them by using the weaponised pejorative ‘political correctness’ to slander plausibility. Such subversions have caused us to be uncritical of the individuals whose decisions are cast indelibly on each citizen’s life.

65th anniversary of the Allied landings on D-Day

Discerning a politician’s character is as important as their one line policy commitments, because it is the only way of possibly anticipating their capacity and likely approach in dealing with special situations that fall outside the remit of think-tank scripted plans.

Cameron, for example, whose character I have mentioned, is criticised within his own ranks as austere. He has endeavoured to create the image of a rounded persona, but inside his unresolved nature persists. If Cameron was a more resolved individual, he would be lifted to incisiveness, rather than occupying the realm of indistinctness.

Strength of character is a question I once challenged Labour deputy leadership hopefuls on during a special recording of Question Time in ’07. Suffering from a hangover, I pointed out that ‘deputy leader’ was a nice tag but whoever the title belonged to would have no influence over Gordon Brown – who had 10 years pent-up ambition that he was desperate to exert in stubbornness and not committee.

The Labour candidates shuffled uneasily and spent the remainder of the programme vying and bickering, in so doing patently showing no leadership presence. It was quite amusing actually (I’ve searched for a clip of it online but unfortunately couldn’t find one).

Labour Deputy Leadership

Blair is the only politician whose presence genuinely took me aback – such was the energetic power of his aura. It is not to be underestimated, and not to be misinterpreted either. Indeed, there is a huge degree of compassion that one must extend to a man who has allowed himself to be occupied by such an array of malevolent intentions.

In my lecture last summer I referred to the likes of Blair and stated that “It’ll be high time for those vessels, which played us off against each other, and kept us from ourselves, to head to the door – and we would have reason to pity them…Because the truth…because their role in this age, in this age of contradiction is the biggest parody.”

Brand and Miliband

Labour were poor during this past election campaign. It makes me wonder why the likes of Russell Brand, of global notoriety, massacred his contrived reputation by aligning with Miliband. They looked like a right pair of fools. Let’s not forget that Brand nicked the rEVOLution branding for the cover of his politicised book from the campaign of libertarian Ron Paul – perhaps Brand spotted the logo while he was chasing the tail of the child-indoctrination queen Katy Perry? …The foe of authenticity is imitation, so take off your prayer beads and get back on stage at the Apollo, Russell.

Labour has represented socialism in the eye of many. We now live in a state of faux-capitalism that serves deeply entrenched special interests and is causing a bifurcation of social ranks – where a form of neo-serfdom, specifically forewarned by Hayek, is laid out in front of us. So one might argue that the socialist agenda has run its course.

There would be those who would argue against this assertion. But I would again suggest that it is important to look to the person, to the very heart of any individual that we look to, whether they be serving politiciasn or the authors of the concepts whose ideologies give façade and momentum to public policy.

This is not an ad hominem against Marx, because it is well documented that the man socialists revere was a destructive person, with no demonstrative interpersonal morals; and in spite of his ‘scientific socialism’ a fevered apocalyptic poet, fascinated with suicide and tragic pacts with the devil, writing, amongst other things, that “we are the apes of a cold god…I shall howl gigantic curses against mankind.” Marx, of course, wrote about finance and capital throughout his adult life but only knew two people who worked in industrial processes. One was his uncle, who founded the company that is now Philips electronics – and Marx consulted him ..once.

So what line of thinking can we seek confidence in? Not one of vindicating prejudices, that’s for sure. But rather a line of thinking that is investigative and willing to explore. The Norwegian DJ Kygo was in London recently, his conversation echoed a true sentiment “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”


Hence, if politics is not challenged at its very root it will not be changed at all.

Of all the party leaders given a platform before the election, Nigel Farage was the most original. Farage is not the most astute, not the most intelligent, nor the most charismatic politician, but he is the most sincere. Over the years – facing the gnashing, gingivitis riddled teeth of European bureaucracy – Farage has trained his persona to be strong enough in order to repeatedly call out corrupted characters that would steamroll Europe with subversive policies.

Farage respects his mandate, and respects the right to speak his version of truth. He has been, and will continue to be, the unambiguous leader of a party that quadrupled its popular vote, gaining (as near as makes no difference) 4 million votes this election – and the leader who was the single-handed face of the party claiming the third biggest vote.

Somewhat unexpectedly, he did not win the parliamentary seat he stood for – one of the anomalies I hinted at the beginning of this article. There were many constituencies that ran local elections alongside the general election, and the local council results invariably matched the colour of the elected MP. But not in Thanet South, where UKIP carried the council in a landslide but Farage lost out (?) On the ground, there were murmurings related to the unguarded ballot boxes, of ‘bumbling’ officials, and some saying that the count was a ‘farce’?

Incidentally, in the ’10 election Farage campaigned against Berk-ow in Buckingham, and was lucky to have escaped with his embodiment having been in a plane crash. In the 2015 election, Bercow’s constituency counted 1,300 (!!) spoilt ballot papers.

Nigel Farage, Ukip

Yet in spite of all these inconsistencies, Farage marches on with a degree of subservience. Perhaps he recognises that you must be in the game in order to play it. And his willingness to play must be commended. His resolve in holding the European parliament somewhat to account, over all these years, could not have been mustered by many professions and even fewer politicians – no wonder the guy is exhausted.

What is quite apparent, to me at least, is that a referendum vote concerning the UK membership of the EU will not be a simple in or out vote. And without Farage in the House of Commons, the likelihood of such a plain vote is weakened further still. The chances of this referendum occurring at all are less likely than the newspapers would have us believe – mainly due to the economic inevitabilities that will be rearing their heads, resulting in a sense of displaced urgency, perhaps pushing a referendum vote off the agenda.

In regard to this general election, I believe that UKIP failed itself. As an aspirational party, its manifesto needed to be more developed, better argued and water-tight – it wasn’t. There are only a handful of serious UKIP politicians within its ranks. I wonder how many of those were sat down pouring over the manifesto days at a time? I didn’t see the residue of Daniel Hannan’s intellect in the manifesto, for instance. The manifesto wasn’t incisive enough and didn’t imply exhaustive consideration as to how policy recalibrations would be undertaken – i.e. making it so precise that there would be no need for interpretation.

UKIP also suffered from the breadth of constituency candidates it entered. Yes, only by being represented in the vote were they able to demonstrate their nationwide support, but it came at a cost. At times, some of their lower calibre candidates compromised the message of their campaign. There is a case to be made that if UKIP had concentrated on high calibre candidates and strong personalities they would have gained seats.

And yet, the swings toward UKIP were undeniably breathtaking. They scored 118 second place finishes. This demonstrates the resilience of (their) truth in the face of mainstream media dismissal. [At times I have thought that UKIP might even undergo a rebranding with the intention of softening their position within media’s fixed perception] What if those 118 second place candidates, assuming their belief in their party, had concentrated their resourcefulness into a dozen seats? 10 parliamentary-standard members working on each target seat with a vision to pierce the Commons bubble.

Perhaps UKIP’s appeal would never have reached a critical mass because they had been pulled down to one issue – immigration. A topic whose main opponent is the paralysis of political correctness, and holds the rational mind hostage. Indeed, there’s just one last hate speech to be dealt with by the kleptocrats, truth. Maybe UKIP ought to have reminded the UK of its arguments for distancing itself from the EU, for it is under these arguments that they have sailed to political notoriety.

Queen's Speech, Opening of Parliament“Come onto me you children who choose to suffer, consent.”

If there was a person brave enough to assess the relationship of politics and sustainable truth, that person might claim that the staid rhetoric of representing the working class, small businesses, NHS etc is redundant and only the lack of all else sustains it. Now ought to be the time for truth. Truth that goes to the core of the faceless state, behind which so much malevolence had been hidden. A malevolence that imposes itself in unseen emotions but is exacerbated by the tricks of state interventions. And in our agony we ask for even more intervention and the immediate stimulus quickly runs its course and the grip of the unseen toughens.


Let’s take the current Home Secretary for instance. In her role she has overseen the stalling of investigations into horrendous, industrial scale, child abuse cases linked to Leon Brittan and other well know politicians. Politicians are quick to point out inconsistencies and waste etc But what about the immediate trauma they themselves cause onto others, directly or in their denial of just investigation. As I have mentioned, one can judge an administrator’s mindset by the tone of their dealings, by how they treat those around them, and how they treat those who have been made vulnerable because of an innocence brutally taken away from them. There are conduits who would fall so low as to disrespect themselves and destroy the vibrancy of the vulnerable, how could we expect the deeds of those who defend these conduits to be anything but egotistical?

And justice? Well the government’s recently created Ministry of Justice is headed by the Lord Chancellor (who is appointed by the Queen on advice of the prime minister) – and to be given to Michael Gove. Based upon this appointment we can expect a widening disparity of justice. Gove is a Hague-esque personality, if a little less presentable. Gove will take on the Lord Chancellor role once held by Thomas More, a memory rekindled by the dramatic adaptation Wolf Hall where More is played by Mark Rylance. I would sooner have Mark Rylance – a modest but acutely ‘living’ man – justice secretary than the gash Gove.

Mark Rylance, Wolf Hall

There is a psychological enigma that stems from the middle ages – that the common man is willing to bleed his potential so long as there is an explanation, any explanation whatsoever – even if not true or accurate. So long as the corrupting lie is delivered by a personality. The personalisation of a lie somehow makes it tolerable.

The state would act as if those whom it is governing cannot think for themselves. But I would hasten to observe that those who believe others cannot think are precisely the ones who are incapable of original thought.

A little part of ourselves is represented in every single person in the world. Hence, our innate posture is to trust. We trust unless we are told to be untrusting – typically by the state, and sometimes our peers. Moreover, this false-association of trust seems to impregnate our minds more effectively when it is projected into our home, a place where a person feels most comfortable. The television is a one-way communication. Anything that is viewed on a television cannot be informed by the counter-participation of a viewer, hence, its message has more potential to be totalitarian than any other means of indoctrination other than shock-therapy.

Perhaps this is why Theresa May’s plans to introduce ‘counter-extremism powers’ that ‘vet’ British broadcasters’ programmes before transmission. A plan that the culture secretary, Sajid Javid, described as a threat to freedom of speech because it would mean that the watchdog would become a censor (just as we see in countries of media oppression). I do not expect Javid to be culture secretary for much longer because of this dissent.

Characters like Teresa May are only singled out because they allow themselves to be. She is but an archetypes of a kind of politician any sane individual would not wish to be represented by, much less meet – which I did in ’03.

The previous year I suggested to Iain Duncan Smith that her leopard-print shoes, and the flashy clothes worn by some other party members, were distracting commentators from his effort in the Commons. The following week he issued the chief whip with dress-code instructions – May was not happy. I am not saying that a note dropped off in his parliamentary office by a 15 year old piqued IDS’s nervousness, but these days we do know of his weak credentials, and that clutching at straws tended to be what he chose first, not last. It is safe to assume that IDS will continue to do what he is told in his role as Work and Pensions Secretary.

May, who is sharper than IDS, definitely belongs to a destructive breed of politician. Her hair reminds me of the droog depicted in a Clockwork Orange, a movie portraying a state that used behavioural modification techniques on delinquents.

May, A Clockwork Orange

Let’s remember that on one hand she is putting pressure on police numbers, and the other ramping up domestic surveillance, and iris scanning technology, amongst other things. And all the while she can’t adequately define what an extremist is when presenting her counter-terrorism bills. What exactly does she mean when she says her strategy is to “combat people seeking to divide us?”

In Paris, there are now plans for 7,000 troops to permanently patrol the streets following the ‘Charlie Hebdo Shooting.’ What is the experiential cost of the 7,000 black-clad ‘troops,’ let alone the cost of anxiety imposed on a population of 2.2m?? How does this human liability sit on the emotional balance sheet of this ancient City? If one considers these costs, one might come to realise that there is no logic, no rational, no realism; no idealism; only subervsion of potentials.

The same might be pointed out by the government’s intention to pull out of the International Bill of Human Rights. Great, so if the government has decided that it wants to create its own bill and renationalise the judicial supremacy, perhaps it can illustrate the inherent weakness of the UN bill so that other countries can learn and benefit in kind. And perhaps let’s pull out of other less meaningful accords too?

If the UK government’s desire to withdraw from the Human Rights bill is sincere, it might be because it has caught wind of Saudi Arabia’s intention to lead the Human Rights Council (no, seriously it wants to). If they get the chair, I am afraid to say, it will only undermine the credibility of institutional protection of human rights.

Besides, it seems we need most protection from the state anyway. And it is only a matter of time before the government asks for more protection from protesters.

Ed MilibandIt looks like Ed made the grade! lol His post-election application to join the police, and battle anti-Tory government protestors included a showreel (click on him to see it). ..Even his balaclava can’t hide the embarrassments of his hubristic stone monument.

I mocked his brother, David, for suggesting that Russia should join the EU – this was at the time of him being Foreign Secretary. David Miliband’s proposal seemed preposterous, but now I have a (slightly) higher political opinion of him. He at least saw that there was a choice for Russia – as much as they were a long way down the road in formatting relationships with China, Kazakhstan, India etc.

In a changing world where China is pro-Germany and pro-Russia, Britain is being priced-out and has much less of a financial say and may have benefitted if Russia was sympathetic to the EU. Alas, the EU’s brand of centralised socialism was too much for the Soviet Putin. This is crucial, because going into this autumn and onward we will witness more events-driven changes than ever before. As I have been telling clients, we are witnessing ‘peak London.’

In spite of their destructiveness (Ed, May et al), the system in which they move appeases them. Perhaps it is because they do not speak of the unspoken stratum of society.

Once the elections are complete, a leader who believes he (/she) can muster the support of the majority of the House must seek approval from the ruling monarch before a government can be assembled. This approval is a requirement, and not just a charming bow. That is why, I am afraid to say, going to the polls is just that. It is a polling of sentiment, not a binding covenant.

The general election it is a process that makes the monarch’s ‘prime minister’ easier to choose. A person selected directly by the monarch would make the people feel as disenfranchised as they are. But legitimacy comes from Queen. That’s why the elections are called ‘going to the polls.’ Polling is the means of getting a sense of sentiment.

It is the case that some people’s approval is worth more than others, and in the specific case of the election, the Queen’s approval is worth more than 35 millions vote.

In Russia (for instance) you have Putin as presidential head of state, and Medvedev is his prime minister. In the UK we have the Queen as supreme ruler (state and church), Cameron is her prime minister and Welby her arch-bishop.

It was interesting to note that on election night, Peter Mandelson understood the constitutional implications of what was unfolding better than the others, including the journalists. His, correct, assertion was that anyone can approach the Queen to form a government so long as she believes he can lead the House of Common(er)s.

A while ago, a Daily Mail reporter said “Now…if you can’t get a job as a pianist in a brothel, you become a royal reporter.” By saying so he revealed the ruler’s editorial masterstroke – the monarchy, and specifically their relationship with government, would never be properly represented in the media.

Thereby, millions have a reduced notion of the UK owner’s involvement in the country’s most important decision making; and allows the masses (supported by peer plausible deniability) to conceive a joyous ideal of what the royal family is and flock to the Mall like loyal servants from time to time.

This has been a masterstroke of the highest order. The monarchy’s ‘limited executive authority’ means that the ‘people’ can create rules to govern themselves, while the most important decision (not least constitutional) will always be penned or vetoed by the supreme ruler. Royal Assent is the mechanism by which the British monarchy maintains rule over Commonwealth nations. It’s brilliant in its absolute dominance.

In the world there are only three places with ‘elected’ monarchies, one is the Holy Sea, where the office of head of state was preserved with similar means of misdirection. For a long period the Holy Roman emperor ran ‘primes inter pares’ (first among equals) with the Roman Catholic monarch – who ruled Supreme after the last Holy Roman emperor (Francis II) was run aground by Napoleon (Catholic) in 1806. After that Francis the II founded the Austrian Empire, as Francis I. [The Holy Roman Empire stemmed from the Byzantine Empire, which stemmed from the Roman Empire]

Royal Correspondent

However, something remarkably significant happened in this 2015 general election.

As I have already mentioned, I was surprised at the turnout. That the eligible voters turned out in comparable numbers as last time, and the time before, and the time before that. They would only do so because they thought that their opinion would count toward the governance of the country.

And yet, the biggest story was that in spite of voting, the opposition to the government – historically deemed to sit across the floor of the commons, is now outside the House of Commons. UKIP is the opposition party whilst the Labour party is disintegrating. In spite of 4 million votes, the United Kingdom Independence party has but one representative in the chamber.

Whether or not voters realise it, the energy of 4 millions people’s concerted choice – informed by a lifetime of experience and emotions – sits outside the House of Commons. It has been the most discrediting outcome for the system of government possible. It is impossible to shy away from this indictment, for this is a symbolic declaration that cannot be managed by spin doctors. It is a statement, which declares that even those who are willing to vote have their energy deflected.

Herein lies Farage’s ‘subservience’ weakness. The gentleman doth protest too little.

Nigel Farage

Farage is a proud and outspoken monarchist, and in being so he will not be able to effectively deliver the messages that have underscored his political career. He could alert the people not only of the encroachment of the EU (a symptom of one man wanting to control another) but the trick played upon the UK’s perception of politics i.e. that there are those who (comfortably) limit the people’s potential already. However, Farage’s admiration for the Queen is a prejudice that mitigates against this opportunity.

I am not claiming that it is for Farage to alert the people to ideological frauds – if truth was to be found in a name alone, then that difficult privilege would be attributable to the ‘Liberal Democrats.’ What I am saying is that Farage would feel less exhausted if he knew why banging his head against a wall was in common with the feeling of exasperated abstainers and 4 million of his own supporters live with.

If Farage respects the imposed legitimacy of the monarch, maybe it is time for him to step aside as his limitations have been identified by a higher will.

This, too, exposes why there aren’t higher caliber people in politics. Because national considerations and all implications of administration would not be in their hands at all. Administration is run by the processional Whitehall monster. Think tanks generate the policies, and powers are determined by counsel. So really all that’s left on the table is narcissistic presentation – step up Bercow, you know you want to.

It is ‘traditional’ for the elected Speaker of the House to be dragged against his will to his chair. As is the case of almost all of traditions, we have forgotten why. At one time, the chosen Speaker got dragged from the benches and into the chair because of their reluctance to take on an uncomfortable responsibility. Today a gnome, weathered by insecurity, mockingly imitates the walk of speakers of old – speakers who at one time had gravitas and presence.


The cynical (modern definition) would spit: does this even matter? And I would say, that people cling onto the familiar, and gawp at election buzz rather than spending some time familiarising themselves with the nature of the people seeking their approval.

And why does this familiarity matter? Well, because people make it matter. Those who consume newspapers, news programmes and who would care to have an opinion on politics, policy and government are projecting their own thoughts, their confidence; their future hope and expectations of representation on a body that cannot carry this flame – what’s more, this body doesn’t (truly) seek to.

It is a hideous sight to behold, when people seem to choose what party they like in the same way they would a pair of trainers Adidas, Nike or Reebok. And again we arrive at our familiar charge, politics is perception not performance. Whilst debate is reduced to (negligible) relative performance, votes will be cast on the perception of durability, and the Tories have demonstrated their monopoly on durability over the centuries.

I sympathise with the public who don’t know how to navigate through the corridors of politics, just as I do the gleeful MPs – even some of the more experienced ones, but especially the SNP MPs.

Last month I heard that the Palace of Westminster is due for a £5bn redevelopment in order to treat rotting walls…

Douglas Carswell

Perhaps Douglas Carswell’s refusal to take £650k pa public funding (on behalf of UKIP) demonstrates a willingness to be true to the values parliamentarians ought to stands for – even at the cost of upsetting UKIP staffers, who now have to leave their unfunded jobs. Individuals who ought to have better contributed to their party’s election strategy?

For what it is worth, in the summer of ’07 I met Douglas Carswell and found him to be a man with tangible integrity and some vision. Subsequently I paid attention to his Commons performances and he seemed to be a true outspoken backbencher and refused to turn a blind eye to hypocrisy. This has been demonstrated by his recent funding stand, and further illustrated by a proposal he made to reform banking legislation (which you can see by clicking on the image below).

Sydney Spencer
Dinner with Carswell, Sydney Sussex Cambridge

The bill Carswell proposed was one that would give depositors ownership over their bank deposits (which is, believe it or not, currently not the case). The need for this was highlighted in autumn ’08. It seems to me that ’08 was a primer for a day of reckoning. Carswell is a man who is versed in monetary implications and the mechanics of capital flows, and hence a asset in the Commons, especially after a prolonged election campaign where no systemic financial recalibration were tabled.

In a UK, where the tax payer is regulated to lassitude, we hear that Cameron will seize illegal workers’ wages (so that they can claim benefits?) – I wonder how many hundreds of individuals will be embroiled in the scouting, identification, policing, and judiciary of this plan? We can assume that the money markets (the king of the ‘standard of living’ castle) is regulated similarly? No.

I mentioned earlier that Andrew Balls (Ed’s brother) is global chief investment office of Pimco ($1.6tr AUM). Pimco manages both sovereign and corporate bonds. The total value of the corporate bond market it $7.7tr (or 3x UK GDP). So how many employees do you reckon the US’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have monitoring the corporate bond market? Give it your wildest guess…go on. It matters because Cameron will employ hundreds to enforce the seizure of illegal workers’ wages.

The SEC (according to the luxury goods funded newspaper Financial Times) has half an employee looking over the corporate bond market i.e. one person spends half their time on it. Could there be a more potent example of misplaced priorities? The government is horrendous at regulating, but if it must, at least it should regulate that which underpins the framework in which its citizens pour their energy – money and money markets. Governments should do so without stuffing banks with idiotic compliance officers that drive out market-making talent.

FT regulation

Who invests in corporate bonds? In large extent real money does (e.g. pension funds). If I say ‘real market’ you might think that there are other markets that are not real money. Well, the hypothecation of markets that real money invest in are called derivatives. Derivatives are not regulated, because:

1) They have been the means by which investments banks have generated most of their profits since the merger of merchant and commercial banks – initiated by Thatcher and Reagan and subsequently stoked by Clinton and Blair who poured a container-load of petrol on the fire (abolition of of Glass-Steagall).

2) Derivatives have complex counter-party interdependence and so they are impossible to value in isolation, let alone in bundles

3) Derivatives utterly dwaf the size of bond markets

4) Many bundles of multi-trillion derivatives now sit off balance sheet on countries’ financial inventory books, thanks to the shift of ‘bad assets’ off of private balance sheets post-Lehman. Lehman’s derivate exposure was not born by the industry ‘bailed-out’ because it would have been too big for them to absorb. Indeed, it was so bad that it was split between nations (UK, Germany, US…), which has subsequently bound these countries into supporting Zero Interest Rate Policies (Zirp) across the board. The countries that have a normal base interest rate are the few that didn’t buy into this time bomb, notably Russia.

Governments and central banks have been forced to decree policies that inverted every basic law of economics in order to generate enough short term cash flow for the operations of banks to continue, and to service their own short term maturities (ie paying back the principal on a loans). This is because if the countries didn’t, large sections of business and society would face insolvency and illiquid and so go bankrupt. In  the case that mass bankruptcies do happen, it is worth remembering that bankruptcy is not the destruction of wealth, only the transfer of it.

So, when I see junior public-sector staff on the streets with tacky boards and slogan t-shirts protesting at ‘austerity’ I have to turn away because their disgruntledness is akin to a fishing boat apprentice demanding a raise whilst the ship’s captain is wondering where all the fish have gone, only to realise they’ve been sucked back in the undercurrent of a cataclysmic tsunami.

In the meantime, you can thank derivatives for your £30 per month iPhone with technology inconceivable a generation ago; thank derivatives for allowing the monetary base inflation that rubbed off on your house so that you could remortgage and visit awe-inspiring Orlando (lol), or prune the furnishings of your house to perfection. Thank derivatives for an Audi performance estate that does 0-60 in 3.7 sec (Testarossa sprinted in 5.3sec) and can be bought on finance with only a £12k deposit.

These are all impressive trinkets, and the inviting froth of an almighty disempowering magic trick that has truncated all future economic prosperity into a twenty year time-window (scarcely enough time to think of what we would actually like) and it will climax in the tightening of the economic. The liability imposed by the derivatives web is monumental and can only be interpreted with hope if you relate to an idea of bifurcating spiritual realms. If you don’t, what is left is simply beyond digestion.

We are unlikely to bask in a deflationary recalibration. I believe that the systemic weight will be so all-encompassing that what liabilities will be recalibrated into a new form of currency [I go into detail in my economic outlook reports]. This systemic risk is the primary reason behind domestic surveillance and the militarisation of the police. What May is spearheading was initiated under the Blair regime.

British Police

In the wake of the 2015 election, the chair of the police federation, Steve White, admitted that this is the end of policing by consent, and we are soon to enter a more violent style of policing.

Be sure of this. The guys you saw celebrating at the declaration constituency results, and who you see in your newspapers poncing (true to the word), have little to do with the greater mechanics of what is unfolding. Their plausible deniability allows for great crimes to be committed, one of the greatest humane crimes (defrauding of 99% of human labour) has unfurled with no opposition. It is quite staggering!

So you see, even if Douglas had passed his bill enforcing depositor ownership of money, it would have been but a drop in the ocean. Do you see how detached politics is from the mechanisms that govern our reality? I hope you do.

The value of money has been flogged, flogged, flogged post-08. Zirp, unsterilised quantitative easing and the low velocity of money has allowed the Conservative government to sleep walk through the last five years. Whilst Zirp represents the abandonment of economic fundamentals – and has removed capital formation incentives, bank capitalisation and authentic price discovery – it has amputated people’s respect of money too.

It has been said that any corruptor of anything is where the money is. So what happens when money loses value and loses respect? If something is unvalued it won’t be protected. Has politics lost intrinsic value and respect too? If it has, then the shift of power to outside the walls of Westminster might be as I suggest – and that is why the propaganda is more intense and more naked.

Is the people’s power ultimately submissive like Farage? After all, to tyrannically corrupt a system of people all you have to do is punish and overload it. The vulgarity of what goes on without our explicit consent is less and less visible. We are blinded by our illiteracy of situations and this is being used against us as these very situations unfold unthreatened, and fast. Distressing situations are always without closure. Just as vulgar poetry has no closure, so it is with institutional personalities who morph into predatory, parasitical and aggressive personalities; sympathetic to corrupting the kernel of all beingness.

We might not stop and recognise it, but where there is a willingness for death, suffering and decay there is the Distortion. Few will recognise just what a nightmare this world is, there is a majority that will ignore it or side with it. For the remaining, life is uncomfortable but not disempowering. Straining to the point of letting go will, involve a crisis of existential angst for a truth-seeker, but this episode is usually indicative of an imminent resurrection.

Nadine Dorries

My local MP is a an outspoken backbencher who is set apart from others for revering the kernel of life, conception. Above is an image of me (white shirt) applauding her in ’08 — meanwhile the Oxford University Conservative Association table could only muster misogynistic jeers.

Nadine Dorries retained her seat in this election with a 15k majority. And although she was the standout candidate in the constituency I did not vote for her. I did not vote in the election at all.

You might assume I didn’t vote because of a reluctance to further energise a compromised electoral system and had disdain for the least substantive national campaigning I have seen — where politicians repeatedly underestimated the public’s ability to digest information. And a campaign where the likes of Cameron mocked the public with the laziest of four word slogans ‘Long-term economic plan.’

But I didn’t vote because I felt let down. Here was a woman who tried to stand up to Cameron, who I have seen first-hand to be a no nonsense kind of lady, and who I have walked alongside. But when I visited her website I read that she had defeated the plans for an incinerator in the constituency. Naturally, this was positive news, but when I went to look for news stories related to her ‘triumph’ I found that her claim was a play on words and at best she had stalled the programme. What’s more, there were now plans for a gas power station next to the incinerator site.

Maybe this post was written and submitted by a Constituency agent lacking poise? Either way, the spin was dishonest. And, given the demonstrative strength of her constituency support, utterly unnecessary. So how could I vote for Nadine? Even her voting in the last parliamentary cycle betrayed the guiding principles that she once held dear.

We do not have to agree with everyone on values and principles. But one’s values do determine what we strive for. To arrive at values we must consider, discern and recongise. And hence if we are to ask this of politicians, we must demonstrate and hold this point of perspective ourselves.

David Cameron Jonathan Ross“Do my deeds. For you’re the one who’s shamed.”

It might be stating the obvious, but politicians have little to be falsely modest about. I believe that Cameron and Conservative Campaign HQ can be quite embarrassed by their complacent tone. Watching the indulgent smugness of Cameron after the election was like seeing a dog lick its genitals.

It is said that 2 minutes on a mobile phone is enough to entrain a brain for 2 hours. I would suggest that 2 days of election rhetoric is enough to entrain a populous for two months. I believe that the Conservatives can do what they like for two months and be without reproach — especially whilst Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are rudderless.

Students will always have their student debt to remember Nick Clegg by. But one service that the Liberal Democrats did do us was to oppose the Communications and Data Bill (‘snooper charter’). The Lib Dems refused to back it in the last parliament and we can assume that the Conservatives will push it through when current legislation expires next year.

I wonder if the period to the end of July-15 is the timeframe Cameron has to earn his deferred payments, scheduled to be redeemed after he is deposed as prime minister (which I claimed nearer the beginning of this report). Although he had two weeks in which to ask the Queen to form a government, he asked her on VE day. There is no denying that Cameron is in a rush — suggesting that he’s worried that his executive power is going to be taken away.

In an era where Obama has obliterated all executive order records, Cameron is off the the races. He and Osborne have appointed the former head of Goldman Sachs’ asset management division, Jim O’Neill, to head the newly created post ‘Commercial Secretary at the Treasury.’ His remit is to turn the ‘north into a powerhouse.’

Keynes Hayek

How has O’Neill slotted into this position? Well he’s claimed that the we have seen 5% lower growth because of chronic under investment. He is an economist of sorts, yet doesn’t see that Zirp is the killer and that it ought to be the role of government to preserve conditions under which investment can be created and not for government to reallocate capital.

And so how is Cameron loading up his deferred payments, Osborne pretending to do something, and O’Neill tempted to accept a seemingly poisoned challis? Fracking of course!

Within a week of the election the fracking application process has been cut from 6 to 2 weeks. Fracking companies are reapplying across northern provinces — right where O’Neill has been asked to ‘re-industrialise.’

This will be the legacy of Cameron, a fake man who has gladly accepted the label of being a ‘compassionate liberal.’ It is a rouse. The contemporary interpretation of liberalism is the inversion of its original meaning. Today extreme liberalism means catching up with Sweden, whose government want to use taxes to bring Islamic State fighters back, integrate them into there population and give them tax aid. How well do Sweden’s combat vetrans get treated, you might ask. Well, they don’t even get offered jobs.

Where is the freewill? For freewill is the basis of Liberalism. Where is the permission to seize property (money) to be used in order to force individuals of high conviction to return from dessert territories iand be intergrated with Volvo-driving blondes of an Alpine state?

This extreme liberalism story doesn’t stop there. Sweden wants to offer psychological help these Islamic State soldiers to overcome their trauma. If only these do-gooders had a glimpse into the karmic wheel of God’s ultimate design; or recognise that between lives your actions are laid bare before your higher-self which recognises the imposition and pain you’ve cause. Ultimately we judge our own actions and punish ourselves consciously or not.

Let’s not encourage a state that is blinded by distortion’s false compassion.

What is this Swedish story? This is, at best it is a warning to us all. At worst, a sign of the degradation which May would have us submit to.

I say, Remember Who You Are.

Sod Hollyoaks, turn away from the BBC, stop drinking aspartame-laced pop and stuffing your faces with Great British Bake Off-style cup cakes and get real!

This is not Dostoyevsky realism; this is not Mike Leigh realism. Those were literary and cinematic messengers. This is the realism that can only be integrated and absolved by light. Return to your higher self.

You will face the trials of cognitive dissonance, and extestential angst, but these are nothing compared to a purgatory without end.

When you see life, your subconscious will kick in and you will sense that governments have been infiltrated with those carrying mental disorders. You see, they do not wish to limit your potential so that they can reign in an abundant wealth. They seek to limit your potential because they cannot bear to see others rise up to the life-challenge of responsibility and realise their potential — this is the hardest task for it involves accepting your weakness and having the humility to once again recieve a love that you long ago rejected and in doing so have reason to respect yourself.

Valium Addict“…Pale face speaks with fork tongue…”

So why does the framed photograph of a valium addict adorn the mantelpieces of country piles throughout the land? How does a traumatised vessel seduce the influential…or does he…is he simply told to swing from the chandelier of power?

Boy George is about to oversee the implementation of a financial transactions tax — the means by which the precariously positioned (i.e. endemically insolvent) UK financial system will fold in on itself. It is a system that currently places the common depositor so low on its list of priorities that it charges them to deposit money. Indeed, while there is Zirp, banks lose money in servicing their depositor base. Which made it all the more difficult for Douglas Carswell to get any momentum behind his failed bill.

So how have banks made their money? By speculating in formidable complexity. And when they do — when liabilities mature and the cash runs out — they turn to the State to nationalise financial instruments so toxic that even leading industry experts can’t fully untangle and appropriate accounting values. The rationale for such lack of valuations is that there is no longer a need for proper accounting standards since the entire model of our economy is to expand the monetary base at a rate faster than the ‘growth’ numbers. This is, in a traditional interpretation, a ponzi scheme.

What is more, since ’09 the Western financial industry has been reporting financial results based upon ‘model accounting’ rather than ‘mark-to-market,’ which was the standard that endured for decade before. In so doing, accounting standard have prolonged the day of reckoning. That is to say, banks can claim to have assets valued at whatever level they deem, whether or not that price can be realised in the open market.

The open market, what a quaint notion. Today more than 90pc+ of all trades are algorithmic. Trading volumes are at historic lows, and volatility has been too. Star traders are leaving investment banks for the lack of stimulation and (relative) renumeration. And what awaits us next will be politicians making cash illegal in order to ‘end boom and bust.’ This will be the ultimate enslavement, and will make the root chakra-shackling fear imposed by debt seem like relative bliss.

 The psyche of Cameron and OsborneSia“…Yeah let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one…”

At the very top I said that there was one technical outcome of the 2015 election that counted more than all others, that the Conservatives won a majority. I stand by that priority. They gained a majority in spite of the fact that 76% of voting age Britons didn’t vote for Conservative representation.

Some might find be an encouraging commonality in considering that 76% of the population lack a Conservative-bias. Within that 76% there will be a range of convictions.

Somewhere in this spectrum will be a solid portion of eligible voters who feel scandalised by all political leadership on offer. There are those who say that election processes themselves can’t change fast enough. I have even heard an argument outlining the merits of crowd funded candidates.

The case I would make is that this 2015 general election produced a result that is a symptom of a wider phenomena. It has indicated, unequivocally, that this system of representation is done. That its energetic charter is finished. The people who don’t already, will soon have every reason to know that they are disenfranchised and in being, see that they can only remove their support from the system.

Within the old walls of a palace positioned along the Thames, men who would envisage masquerading in stoicism rummage their reserves of archetypal nostalgia before deploying belated efforts to instil ‘reforms.’ “Steady as she goes” is their mantra. They second-guess their spoken words because they believe trustworthiness is based upon the superficial.

And yet they are serving roles in this time of ineluctably important interregnum.

It is the time that we realise all wars ever waged — whether on countries or our own citizen — can be reduced to a single idea: that people should be controlled. This is the greatest lie.

Wars perpetuated by governments are beyond count, and can only be differentiated by their relative severity; for all disputes are a war on human potential – the oppressive overtones encroach from foreign policy through to our kitchen tables, and the moods we carry.

Sections of the electorate might plead ignorance and hopelessness in equal measure, because this is the reaction of fearfulness. A person in fear has little faith in themselves, or else their faith would dissolve the fear. If one hasn’t the faith in themselves, why would they have faith in a peer…and herein lies the trick. The trick’s ally is the show (i.e. media projection), it is crafted imagery and the backdrop of grandeur. Our fear displaces the faith we were handed at birth. This faith is first the responsibility of the parents and then the maturing individual.

Too often, if the parents haven’t already done so, the individual will throw their faith (in themself) in the direction of the most conceited and disingenuous adminstrators of limitation (i.e. government). Faith is a binder, where it is placed there it will attach. In knowing this, one must be careful where they put their faith. If you put your faith in a politician, get to know them. Do all you can to ensure that they deserve your precious faith. You might find that your life-inspiring faith is best represented by you.

Lest we forget that the governments (we ‘elected’) have created the very specific toxic condition in which the Islamic State has flourished in decadent anger. And the Islamic State is the foodstuff of a fear that will cause further infringement of beautiful possibilities within our own country. Perhaps this dynamic hasn’t been obvious, and that is partly due to a broken media system. Media ought to be there to help us INTEGRATE information, but it is sadly letting us down.

Be sure that there are aspects of truth everywhere. We should be encouraged to gather these glints of truth, and know that truth complements truth. Truth captures and captivates your attention in longevity. In the first instance truth can be uncomfortable, and this discomfort takes energy to process — in these cases it can be treated akin to training. But you will be willing to train, for the feats it will allow you to achieve will be prolific and expansive. Most importantly, truth captures your imagination because imagination charges with emotion and emotion gets things done!

This is why our emotions have been used against us, why our emotions are distracted by design. It is why our emotions are laid ineffective whilst subplots scheme. When our emotional body is clear then the intellect will be put in its rightful place (subservient to the heart) and in being there distill what is unfolding around, and what our tacit political consent is associating with.

At the moment, the UK’s relationship with the US has broken down. Did you know? Perhaps not. It is because the UK decided to be one of the founder signatories of China’s AIIB bank, which is a financial institution designed to operate in a post-dollar reserve currency world, and to supersede the IMF and World Bank.

I mentioned important monarchies that stem from long ago. Did you know that besides the spiritual seat of the Vatican, and the financial seat of the City of London, there is a third seat which representing military prowess — Washington DC. And that in Washington DC there is Capitol Hill, which was named in imitation of the Roman Empire’s seat of government — Capitoline Hill. Caesar officiated upon the Senate ‘up on the hill.’ Incidentally, senate is the root word of theatre.

Did you know that the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis (direct office lineage of the Holy Roman Emperor) will address Congress (i.e. the House of Representatives and the Senate) on the 24th September 2015 on Capitol Hill?

Pope Francis will be completing a full circle back to Emperor Francis II in a ceremony designed by the occult dominion of religion, finance and military to declare their (probably not your!) vision of New Jer-Usa-Lem. Did you know??

No real human can be resigned to defeatism, because in being so inclined, they are quite directly resigned (don’t confuse resigned with reconciled) to leaving an embittered world behind for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. What kind of human would wish that?

And yet in our resistance of defeatism, we are lacking a ideology of actionable faith. And hence we toil in undistilled ideology of maintaining big government, which continues rolling over large contracts with civil engineering, pharmacerutical, and arms & surveliance companies. And teasing the public with insulting partial truths, instilling a sense choicelessness. So our streets decay instep with our uncritical minds, as the broader world is changing at a phenomenal pace.

First, value yourself. Do not be goaded by distraction posing as liberalism. Second, distill truth — you will know truth because it doesn’t need rhetoric to buffet its elevation, and it complements itself. The old sphere is fighting the new. One will pass through the other because the age of bifurcation wishes to renew.

Some of my youth was spent with this ‘golden-generation’ of senior Conservative politicians. It was an experience I invited and was inviting. Perhaps I learnt something of these men’s character, but it took me a great deal more to appreciate the nuances of institutional cooperation and the subservience of all at the behest of the mechanics of a financial and military world that answers to forces lurking in the shadows.

I affirm that a conscious interpretation of the world amounts to ‘spiritual’ interpretation. It is the means by which the unseen becomes seen. By reengaging sensitivities one will not overindulge in distraction and begin to put right was is wrong.

Our intellects have adopted many bad habits. One is a position that as a society we need a big government to direct our every move. The premise of this fallacy is that without the faceless state there would be ‘chaos.’ I would beg to differ.

‘Self-organising chaos’ is the very way the natural Universe governs itself. It abides by the rhythmical cycles of life and ultimately it can’t impose itself more than the balance of harmony allows, because otherwise it would destroy the very eco-systems that supports it. To put this in the context of human society, if the ability to express empathy on an individual basis is removed (because of impoverishment, fear and embitterment) then regimes of self-certified control will destroy the ecosystem, you.

I believe that we are at the point of choosing pulverisation or regeneration, and that a cross-roads of millennial consequence is upon us.

So be mindful. Let’s not confuse ‘self-organising chaos’ with the irresponsible, reckless and destructive louts who selfishly labeled themselves anarchist in the ’70s. And let us not confuse ‘self-organising chaos’ with tyranny, for tyranny is the self-aware distortion that pushes us further away from our original state of authentic individual identity.

Chaos is a cousin of freedom, and freedom respect individual decision. Hence, if a person does wrong to a group, that person will face the consequence of ostracism. Yes, this is a basic example, but look at it the other way. If a person does something good to a group, they will earn respect. In so going their opportunity to develop empathic intelligence will be stimulated. Our empathetic intelligence is pretty much flat-lining instep with politicians.

This is directly related to the human struggle between truth and lies. Currently it is not so much of a struggle, because lies are overruling all. One might say this is because the government hasn’t provided us with what Thomas Aquinas called the raison d’être of government: the opportunity for (divine) contemplation. Instead the state grows at the expense of those it claims to serve, and those citizens, us, are embroiled in its web.

Here we find the inherent problem with all political parties. A lack of coherent ideology. An ideology is a vision. But much like perfection, ideology is an elusive destination.

However, ideology inspires, supports; it galvanises, and it is the trust which guarantees an experientially rich life journey.

There was once an American Basketball coach (of all professions!), called John Wooden. John once remarked that:

“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

Consider, dream and act. Our enacted reality can only be that which you allow yourself to conceive. I understand that for an individual embroiled in the web, a dream is an imagining difficult to hold onto because whilst we live alongside one another, one individual’s dream cannot manifest instantly for it would impose on another’s. This is what is called a ‘spiritual’ journey.

For those denial addicts who choose not to create a beautiful dream, please feel free to take this grommet out of your ear and…

…La la, la la la la la na na na na na

La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na

La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na

La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na…”

Cleaning Up Westminster Palace

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Summer Lecture

Transcript : ‘Some Pow’rful Hand Unseen’ (Saturday 26th July 2014)

…Each Red Moon coinciding with Jewish holidays.

These years are special!

And cited in advance in revelations, where it says: “The third angel poured out his bowl into the river and the springs of water, and they became blood.”


Hinduism has four Yugas, eras of decreasing length. We are coming to the end of the last Yuga, Kali Yuga – the Age of Darkness.

Kali Yuga

Where temporal power dominates spiritual authority.

It’s my belief that our forefathers warned us of this so that we – the seekers – wouldn’t get frustrated amongst what would otherwise seem like Chaos.


The dark princess worshiped by the conquered youth. She is the personification of the forth Yuga.

Perhaps Miley Cyrus’ immortalisation predated her birth.

Cyrus II of Persia took back Israel from Neo-Babylonia in approximately 600BC.

And since Israel is currently on an all-out offensive to wipe-out Palestine…maybe this is what Miley implied with her Wrecking Ball single…


The Cyrus namesake is not the only recurrence in recorded history.

Humanity has been here before. We have been here before.

This is the Tower of Babbling Babylon. And that’s the tallest building in the world today.


In the time of Babylon our emotional and compassionate telepathy deserted us, and citizens of Babylon babbled about trivial reasons to be upset …a situation familiar to us today.

Back then the evil was cleansed by The Great Flood – bringing the Earth back to a former aspect.

Today we are facing a different cleansing mechanism.

But before we get to that, I think it’s important to define what this darkness, what this DISTORTION is. That which is affecting our world.


I would call it Distortion, and essentially it’s a self-awareness that promoted everything that is not suitable for a human.

It encompasses Lucifer’s rejection of higher divine orders, and Satan’s inversion of natural relationships.

The Distortion is not unloved, but it chooses not to accept love, and thereby looses its sense of unity with eternity.

It deflects all energy to the human psyche, delivering humans to the spiritual lowlands, feeding off their – our! – aguish.

Antagonising the relationship between the spiritual and the temporal, and so denying us our path to self-realistion.


The Hermetica was a text conceived between the great Egyptian and Greek civilisations. As another point of authority, it too spoke of today, when:

Men will not love this wonderful world around us. Darkness will be preferred to light, death thought more profitable than life, no-one will raise their eyes to heaven, the madman thought a brave man, the wicked esteemed as good. And the Soul…the thought that it is immortal by nature – this they will mock and persuade themselves that it is false. And only evil angels will remain and drive man into wrecklessness…into all things hostile to the nature of the Soul! Then will the Earth tremble.”


The Distortion has weakened us to a new extremes.

And its illusory World draws us all down into its counter-initiation so that we might become sub-human.

Comfortable living in unTruth, and denying ourselves Heart stirring excitement…it, never fails to take advantage, and has led us to confusion.


And whilst Humanity is confused, the greatest episode in twelve-and-a-half thousand years is unfolding before our eyes.

The Hopi prophesied the end a fourth age, and spoke of an emergence into a fifth.

Their prophecy – as most of you know – centers around a Blue Star …Which arrived last year.

ISON10min 50sec

The most influential influential institution in the world – the Vatican – has known that there is something coming.


They have an observatory on Mt Graham, in America. It is a sacred location that has been venerated by Native Americans, who know – as the Vatican does – that the veil is thin there.

And so what is it that we’re experiencing in this age of Transition?


Well… the first: a “Blast” wave of a cosmic superwave sent from the centre of our galaxy.

It is the event that all traditions have been alluding to – it has crashed upon our shores and demands energetic and conscious responsibility from all life.


This is the Visoko Valley in Bosnia, and specifically the Pyramida Sunca – which is part of a pre-flood crystal-grid civilisation.


In 2012 I sat atop it and meditated. I found myself surrounded by fire. In that moment some of the mysteries of the pyramids were revealed:


The artificial tetrahedrons around the world were 4th Dimensional devices. That is to say, used for temporal purposes – temporal as in time.

With the tangible feeling of being surrounded by fire I was reminded that the pyramids could be used to tap into the linear time illusion, and for a consciousness to move freely backward or forward in their lifetime/ past and future. To call upon an experience which would serve them in the Now.

Accessing something akin to a personal Akashic record.

The temporal safety mechanism of one’s request being that information would have to be specifically asked for, and could only be given in the context of serving an individual’s higher path.


In hindsight, I find it interesting that I was surrounded by tangible fire in that meditation.

Because after the galactic ‘blast,’ comes the Fire of the cosmic explosion – again specified in Revelations.

This is already manifesting in a huge uptick in coronal mass ejections and the solar maximum that we are observing.

And as we all know (I assume) – light is a carrier of information – even if we are not in ready state to accept it, it’s coming!


The original Egyptians were sublime philosophers; and the finest initiatic knowledge society that we have documented today.

That is to say – Initiation to the rites of ascension; or put another way, how to receive light information.

Their first clue, which we can perceive today, that which they built: their monuments corresponded perfectly between their exterior self and their interior self.


The Eye of Horus, is representative of the Pineal Glad – which is used to perceive things 4D.

The Pineal Glad in the Great Pyramid is the (so-called) Kings Chamber.

Daniel Rozman Vincent Levison-Plumtree Pyramid

And is a precisely tuned vortex portal between 3 and 4D.

Where time is changed into space, and it is possible to travel between realms and worlds.

Over the ages, initiation schools have abused this knowledge.

Seal of Bavaria

And this image – I thought I’d share with you – is a fairly accurate representation of something called the Seal of Bavaria; Bavaria from where the incumbent British monarchy derive.

This seal is an incantation, using the human auric field to literally leave a marker in space time, to better reclaim that moment upon requesting it using temporal devices such at a pyramid – as I found out in Bosnia.


Many factions have used derivatives of these incantractions to summon demons, and goloms – who in their own existence have become addicted to feeding off our human energy – particularly low vibrational energies.




So, with this backdrop you might like to consider your ascension strategy right now.

Only the considerate human being can possibly ascend; because – unfortunately – ordinary man will only exist potentially.


And so for the uninitiated who would like to aid their ascension process…the first step is to let go of intellectualised absolutes.

The most formidable demon is the personification of attachments.

This is why Jesus ministered to those without attachments – whether these attachments were social status, monetary riches…Those who he ministered to stopped using their egos as windshields for life and began to drive with their eyes open.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.04.03

In times of significant Human events man has been aided by messengers.

Archangel Gabriel was a messenger.

What if Gabriel looked more like this? (a future human that couldn’t release ‘life-extension’ sending us a message now)


And what if his annunciations are still personal, but not exclusive?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.07.05

Isn’t the following decoded message, an angelic message? 

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.

Perhaps this is today’s equivalent of Jacob’s Ladder – from the Book of Genesis.


After all, what do people think painted wings on angels actually represented?


So are crop glyph makers heavenly messengers?

Well to know that, one has to first ask, what is heaven?

Heaven can be described as the Fifth Dimension, the dimension beyond Time.

Where thought instantly manifests.

Saint John said in the Beginning there was Thought – this is the Hebrew translation, not English where it is written ‘word.’ In the beginning there was ‘thought’ – let’s be clear about that.

So if in Fifth Dimension, thought instantly manifests – in order to ascend to Heaven, one must have gained a freewill and an understanding of their responsibility over their thoughts.

In 5D, in Heaven, no thought can be destructive, whether it’s jealousy or anger, because if such thought slipped in that realm, then heaven would instantly vanish.

This glyph (above) is a 2D representation of a penteract, which is essentially a five dimensional hypercube.

Symbolic of 5D. Hence I would argue that the glyph makers know something of the nature of heaven.

But before we can get there we must first pass through the forth dimension – and the Egyptians knew this very well.


I thought I’d show you this image – of a crop circle I went to two years ago – because it speaks to the bifurcation of these times.

Just like all good messengers of the past, glyph makers have been ignored and ridiculed by the masses.

On that fantastic day, I spent forty minutes trying to find this crop circle – and turned up and I was the only visitor there. I enjoyed my time there and took some images to share with friends and family.

Cheesefoot Head 9th August 2012 Daniel Rozman

And this was all set against a backdrop of a music festival. People oblivious, or choosing to be ignorant of it. And set against the wailing backdrop, the glyph said to me in quietness: “Remember the weave of time.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.31.38

This is a good example of what a denier looks like. A middle-aged hipster who sees nothing but fashion in anything. The epitome of counter-tradition, excelling in nothing except for being a parody; and embodying sloth at all levels of self.


Look how smart this man is!

Here’s a tip – if you want to look like a ‘glasshole’ then get a pair of these.


This mentality would offload responsibilities related to childrens’ learnt behavioural patterns to the television. 


Whilst the Distortion is has a ball, vampiring our children in plain sight.


And brutally, brutally attacking self-esteem – which is but a product of a deficit in love, affection, and dedication.


But then there’s always university, the hipster’s daughter might go to Cambridge, like these girls do (actually do) – and play drinking games in bin-liners.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.16.13

And if she’s really lucky, she might live to experience the Transhumanist dream in her prime.




So those of you here, who go out and meet people in your daily lives, be sure to use timely opportunities to assure them that there is a choice to be made now.

Crossing the Galactic plane is not a free ticket ride. It is a choice.

The Souls on this Earth at this time will bifurcate. On one hand, they can be hipsters, and buy into the empty seduction of transhumanism.

On the other, this is the best window of opportunity in 12,500 years to ascend to 5D.


So to Crop Glyphs.

They represent a mastering of the four elements.


They speak directly to the elements. This is the formation which caught my attention in the newspaper – which Michael [Glickman] mentioned earlier. The Euler’s identity formation was named that because of the ‘key’ language depicted. The sign ULE –U.L.E.- in Greek meant material of creation, raw material of creation.

From raw materiality, to a Seal in Time.


How about this for an alternative – a timely alternative – to the Seal of Bavaria? Which manifested in Germany, Bavaria, last week – which Jonathan [DeVierville] spoke about earlier, about people occupying it so brilliantly – it seems.


Situated next to Einstein’s miracle Formula.


So let’s remind ourselves of a reason to commend our ancient forefathers.

They understood the importance of 64.

That human’s have 64 codons in their human DNA.

That Moses had to come with a complete set of 64 terms when approaching the Ark of the Covenant.

They knew that the intersection of 64 Kabalistic “Tree of Lifes”


Generating a perfect star tetrahedral.


And so if that tetrahedral shape was undressed to a skeleton, with a light shining through it onto a flat surface, it would project the pattern of the flower of life.

We know this as the “Kabbalistic” Tree of Life, but it predates the Old Testament and belongs to us all.


The seed of life, giving birth to the flower of life.



The flower of life maps over the human chakra system, and if we unskelify the flower of life we realise that the human aura, the personal human auric body converses with the sacred geometry of the entire Universe in the shape of a star tetrahedron.


Da Vinci’s subtle depiction spoke to this.


It is what so many of us know as the Merkabah. The Light Body. Mer-Ka-Bah translates as: Light-Spirit-Soul.


This is the vehicle to travel and accelerate our Soul Journey. To pass through 4D to 5D.


And why the Egyptians venetrated the tetrahedron, because they recognised it as the invisible life-being enclosed within the body, which they called the KA.


And key to a healthy electro-magnetic field, is the Heart – it can’t be neglected because it directly interacts with the Merkabah Light Body and the most important tool used toward ascension.


This was just a wonderful formation.


And spoke to the principles of merging the elements, to offer a platform of deliverance to the fifth element – which is LOVE.


A love required for transcendence.





This is the effect of the solar interaction with our Earth.

The Van Allen belt is the Earth’s auric field!


A torodial field.


Just the same as a Human’s.


And the Celestial rays are spreading throughout our entire beings, and illuminating what might seem like chaos…

…a state of flux, oscillation which is nothing but being confronted with authentic changes.

Confronting the infernal way – which I spoke about earlier – which opposes the Celestial way, which knows better.

So we have an opportunity to bypass the infernal way, just as Jesus spoke about, and has been mastered by others – we have a chance of mastering our etheric body.


So, as the Celestial rays reaches our solar system, the Sun will augment its effects.


And we must take heed the bizarre language in Crop Glyphs that tell us that it is: “Important to protect and preserve life and our Presence until death, knowing that death in not the end.”


Telling us almost twenty years in advance that our Morphogenetic Field and our DNA will step change as the Cosmic wave reaches Earth.


That both the Earth’s electro magnet field is rearranging, and so are ours.


As we move from Duality to a Unified Field.


And as its influence over time, the infamous all seeing eye – The Lord of the Rings – Saturn…its gravitational influence over us, and how we perceive time is waning too.


And so is the projection of its satellite, the moon. And we will no-longer have to worship those things represented by the cuboid.


Hexagonal shape representative of a cube falling through a 2D plane. – that’s the pole of Saturn, if you weren’t aware of that.


We see cube worship in many traditions – especially occult traditions.


And the recent ISIS movement is a last ditch epitome of this.

Again we’ve had this play out in the fields.


The narrative of being freed from the cube.


In order to ascend.


This is something which the magician Salvador Dali depicted.


One of the key, unspoken teachings and aspirations of Jesus and his work amongst us.


The Cross – the symbol of the unfolded box.


So as 3D is climaxing, we would do well to pay attention to the ‘Sacred Wheel’ – again nine Interlocking triangles.

Yet again another depiction, another depiction of that which I’ve been speaking about, another depiction of the Merkabah Light Body, which I choose to call Presence.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.36.08

And when one is conscious of their Presence, the tachyon field of natural energies enhances!


And serves to improve – in totally unforeseeable ways – our interaction with the world.

But what we will observe is that the world becomes a more magical place. And we do need to improve our interactions with energies around us in order to be spiritually ‘familiar’ and ‘fit’ enough to transcend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.37.06

Self-realised Buddhists understand this.


And the crop glyph makers understand this too – compelling us to be immersed in and to be closer with nature.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.37.56

And they have even offered us tools.

Balancing the layers of human aura.

This design was refabricated [in metal] by Ross Holcombe, and the year I came to the conference he demonstrated on a beautiful lady called Ahulani – some of you may well have seen that. It was named the Trill; and yeah, it is a device which rebalances the layers of the human aura.


To assist us and direct a reharmonising with Nature.


In order to experience and perceive the abundance of grace, and beauty, All of The Time




Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.42.09

And so, upon reaching this point we’ll realise that the Distortion’s trickery and its hold over us, is simply something akin to that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 16.43.26

And since, where there is no accountability, there cannot be consent.

It’ll be high time for those vessels, which played us off against each other, and kept us from ourselves, to head to the door – and we would have reason to pity them…Because the truth…their role in this age, in this age of contradiction is the biggest parody.


And once again, individuals will be allowed to treat things with their own sense of powerful meaning – and in so doing – as I’ve said – witness miracles before their eyes.

And allow the toroidal life-force driven by the Heart to ascend, for us to feel it glowing in our Heart chakra vortex without being under persistent attack/ sabotaged, to have confidence, to stand up against that which would undermine us – particularly media’s aggregate spew.


This will be the living condition Thomas Aquinas spoke about. He spoke about the First Purpose of Life being Divine Contemplation, nearly eight hundred years ago.

He wrote that: “All human function is subordinate of CONTEMPLATION, and the raison d’etre of government is in assuring the condition necessary for this kind of CONTEMPLATION.”…this kind of contemplation.

Hence, if the state is not serving this function, it had undermined its own charter.


Along before Thomas Aquinas, the Aborigines painted their own contemplation of life; and its iconography is familiar across all traditions, again focusing on the Heart vortex and giving us an indication of what it takes to give nutrition to our lives, our life force.

To use the Heart as a tool to cleanse our emotion, to use the Heart as a guiding force, to listen to its guiding emotional wisdom. To love and to make love.





The glyphs speak to the Kundalini that rises through us, the rising of the life force – from the root to the crown.

And they also depict a halo.


Sunk deep within the waters of our human history, there is pertinent knowledge to be reborn


The Egyptians represented the halo in what people today call the Coptic Cross – it is the ‘Ankh.’ 


Anthropologist, archaeologists…even Egyptologists (those that dare call themselves that) summarise it as the Egyptian’s Symbol of Life – and simply stop at that.


The Ankh is the Ultimate Symbol of the constantly regenerative life-force.

Symbolically it depicts the rising of the Kundalini, the rising of the toroidal life force through the human chakra system, congregating at the Heart vortex, before it attains a critical mass which catapults it over one’s being and then – if anyone’s experienced this you will know what I am talking about – like a magnet, it’ll be draw straight back into your Heart – almost in a breathtaking way.


The benefits of this, is that it cleanses your electromagnetic field, and it strengthens the Merkabah Light Body.

Bad emotions – as I have implied – can be cleansed by the Heart in this manner almost instantly.

And brilliant achievements and feelings – the kind worth celebrating – can be greatly enhanced though Ankhing – and positively informing life long after others would choose to get boozed up and suffering from a hangover.

Ankhing also mitigates the risk of our energy dissipating out the top of our heads, or of displacing of our attention at the behest of a 4D entity.


I have a lot of time for Yoga, and Yogic traditions, but unfortunately this is something that a lot of people practicing yoga on a social scene – my age don’t understand – that they’re generating so much energy but then letting it go to waste.

The Heart, looping the energy around one’s head, to create a Halo, perceptible in 4D – which’ll also repel demons.


The Heart is the most potent tool we have – we should always be aware of that – and long after we forgot to use it, Jesus came to teach us; but even his teachings were warped so that an individual could not be sovereign.

Of course, this Christian iconography is stylistically different, but in subject no different to Egyptian or pre-inquisition Pagan iconography.

I’m not talking about they way that we treat Christianity, Egyptian traditions or Paganism today, which are really but shadows of their former selves, because the Distortion has infiltrated them, or leaving us only enough truth for the masses to pour their energy [indiscriminately] into something which the Distortion is handling.


In awareness of the Merkabah Light Body and Ankhing of the Heart, we might be able to reappraise some of the statements that Jesus made.

His was an invitation to be in your Presence, and to mate its energy to your Heart.

The Merkabah Light Body and the Ankh is the Tree of Life.


These two combined is the Holy Grail.

And how Jesus’ claim that we would surpass his works was accurate.


The auric field generated looks a lot like this – a Chalice.

It is worth comparing these antiquated carvings left by our forefathers all around the world, with that which I have been speaking about.


In Ankhing, we are reminded that in disembodiment, the Spirit and the Soul – which the Egyptians called Ba and Ka – are the same.


Matthew said: “The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

That is to say, if your third eye is opened, your Merkabah Light Body can be used to ascend.


The Merkabah Light Body, and the Ankh there are the Two Keys to Life.

The Silver and the Gold Key that St Peter Holds to the Gates of Heaven.


And which Institutions would keep from us in their distorted deceit.


These Keys, our Shield again Distortion.


And in the fields, never ceasing in nudging, nudging us toward attaining these keys, toward these keys to lead ourselves back to ourselves, back to the door, back to the spiral nature of the Universe that we have been cut off from.

And this is what Christians mean when they say “Do it in God’s strength.”


So now; Being in your Presence, and with the tool to nurture the Presence. One might be eager to prepare for 4D and 5D ascendency.

Confident of the Distortion’s receding ; and of reclaiming our Royal Human potential at the core of each of us.

But there is a significant aspect to our life, and our life experience, which is still missing.

A feature of the embodied experience that we can always undertake, but do so better when the perception of our Light Body’s third eye is cleansed.


That is, our life with others!





It is likely that us gathered here today, are directly or indirectly connected as part of a Soul Clan.

Those who have had intimate relationships in previous lives as family or best friends, are very likely Soul Mates.


 But the most important person you will ever meet in your embodiment is your Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame dynamic is how God’s derived his ultimate test of us in this 3D realm, God compels us to see ourselves in others. And only until we see aspects of ourselves in all around, will we be rewarded with meeting the other half of our own Soul.


 Some do attain this glory, and in the words in Ephisians:

He who loveth his wife (or Husband), loveth himself.”

This is an ultimate statement that stands up to eternal scrutiny.

And also speaks to how mutual love, between Twin Souls, arouses the initiatory process of ascension.


Unlike the Merkabah Light Body, and Ankhing. The super-gravity of Soul Clans, Soul Mates and Twin Souls is a compelling life forces that confronts each of us – whether or not we are aware of it; whether or not we are conscious of it; whether we’re conscious of it or not.


And if you are privileged to have a twin flame as a partner you will be faced with the ultimate test of physical embodiment.

Because – in spite of everything we are told – it is possible to have two ESSENCES that are identical but are distinct because their MATERIAL experience is not.

And in that situation, you will be forced to properly confront and master the limitations of human life.

The trial of Karmic Transference between a Twin Soul, is the most challenging undertaken God has designed for us – the ultimate expression of seeing yourself in another.

As we know, the dream of two people is more difficult to master than one.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 13.33.44

But if you can become UNIFIED, you will be given the chance to give life to the Emerging.

Christ must have united the divided sexes in his own nature.

Through the grace of redemption, it’s my belief that Humanity has been given the opportunity to do the same.


And what’s more, this is our ULTIMATE SERVICE, which we can OFFER TO THE WORLD.


It is the ultimate white magic. Your ultimate contribution to Mother Earth and your fellow Brothers and Sisters – of raising the frequency of this planet.


It’s ONLY THEN that we can we look out onto the world and comment – and in being in a position to pass judgement, we won’t.

We will create.

In a society where meaningful aspects of life are treated as sacred, every occupation is a priesthood. Or to put it another way, a priesthood can only be that if it retains something of a sacred function.

The endevour of the perfection of the Soul starts at CONCEPTION.


The responsibility of the Emergence of the Unified Field… a CHILD.


The Sacred Geometry at the point of inception is the symbol of Humanity’s Breaking Out.


Wonderfully imprinted as a graphic in our fields of agricultural seed.




This is the first glyph I ever entered. And in hindsight it is interesting that his has Greek keys, which I like to think are hinting to the Hermetics; and the five arms, which are hinting at the fifth age. 





Our future children…

May they have the potential to self-realise.

It is one of the most valuable points of our embodiment that we can hand to our children command over our thoughts, intentions and ambitions.

To be in harmony, to have those three in harmony; for these will determine our life’s advancement toward peace – bright Hearts and ultimately ascension.


So – I would compel you – to go out and meet your Presence, meet your own Presence. Take responsibility for it and nurture it with self-replenishing Heart wisdom.


Take a look at this glyph!

When I saw Karen’s [Alexander] drawing earlier, I was taken aback once again by this formation. As much as I had been there and seen it, the way that she represented it made me think and stop, and reconsider it. I think its just an ULTIMATE glyph.

For me it represented the Tree of Life, Ankhing and the Grail of the Womb.

[Again] Our, mastering the four elements, nudging us toward the fifth element of LOVE.

As a side-point, I should say that I have chosen only a handful of glyphs. I think there is approximately – Karen said it better – about 7,000 documented by unfunded researchers. The Russian state has about 25,000 glyphs on record, distributed all across the world.

So there is something to be said for this phenomenon. But I also respect it as being but one phenomena, and there are plenty of other places where people find inspiration and awaken to themselves – things which are preordaining Humanity’s reemergence.


And they all serve toward this; to arrive at being the ultimate human butterfly…


…and possibly ascend to Fifth Dimension.


And I would say, one last thing before offering myself open to take any questions that you might have. A message to HUMANITY. My Hope Is Constant In Thee – and this is why I am here today, to share my insights. Why I have chosen to live my life the way that I have over these past few years.

I believe that these things, which I have shared with you, might be small, these are a few things which we can do, which God might look favorably upon, because it was after all – it is after all – his nebulous design.

 * * * * * * * *

So as I said, if anyone has any questions or wants to scrutinise what I’ve said, please ask.

Q: You’re saying the Blue Star’s arrived – the Blue Star prophecy?


DR: Yeah. I would. It’s my feeling that the comet which we saw last year, comet Ison – which a lot was written about and heavily documented – was the Blue Star. And the trouble is, that with a lot of prophecy, and with a lot of people’s uncontained excitement, they believe that a sign which might be spoken about in advance is going to come and deliver us to redemption in an instance and it’s going to be a really miraculous event for everyone – undeniably – in the world to recognise, but I think that people who do need to recognise it did and that was enough and so it served its purpose.

Q: Could you please show the image of the tetrahedron – with the flower of life? (The shadow?) Right, the shadow.


That’s amazing, that ties in with Nassim Haramein’s work. Yup, that is astounding.

DR: So this is the 64 fold, star tetrahedron. If you reduce it just to its points, its connection points and shine a light on it – we’ve gone through this but I might as well say it again – you get what is this beautiful depiction of the flower of life. And actually, some really committed archeologists around the world – not funded by major institutions, naturally – are finding the carving which are almost laser-etched into stone structures which are difficult to date, but are thousands of years old; and really just point to the wisdom and the knowledge that we have lost over the generations.

Q: So would you recommend that meditation or a certain type of chakra cleansing would help in ascension; what would you recommend?

DR: I mean, I have to say that I am not in a position to recommend [prescribe] anything personally [individually]. I would say that by asking that question you’re already on the right path, and there is something to be said about meditation, there really is! And certain things to be said for prayer, or mantra, and music. But whatever you do, do it seriously.

Q: The photograph that you showed there, with the flower of life beneath it is not from the same object, and that’s always worried me about this picture. The light shining from above this object does not take the object floating beside it…


DR: The concept is – in its nature – true. You need just imagine the straight rods to be curved. It’s the best image that I could find without reproducing it myself.

q. I am saying, it is presented as though that is the image that you would get from that object, and the object and the shadow are not related. In form, in principle, it creates a twelve, a six-fold, multiplied by six, you look…quite clearly.

DR: But you understand that point which I am trying to make, this is just an illustration.

q. I understand it, but you see I believe that one of the things that you said was to avoid deception.

DR: Oh, absolutely!

q. I’m really keen that people understand that this geometry is not being represented correctly, and therefore you should be representing it correctly.

DR: I’m sure that I’ve got dates which are matched to crop circles which are off as well, and you could scrutinise that and say it undermines the point but…I’m sorry. I totally accept your point, but I’m just trying to represent what is actually a miraculous….

q. I’m sure that there are people in this audience that are pleased to hear what I’ve just said, because it matters as it does we record the crop circles accurately.

DR: Absolutely. I would’ve loved to have had something better to represent my message so that people could have both the visual and the vocal representation of what I’m trying to communicate. Communicating verbally is such a difficult thing. As I said, first – in the beginning – there was thought; and if we were in our original state I would not have to be standing and doing anything, you would know. I’m just trying my best.

Daniel Rozman lecture

Q: Would it be that the crop circles are actually three dimensional objects which are (passing through), passing through but the three dimensional image to get an image for us, but actually they’ re just advancing, passing through.

DR: Absolutely, it could be that. I know as much about it as you do. Intuitively it makes some kind of sense to me.

Q: I thought of this and you studying the fourth dimension…see these kind of structures, we could just see and take in the shadow from the fifth dimensional force. (Sure) So this is what I saw when I walked into the fields…this is just a shadow, we cannot comprehend the fourth dimensional…time is shifting within the forth dimension.

DR: As soon as I heard someone say that a couple of years ago, it just resonated with me. What you’re saying resonates with me.

q. It’s lovely because you just…there are so many educational videos on YouTube. Students…fourth dimension, this is exactly it.

DR: Imagine trying to explain this to some well-mannered school children, this would change their lives.

I: I did it, and basically you get them to make tetrahedrons out of straws taken from a chain restaurant like McDonalds – a useful use of their resources. You get them to assemble these amazing structures, and then you get them to shine a light through them on a screen (I think that’s what Robin was speaking about). Yeah, it’s self-explanatory – they actually discover for themselves. And that’s the best thing, self-revelation is the key to all teachings.

DR: Maybe some people here would find some veracity in what I have said. I have got (I would get them to do the experiment themselves)…as you can imagine, I have gone on such a journey, contributed by so many people even in this room but yet, this whole mentality of teaching – we all know this – has to change.

Q: Could you talk more about tachyons?

DR: Yeah, sure. Ian would probably be the best person to speak about that… So this slide?


Ian…would you mind? You would do it much more succinctly.

I: Yes. It is a theoretical particle that is time. And time and matter all in one particle. So time – as you are probably aware – is elastic. You have the flow of time, but perception of time is distorted by our consciousness, so that you can extend time by paying attention, or loose time by not paying attention. But the tachyon is the theoretical particle which can be used to drive aircraft and things like that. It’s a field of theoretical physics. The German’s in World War Two claimed to have got a tachyon accelerator, which was used in their Vril time travel. The evidence is very scant, as you can imagine its top secret , and the Illuminasty keep it under wraps.

Q: So are you saying that the crop circles may be a representation a sacred geometry?

DR: Absolutely

q. But if that…I’ve been experiencing crop circles for many years now, and I mainly go for the experience. Does that then mean to see the sacredness in a form is very much dependent on your availability to see (Naturally); which is why everybody sees something different. (This is such an important point) I have found that for years that no matter what you have heard, if you look at that image , everyone sees something different, and when that confusion comes in and they say “What? That’s not scientifically correct” and I think, “I wasn’t in that mode.” I think the crop circles get us into a mode of looking much more light, from a much higher position if we are able to do in our own experience, and everybody would come in at a different level. Which is why I think these sort of events are so amazing, because everybody has a different angle, and from that angle there is an enormous expansion of the beauty, of nature, of the circles, of the people, of everyone’s view and the sacredness. I thought (So Much to be grateful for) that was really good that you spoke about it in your talk, so thank you very much.

Q: I have a question about dimensions and development of consciousness. Because there is an often a crossing link between them, and I thought they shouldn’t be linked so generally, so…

DR: They shouldn’t be linked so generally?

q. Sometimes I think that (It’s a massive – one of the most important questions)…What’s your point of view on the development of consciousness, and the dimensions?

DR: So you’re implying that the dimensions are in a state of evolution themselves? And that we’re-

q. No, no, no.

DR: I don’t understand your question – sorry.

q. [difficult to make out] So what’s your point of view? Because on the slides….it feels like if you have more dimensions it’s sort of better?

Daniel Rozman lecture

DR: Oh, I see! No, I think, my feeling is – my own personal knowing is – that we’re on an infinite Soul Journey. It does not stop at the fifth dimension– what Christians would call heaven. But it is something that we ought to aspire to now. We are conscious and sentient enough to aspire to it and take responsibility over that journey, this is why I’m trying to represent here, but I can’t speak to every dimension. We can teach our children about the first dimension and you know 2D, and 3D. I’m just trying to nudge people – one way – to consider these things. There are traditions that will speak about dozens of dimensions above that. But I think it’s really part of our Soul Journey responsibility to take this seriously and it’s my interpretation of the crop circles, that in at least one aspect of their delivery, their communication is to remind us in a way that’s kind of not staid, that’s not easily dismissed – as much as the phenomena kind of is by some people – it’s not as easily dismissed as someone preaching on Hyde Park Corner on a Sunday. They’re doing it in a novel way.”

Read more

Egyptian Equinox

Cairo from above

Just before coming in to land, off to the right of the plane, the moonlit buffeting mists were pushing out westward irregularly. Soon they dispersed to reveal lights and sprawling activity below – indicative of the nature of Cairo city as a whole. Once on the ground, there was an immediate sense of phasing electricity, one striving (over-and-over) to make a stable connection.

Upon making a transfer in a cab, the spontaneity of every moment was eye-opening. Militarised check-points, three lanes used as five, families jumping out in front of oncoming traffic, and not a single car untouched by minor (or major) accident. It was late at night but there was no sign of abatement in the city’s activities, and zero indication that a short distance down the road was located perhaps the greatest monument known to common man.

We can be assured that the pyramids is a subject talked about by all sorts of groups, many of whom are seeking a personal application. But what if that which is to be found there is not yielding to insisted appropriation? It is likely that the greater minds who constructed them, respected wisdom too; it is a wise mind which knows that wanting only spawns more wanting. Many may not find the lightness in their heart to appreciate this particular consideration at their time of visiting such an awe-inspiring place – I wonder if Napoleon Bonaparte, who invaded this land and brought with him 175 scholars, was one. Much like scholars, or disciples of great men who document and recite the words given by others for more than just posterity, the destination they seek cannot be arrived at by mimicking, only by living always aware of the other forces at work in our infinite lives of consciousness, and (of course) being convicted in one’s love.

To be you (and to be you, first you must remember who you are) projects an authenticity which intrigues others, much like a parent’s interest intrigues a child. And so, after thousands of years, three buildings constructed out of unmolested natural minerals, and seemingly inanimate, are a legacy of beings that were true to themselves, absorbed with life-force, and who realised great potentials. Today, at the closing of Kali Yuga’s darkest hour, memory of them would be (and are vigorously fought to be) pigeonholed by closed minds of cowards who know less than a little of the magnificence of human potential, they are the ones only familiar with the stewing ignorance of institutions and trivial pursuits.

Jean Michel Jarre PyramidsJean Michel Jarre’s ‘Twelve Dreams of the Sun

Being there, I was so grateful for everything I had ever received. Experiences, gifts and challenges; those that were enjoyable, those that were upseting and those to which I was indifferent. It was a rush that discharged from every pore of my etheric body and burned sincerely, reaching out to all who needed to know. I knew then that the nature of gratitude is to keep emotions flowing, waves ranging from lowest vibration of torment through to purity which comes after compassion; flowing until one appreciates/ esteems that of harmony and light the most and fully connects, mating with it.

It felt, even from the quiet hotel, past midnight and alone in my room, as if I had arrived. Darkness shrouded all outside, and the grounds were a (somewhat artificial) sanctuary from the mania of the streets. But zig-zagging avenues of presence surrounded me, buoyed me; ministering to and preparing me. Like the throbbing haziness of the burning sun’s afterglow, carrying rejuvenation and reasons to be in excitement.

The pool at 0130 hosted firefly-like straight lines of etheric lights interacting with perception, materialising with random directions but in comparable speed, density and duration. Later, multiple flair beams pulsed from where the visually imperceptible capstone of the Great Pyramid sits. In that extending moment the personal light show whispered, “If you think you can…come in the likeness of the image of God…and lend your ears and eyes…even in the darkness of night.”

That evening I slept deeply but in the morning I could not recall even a single dream – which is extremely unusual for me. At the turn of the millennium the accomplished Frenchman Jean Michel Jarre performed on the plateau outside, and the display and crowd were embellishments beside the great structures, which resonated with the music. The concert was dedicated in name to ‘Twelve Dreams of the Sun’ – equal in alluded number to the major pyramid complexes apportioned in a higher intellect around the globe. Little was I to know that each morning during my stay I would wake from such a deep state of nocturnal travel that my dreams would take the entirety of the subsequent days to reveal themselves like showstopping moments of unprovoked inspiration.

Morning view from Mena House‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of wisdom, and he gave us the Tree’ (of Life)

In 2011 Egypt had an uprising that was noticed by the whole world, and upon the world’s attention, the world withdrew its hand in the country. Tourism income crashed from (approx) $2bn to barely $50m, a deficit absorbed by remittances sent home from citizen’s living abroad. But even this self-supporting (family) dynamic could not absorb the disruptions caused by a government in a state of flux, a non-formalised government at the time of my visit, and of course that of lost foreign investment which has halved the nations foreign reserve balance as the country runs on deficit spending.

This made for an interesting experience. Those not categorised in the one million tourism jobs lost, continued the best way they knew how. Camel? Horse? Guided tour? and the inevitable…postcard? One quickly learns the phrase “La shukran” (no thank you), with an opportunity to practise it frequently. However, as a general comment, I must make note of the integrity of the locals who are trying to survive on famishing numbers of visitors, which cannot have been this low since the times of Carter and Carnarvon, when (relative) big money rolled. Unfortunately for these locals, I was passing-by with guided purpose and not on holiday (so to speak). There (of course) were (some) other tourists but coaches delivered only a handful at a time.

I felt sympathy toward the only blonde I saw during my  time there – an English girl on holiday with her boyfriend, fresh featured and dressed to western standards. At the time of being there, 590+ Egyptians were sentenced to death (hopefully a sentence not acted upon), a statement that the (re-ruling elite) state is ‘Daddy,’ and that mentality permeates down and seats itself quite intently through uncomfortable eyes toward blossoming flowers (like a lonely girl in an all-male club), in spite of the beauty all around – familiarity breeds contempt, or so they say. We need to teach husbandry all over again, as Osiris (or at least how depicted in the hieroglyphics) did, for we have and continue to descended quickly toward the crudeness of savagery in our senses, fooling ourselves in fancy dress and fancy media distractions.

And what of the pyramids? Well it seems that there is an addition point of contempt to be observed, in jaw-dropping astonishment. On my first morning, standing at their feet, suddenly I was overcome by a spectrum of feeling and thoughts. The easiest to communicate was my (absolute) realisation that there did exist an academic discipline that outdid economists for their sheer ineptitude in study. Archeologists surely triumph in the race to discreditation! I had hardly stepped onto the plateau and there was simply an overwhelming amount of tangible evidence yearning to be observed, miraculous findings to be discerned from the remnants of a former glory that surpasses our current…or is that the sticking point with proud professors? Amongst whom is is so so sad to be, so far from the first class minds they purport to be.

Great Pyramid

Having dug investigatively, diligently and quite observantly in Visoko, upon experiencing these ‘Great’ Egyptian pyramids firsthand, I am entirely comfortable in my previous assertion (which were based upon facts, cross-referenced evidence and rational open mindedness) that these two infrastructures were devised by a common knowledge; if they were discrete civilisations, they were aware of each other and built for many reasons but one offering is so that we (as soul experiencers) are offered an ever-expanding body of knowledge, to develop our thought abilities and understanding of that which surrounds us.

Standing there in that revered landscape, pyramids laid in nakedness by the dessert for deniers to cower at, I recalled the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun and put into context that it is vaster and predates Egypt (…Visoko pre-flood, Egypt post-flood, built by surviving priestly class…). As a minor but noticeable side-point, Egyptian coinage is minted with an image of a pharaoh, while Bosnian coins depict a pyramid.

Egyptian Coin

Bosnian Coin

It is important to separate the three pyramids on the Giza plateau from the subsequent (and now mostly decrepit) impersonations belonging to the fifth and six dynasties, and of the Luxor Valley of the Kings etc. The three pyramids belong to an non-Pharonic driven culture – products of an infant Pharaonic culture at best out of which the pharaoh ‘gods’ and their priestly class used the knowledge left by the pyramid builders.

Unfortunately, and just like the other outposts of humanity (Himalyan, Central American, North American, Amazonian etc), over the course of generations the descendants of the pyramid builders themselves descended morally as the force of distortion infiltrated its leaders, who became addicted to the rush of adrenaline in preference to the purity of virtue. Nevertheless, the early rulers left their mark.

Giza Pyramids‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of protection, and he gave us the House’

** NOTE: words alone can only be defined by words; I hope that the images included serve as an unspeakable bridge between this article and my experience **

Sirius was and is a hugely important theme in Egypt. The god Set (associated with disorder and foreigners, but a reconciled combatant acting upon Ra‘s commission – and possibly related to Seth of the Old Testament?) was named after the Dog Star Sirius. This point is worthy of further scrutiny… We (civilised humanity) suposedly only learnt that Sirius is a binary system in the mid 1800s – yet the Egyptians called Sirius a ‘dual entitiy’ four thousand years ago (as did/do the Dogon people of Africa). This begs many a question, the type that would reduce the credibility of many a quoted Egyptologists (hiding behind prefixes and office walls) to dust in their sheer lack of mastering anomalies. We (mainstream) now (since mid-1800s) know that Sirius B is a dwarf star that revolves around Sirius A and is imperceptible without the use of a strong telescope. So the first question is, who told the Egyptians? Is this further evidence that the Pharaoh’s knew something we still do not? Set’s son Anubis is the renowned Jackal (below).


I assume (sure could find out) that Set and Anubis were the personifications of the Sirius A and B. I remember reading a fact presented by Graham Hancock, which  simultaneously asked an incisive question. [Let us remember that our solar system is spiralling through space] His observation was that of the two-thousand or so stars visible to the naked eye, Sirius is the only one with a heliacal cycle of (wait for it) 365.25 days; only 12min away from precisely mirroring Earth orbit around the Sun. What a staggeringly uncanny commonality arranged in the vastness of space’s procession, an additional Earthly affinity atop of those that the Egyptians had for Sirius.

Giza, boat 'shed'‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of eternity and he gave us the Boat’

Ra’s employed Set on his solar boat (so the legend goes). On the Giza plateau there is one (of two) boat which was buried in a sealed pit beside the Great pyramid, protected by a shed (see image above). Could this be (/symbolise) the boat to the afterlife? Or even the boat (one of two) which carried a priestly class during and in the aftermath of the great flood. According to marine experts its design and craftsmanship is undoubtedly that of an ocean faring people. Was it these people who built these awe-inspiring and enigmatic megalithic constructions too; while the (core ‘kind’) animals went with Noah and park-up in Turkey (where his ark is claimed to rest)?

The image below is interesting. See the five-pointed stars representing Sirius; the Ankh, and the golden disc above head [more on this at a future point – it is symbolic of a knowlege that might liberate every man, woman and child. To engage with this gift one must regained or retain awareness of human sensitivities – those sensitives, which are under such brutal attack today].

Ra's Boat

The stars representing the destination in a typography comparable to other parental civilisations, including the aborigines. An energetic halo overhead, whilst Horus is carrying (in veneration) the Ankh. Also see the emerald colour of the underside – reminiscent of the emerald tablets (of Egyptian god Thoth).

Emerald Tablet

Giza Pyramids Boat 'shed'

After the flood, the fallen angels (from pre-flood) infiltrated and erased so much that would incriminate them going forward. Today you will not hear, least of all from those who call themselves religious leaders, about fallen angels their tricks, and rarely see these entities called out. Someday they will be (indeed, we are in the presence of ‘someday’ today). They who lusted after the daughters of Adam, have bred themselves into the human species (see Nephilim Genesis Chapter Six) and further documentation of them has long been available for further illumination in the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Giants (Dead Sea Scrolls).

Luxor StatuesGiants depicted in Luxor

Leshan Giant Buddha Statue

Giants are not exclusive to the Middle East. Indeed, they are found elsewhere including the Far East (above).


There is a tablet (currently residing in Cairo Museum), where Akhenaten (eighteenth dynasty) is depicted as a giant. Akhenaten is accredited with replacing the worship of gods with worship of one, the Sun (/Son).

Graham Hancock‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of memory, and he gave us the Voice’

Pyramid and Sphinx

We know of the pyramid builder’s prowess in the field of astronomy, of their careful placement of the pyramids (Orion alignment etc). So investigating the significance of the Sphinx, which amongst worthwhile scholars is generally accepted to predate the pyramids, is likely to yield an astrological find too (?) Some make the assertion that the original sculpture was of a lion, and then defaced by a subsequent, and egotistically motivated, ruler. If it was a lion originally, it would imply the significance of Leo. And the age of Leo, according to the procession of the equinoxes (observable phenomena of rotation of the heavens which spans approx. 25,920 yrs)  extended approximately between 11-9,000 BC. This would put its origination right at the time of ancient accounts of the Great Flood, and the point at which mankind had to reestablish itself after surviving in reduced numbers after a cataclysmic event. Those who survived, including a priestly class, exerted their knowhow here, on this plateau, which at the time would have been lush and vibrant, with the blessing of warmth and water. The (specifically) hydro erosion, has been stated by more than one long term geology study to point to the Sphinx being around when Giza last had regular rainfall, again about ten-thousand years ago. So an equinoctial marker, freezing a date during the procession of the stars: 13,000 years up and 13,000 down; much like the Taurus (Bull) was used symbolically by the Minoans at 2-4,000 BC.

Sphinx‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of time, and he gave us the Rock’

However, the Sphinx sits low in a mini valley and if not attended to sinks into a natural levelling of sand which buries both its body and evidence of its hydro-weathering. What would protrude above the surface as it lay in its untended state (as it was for centuries) would be its head – see first image of Sphinx with pyramid backdrop above to get a sense of what it would have looked like. It is therefore, directly comparable with the giant figures of the Easter Islands (see below – recent excavation).

Easter Island Head

And being there beside the Sphinx, to gauge this context and its brokenness (/vandalism of its face), I thought that rather than the stone sculpture being a marker of time, that it was formed to represent an elegant dog. And so if the dog star is so prevalent elsewhere, perhaps it was originally a jackal?


Thankfully, someone else also had that thought so I could include an illustration of what I mean (below). Sadly, the local ‘authorities’ are ‘restoring’ this monument – its paws, legs and ass are being paved in a design reminiscent of tiles found in a public toilet.

Jackal Sphinx

The Sphinx is connected to the other structures via subterranean passages; and I had a thought for the Forbidden City in China where under the paw of a guarding lion is a sphere embossed with the flower of life imprint, implying that it was the gatehouse guardian to a place which possesses ‘secrets of life.’

Sphinx Plateau Cross Section

So to the Great Pyramid. A thirteen acre footprint, six million tons of stone and placed (as if constructed from top to bottom) two chambers, and two passage ways – one leading to a third subterranean chamber.

Great Pyramid Cross Section

(see above) The Kings Chamber has staggered, almost loft-like, cavities that bear a striking resemblance to the Egyptian symbol of stability and endurance called the Djed Pillars.

Djed Pillars

Earth’s radius divided by precisely 43,200 times gives us the height of the Great Pyramid. The equator circumfrance by the same 43.2k gives us the base length. That is to say the great pyramid was built in the precise proportions of our planet Earth. Dr Badawy and Virgina Trimble first brought to public attention that the South shaft of the ‘King’s Chamber’ targeted on the belt of Orion at 2,500BC. And subsequently Robert Bauval demonstrated that the South shaft of the ‘Queen’s Chamber’ focused like a sniper upon Sirius in the same era.

Giza Plateau

Time to check it out!

Great Pyramid Entrance Cross Section

One enters through an ancillary entrance, which I assume was forcefully blasted. Penetrating the outer wall one walks horizontally along a curved limestone passage until reaching a tiny corridor that’s regimental in it’s linear uniformity, literally scrambling in ascent and grateful for the grooves in the wooden planks placed there for visitors. The scramble provokes a bit of breathlessness (from the likes of my unfitness), before emerging in the Grand Gallery.

Great Pyramid Grand Gallery

The Grand Gallery is grand alright! All of the accounts of blocks weighing tens of tons and being placed in unparalleled precision are accurate. The ancient priestly class called this opening the Temple of (the Goddess) Ma’at, which is still entirely appropriate for it is like a megalithic birthing canal. The gallery was also once known as the Hall of Truth in Light; the Hall of Judgment and Resurrection. God’s judgment (of course) is an eternal dynamic of recycling ascendency, not of anything as mundane as the subjective judgments of personality that we commonly (mis)perceive – Ma’at is a representation of that, never seeming to loose its effectiveness (through my eyes at least).

Where the space opens up to ‘Air,’ this would have been the second phase of a priest’s (/priestess – quite a while before the time of Herodotus female initiates still existed, if outnumbered, in equal stature) initiation . After an initiate had been to the ‘Queens’ chamber where they cleansed, healed and found inner balance (an uninterrupted multi-day process) – which followed a period in the subterrrained well where (following a time in accelerated perception) the initiate was received from solitude by camaraderies – an initiate would ascend the Grand Gallery. Not all at once but incrementally over the period of seven days, and discover the right use of their intellect, finally arriving at the anti-chamber.

The anti-chamber has a triple veil where three megalithic slabs once blocked the entrance to the ‘Kings’ Chamber, and which are now raised like stone portcullises.

The chamber of the open tomb would have had ritualistic performers in the past playing harp, lute, lyre, sistrums, drums, castanets, harpsichord, cymbals…the gong. Although the Egyptian attendants were nervous (especially on the first day) because of a recent case of underhand vandalism by guests, they allowed Vincent, with whom I was with, to play a Navajo flute. The video finishes with a glimpse of the seventy ton blocks overhead.

There is a recording from 1972 by some (claiming to be) Rosicrucians, it is low quality but you might possibly be able to tune in even at an entry level: see here (6:55 onwards).

Only artificial lights provide any luminescence throughout the pyramid and in this chamber of the open tomb. I have commented on the South-facing shaft which protrudes like the barrel of gun up to the heavens. When I went to take a look at it, I found an air conditioning unit wedged into it, which during installation butchered part of the stone work too – I would say more criminal than the recent tourist vandalism. I crouched beneath the shaft and it was too easy to imagine its vast array of potential original uses. Did they once channel intergalactic energy into an amplifying body (ie the pyramid – there is plenty written on pyramidal shapes and their properties of amplification). Or were these intergalactic portals, receiving dematerialised emissaries who would rematerialise in the open tomb (which once sat in the centre of the chamber but has since been moved toward the far wall); or was this just an air shaft coincidentally pointed toward the one star the Egyptian’s revere more than any other. Incidentally, the same star that the Christians and the Wise Men (read: Magi/ Magicians/ Kings) did.

Mena House store, Churches of Ethiopia“Hic Amicitur Archa Cederis”

In the Mena House Hotel shop this (above) book instantaneously caught my attention for three reasons: for one, I have been reading about Ethiopia recently; secondly it is a book about Christian churches in an Islamic nation for sale in an Islamic state; finally, because Graham Hancock’s brilliant book, The Sign and The Seal, makes a very compelling case for the Ark of the Covenant having found sanctuary there (in Ethiopia), where it supposedly still is to this day.

What makes this series of coincidences and cross-referenced storied all the more interesting is that Egyptian legends tell a tale of Osiris first travelling to (of all places) Ethiopia, and then to Egypt (with whom it doesn’t share a boarder. But the Nile does run through Sudan joining them in that sense).

Egypt Ethiopia

So is this, the ‘King’s’ Chamber, from where the Ark of the Covenant travelled? It would be interesting if it had acted as  a capacitor, fitting inside the open quartz/granite tomb. It would also give reason for the specific size of the (non-human friendly) tunnels through which we ascended – were the shafts just big enough for the ark? Whatever the case, it does pose some particularly important and broadly crucial questions relevant to our contemporary civilisation and condition. These were the roots of a culture that travelled to Rome, London, to Washington DC, during its course the cultural dynamic has reversed ie rather than creating culture, we are now consuming it!

Maybe the Ark of the Covenant (device), once sat in the hollowed out rose quartz granite? (and/or) Maybe this was also used as the place of initiation for Egyptian priests? If it was (I was to find out that) there is further direct comparisons that can be made to Christianity, and specifically to Jesus Christ – who came to teach us how to live, how to live again, and how to ascend.

The Egyptian initiation process would be predated by forty days (and nights – just as Christian biblical account) of fasting. Then two stages (rushed in my earlier description) took place, before the ascent to the primary chamber where women tended to the initiate before the tomb was sealed for three days. It was a period where the aspiring initiate would be presented with challenges of a metaphysical nature, and not all would find themselves worthy. Eventually the megalithic veil was removed and the chamber opened again for the (assuming all gone well) priest to descend the Gallery of Resurrection. His (/her) body an alloy of the reawakening of God’s image within; prepared and tempered having mastered judgment, forgiveness, compassion and the illusions of fear and separateness.

The significance of this only hit me when on visiting the Second Pyramid, Vincent stopped at the entrance at the bottom of the main entry shaft and shared a thought of it being like a boulder pushed to one-side by a man akin to Jesus.

Second Pyramid BoulderSecond Pyramid entrance boulder pushed to one side

We know that Moses was raised an Egyptian prince; but where did Jesus travel to during his undocumented years, who helped him remember? Given the nature of his style of language and his outlook (which is in such concentrating contrast to that which dominated before ie Old Testament), developing his innate destiny alongside Yogi’s in the Himalayas would be one guess. There he would have had an uninterrupted opportunity to cultivate his wisdom and unify his heart and light body (a rare and truly highest self-realisation, attained by Babaji too but precious few others). There are some who say that Jesus of Nazareth travelled to England with Joseph of Arimathea (who, incidentally, according to scripture donated his tomb for the burial of Jesus). Did Christ spend time in Egypt and learn what Moses had come to know? Or did he visit and stay in all three of these places, and elsewhere too?

These are questions I raise now in bringing together what were separate strands, into one as I write this article.

After I got up from crouching by the South Shaft that once pointed to Sirius, I waited in that corner and took in the space, it was so easy to feel the potential of being at one with all that was inside, with all aspects of our history (and hence future too), it was only a few breaths away. But the agitated guards meant that letting go and being at ease was unlikely to happen. “No meditation,” they would snap. “This is a holy place!” They would follow. Before you ask if I laughed at the irony of such a statement, I didn’t. I tried to let it be, grateful just to be there having already had a crystal skull confiscated because it produced a blacked-out image on the plateau’s security x-ray machine. Instead, I remembered all those people who mean a lot to me, that is to say have contributed to my being there, and in remembering them I hoped that they would be touched by the moment.

Still standing loosely in the corner, facing diagonally across the chamber and cushioned by the space’s chambré temperament, I dared to ask a single question. Seamlessly an answer came from behind me, as if spoken by the walls. And I smiled to myself, because only the confusion of distortion brought onto myself blinded me from the answer I had always known. Like all good answers discerned prayerfully, its economical words had implications that stretched further than the parameters of the thought, which had catalysed it.

Lite Face Earth

An Egyptian initiate might say this was an expression of perfect thought delivered by Ba – the soul, depicted as a bird with a human head. Then my attention turned to the hollow tomb again, up until then I had respectfully given it a wide birth. It maybe worth making a comparison of it with the black cornerstone in the Ka’aba in Mecca? That stone is kissed by every pilgrim and was declared by the prophet Muhammad to have fallen to Earth and first given to Adam to absorb his sins after having been banished from Eden; the subsequently presented by Gabriel to Abraham (Gabriel the messenger – and a good angel – who guided Daniel, announced to Mary and is documented in the aforementioned book of Enoch).

[Man is flawed, I sure am, and perhaps so because we were given the ultimate gift, a capacity for an innovation which presents choice; the distortion would exploit this choice but why would one turn away from harmony when that is where we came from and that is where we are going – that is to say, why turn away from oneself? Perhaps we are given these physical opportunities to introduce into our spiritual experience why not, and have the freewill to choose to rise above limitations of the branded self-perception that the distortion taunts us with constantly]

King's Chamber Light‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of fidelity, and he gave us flesh’

It is worth considering historical context (that which remains in an sparse documentation, which cannot possibly tell the whole story) because if the tablets of the Ten Commandments that came down from heaven (and were then placed in an [god’s designed] Ark) were in fact not two inscribed formalised tablets but two stones (as is the case presented in Islam), if they were and came from heaven were they a pair of meteorites? [A conjecture flowing as I write this article] Is the revered black stone in Mecca a polished meteorite?

Pair of MeteoritesA pair of nickel iron meteorites – fall date 3,000BC

According to Egyptian lore, confronting the pair – the tempter and the redeemer – and mastering their conflicting natures make all manifestations possible. Upon harmonising between both there is a change of consciousness that represents and leads thee to wisdom. So they say, and it sits comfortably with me.

“…Property was this appalled, that the self was not the same; single nature’s double name neither two nor one was called. Reasons, in itself confounded, saw division grow together, to themselves yet either neither, simple were so well compounded. That it cried, How true a twain seemeth this concordant one! Love hath reason, reason none, if what parts can so remain…” an extract from Edward de Vere’s poem The Phoenix and the Turtle (Dove)

King's Chamber Sarcophagus‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of celebration and he gave us the Bell’

On the first visit I stepped into the open tomb, deliberately entering from one side and jumping out on the other. As I did, I knocked by left knee on its lip and it rang like a bell, resonating throughout the chamber. Just a minute before I stood in the dead centre point of the chamber, where giants slabs meet in four corners (reminds me of Native American v.), where the open tomb once rested. Standing on the four corners a guard prayed for me with a mantra he said under his breath, it could have been an incantation for all I knew, so while it seemed to be selfless and he paid be a compliment, I held my own presence and only let his presence and intention touch my outer aura. Then, based upon a recommendation by Vince I emitted a gentle OM. The immediate resonance was staggering – this chamber was built to amplify tune, and my knee-knocking bell tone verified that it had its own tune too.

Birkeland CurrentsBirkeland Current

On the second day, Vincent and I were able to enjoy the space alone – it was overwhelming. We each lay in the open tomb for a while, and resting there it felt as if the outer world (the rest of the chamber included) was pulling away, receding and opening a light (in weight) void. It was a perculiar sense of travel, and the only experience I have felt of comparable perculiarity was an accidental astral-travel invoked by a giant labradorite sphere. I closed my eyes, and even before I had the thought to make a tight-lipped hum, barely enough to call it an OM, the open tomb’s sides sent me back the noise for it to hit and rebound from my inner body (as if it caused the sound resonance, that I was a a tool of experiential amplification – read Ankhing). The OM did not need to be continuous for it to build in layers, and I hardly dared keep it continuous, the amplification was unbelievable (true to the definition). This pyramid was built to serve multiple purposes, one (whether intentionally or not) was for a human body to be able to have an encounter with the fabric of space and time. In those short moments I made a significant personal journey, where many contacts made my acquaintance. Maybe this was (the briefest) an encounter of with a higher octave of life’s expression? A veil through which some might choose to reach and grasp a version of eternity.

Daniel Rozman King's Chamber

I got up and then stood outside the open tomb, and asked for a photograph and instinctively put my hands overhead in a combined Ka and Ankh. The Ka was known in ancient Egypt as the creative life-force of the individual that came into being at the moment of birth. Egyptians believed (/knew) it continued to live after death (hence required offereings, which brought to site of burial). Later on in Cairo Museum I recalled a song, which as a child I always felt was missassociated with Christianity (dedicated to a ‘blind’ man who called out to God?) , namely Kumbaya, which when translated (loosely) into ancient Egyptian gives Ku’Ba’Ah = The Physical, Soul’s Breath, Will.


Nut(in reverse) Nut – the Goddess of the Sky arching over Earth

Back in the ‘King’s’ Chamber…I thought to myself why is our memory not perfect, ought not we all have photographic memories; why would God cause us to live forgetfully? To build and therefore trust layers of instinct maybe? If that is the case, we must separate R-complex reflex impulses, conditioned impulses and discerned intuition (three which most treat under the same umbrella and in that order of preference). But if memory is a gift (which I think it is), what can we do to unlock and restore this potential? [Sitting in front my computer now the first thing to recommend would be the avoidance of flashy media that serves to fragment our attention, the long term repercussions of its mind altering nature and effects on memory might be irreversible]

Kings Pyramid Beam of Light

It was an added privilege to visit the Great Pyramid over the days of the equinox, the tonal layer which accompanied personal experience had a noticeably different temperament on each day. On the third morning, we were joined by six other men and a young lady. There was the same steward we had become familiar with and (unlike previous days) a member of the police. If the first two experiences could be named introduction and initiation, then the third was a ceremony without ritual.

Vincent and I did not take any liberties with the tomb, nor with sound. But in hindsight our movement was a spontaneously choreographed dance incorporating the nine others. At one point we stood back-to-back in the epicentre and made a joint prayer, turning as if in activation, what happened next is worth documenting. The steward and the policeman began squabbling, and what started as noticeable anxiousness rapidly escalated to a row. The walls of the chamber flexed in jolted barrages of shouting. Neither Vincent, nor I turned to look at them but had each retreated opposite each other, backs against the lengthier walls. I for one was highly conscious that this was as much energy stemming from human animation as we had experienced on any of the three days (each time honourable), and I was intent to use it. To harness the energy to magnify and propel the intent of our shared prayer. So, intuitively, we sent a rebounding energy across the chamber until it had enough potency to loop as a prism beam of light and colour. The both of us like two rotars, the centre of the drive-shaft the four corners on the floor, over which the hollowed quartz granite was once positioned – both concentrated.

Just like crying can cleanse by helping identify the root of injury, heal it and restore a person (so long as it is not crying for crying’s sake and diffused aimlessly from the top of one’s head), the energy of rage can also be looped to reveal higher intentions. Maybe in those minutes – when other visitors took refuge on the other side of the tomb as confusion made its case to fill the place – the locals’ energy looped above and beneath the pyramid like an infinity sign flipped on its side.


Beams of light (some would say inexplicable) caught on camera on those days were similar to those seem at the Stonehenge Winter Solstice ’13. Who really knows how long the public will be able to access these places natural high energy vortices, before they are blocked-off by ‘authorities?’

Stonehenge Winter Solstice‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of space and he gave us the Sky’

Stonehenge Pyramid

I left feeling so grounding, like I had not for a very long time. And focused too, not on one thing in exertion, but it was a focus that made all surrounding me be enhanced and reachable by thought. Even those things low in priority found their place closer to my field of attention vision, to be tackled better than they otherwise would have been. I remembered the Buddhist monks who I had met the week before, who allowed me to join with them in morning prayer and who gracefully performed a cleansing ceremony on me before I took them to Stonehenge. The release they invoked allowed be to better experience Egypt, I am sure of it. Thank you Tengan and Tanko, and thank you Antoinette for introducing me to them.


Humble men, grateful just for a chance to view (from a distance) and access the Stonehenge mandala energy grid. Is this now the best way to appreciate Stonehenge? If it is, it makes the ‘limited’ access to the Great Pyramid seem extraordinarily liberal.

Shaft to Queen's Chamber

The aforementioned police officer had quite a different temperament outside the ‘King’s’ Chamber, and allowed us to view the shaft which runs from the now unused original entrance (above), down to the subterranean chamber (below) – which, like the Queen’s chamber, was out of bounds.

Queen's Chamber Shaft Gate‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of freedom and he gave us the Gate’

The aquifer below and its interaction with the pyramid structure seemed to be an influence on Tesla’s ground(re)breaking technology. I wonder what kind of hydraulic pulse it was once capable of  generating?

Cairo ConferenceCairo Conference 1943

I touched upon Tesla in my Bosnia piece; and also Nazis who visited the ancient Visoko Valley. During the same period they were heading there for retreats, Churchill et al stayed in the Mena House Hotel (in the shadow of the Great Pyramid). Coincidence? Maybe…

Churchill did once say that “The first quality that is needed is audacity.” There has been enough of that to be sure. Outright naked wars of aggression, enough to ration throughout the galaxy. It is said that the Ark of The Covenant struck ‘enemies’ down, and that its guardians today (in spite of its various metal insulation) die within a few years of accepting the role with symptoms comparable to radiation poisoning. So was the Ark so desperately sought – in a wanting which induces blindness to divinity – for its weaponry capacity as well as ‘connection to God?’ Either way, the ‘Allies’ were audacious (true to Churchill’s words) and dropped their own nuclear bomb.

But why Visoko and Giza? If you have read my Bosnia article you might remember the image below. Upon scrutinising it again, we find that the third point forming the equilateral relationship is in…Ukraine…Hmm. Lugansk is not far at all from Crimea, the scene of so much  global attention recently. So is the instability currently experienced by the government-less Egypt (rather than exclusive) affected by a much wider distorting influence? For whatever reason, the timing of this trip seemed to be just right.

Visoko, Giza, Lugansk

If Egypt’s Great Pyramid defines the forth dimension of Space and Time as spoken about by Einstein, then Bosnia’s pyramid of the Sun (in my opinion) defines the Imagination of Creation, which weaves energy through life so that we all might serve more than one role.

The ancient Egyptian’s left plenty of hieroglyphics depicting the use of tools to aid the journey of soul. Today we have tools to purify. Not least the power of prayer, meditation and listening to our higher selves, angels (who we must not forget) and God. Also those things gifted by the natural world, the Eden we seem so determined to shun and punish in our race toward ultimate disempowerment, transhumanism.

The Egyptians cultivated uncorrupted natural blocks of limestone, quartz red granite and water and their achievement has not been surpassed, or if it has not by a cleverness with mutually applied wisdom. The post pyramid-building dynasties of Egypt revered Earth’s stones, gem stones and crystals, and seemed to be in awareness of their capacity as tools for enhanced metaphysical interaction serving to accelerate returning to higher paths and serving higher purposes – that is to say to be in harmony with the natural cycle in fuller self-awareness (ie God’s way). Naturally Lapis Lazuli is perhaps the stone most associated with the pharaohs. But when Tut’ankh’amun was discovered, those who would like to know were bemused by the unidentified glassy stone from which a scarab beetle shape was carved and placed as the centre-piece of his breast plate.

Libyan Tektite Breast Plate

Today we know it to be a tektite a molten glass created after a meteoric impact, and for those reasons they are found and collected in surface layers. This yellowish stone is known as Libyan Gold and is found across the boarder from Libya in Western Egypt too.

Tektites have long been revered by sages from China, India and Aborigines for their properties upon interacting with the human energy field and consciousness. The ancient Egyptians too seemed to treated it as a sacred gemstone. Many accounts cite tektites (which vary in individual characteristics) for heightened personal transformation toward one’s highest good, an expansion of sensitivities and releasing past karma (Christians call Sin – which blocks personal spiritual progress and ability to look to the future with excitement).

Libyan Desert Glass‘The Sun (/Son) dreams of courage, and he gave us the Blood’

Giza HorsesSkin of the Earth

Naked in the SandThe desert’s communication is a sonorous chant (click here)

Dessert Skin

The fractal nature of our wonderful world, where sand dunes imitate skin; or do skin and dunes simply adhere to the sweeping brush strokes of the same harmonic?


If one studies the nature of things, one might have the possibility to become one with the situation in advance of interacting with it, so as not to interfere but be in mutual cooperation. To know something, we must examine, and in examining we become entangled with it, which that is why it is worth striving to be respectful in sensitivity always. So, as fantastic as it may seem, we can use nature by harnessing it according to its preferred terms. And here we arrive at the ankh – a subject deserving of significant attention but not to be elaborated upon further than to raise it in conjunction with this point.

We are surrounded by clues and reasons to be confident if we only have the unhindered eye to see and willingness to not be afraid of admitting that our universe is not dull after all. To embrace the language of both metaphysics, and that of expressive science. Together neither can be parted; for romanticism is a natural partner of classicism. Substance, when examined closely, will always have structure. Both can be commented on, and yet the subject remains one. And so we return to the ancient Egyptian lore of confronting the pair (tempter and redeemer) – therein lies the mesmerising possibility of nature’s manifestation.

Moldavite Great Pyramid

A view through Moldavite (Czech tektite)….[Oh truth, sometimes it is merciless and I do not mind if its human delivery lacks grace in order to rattle the specific crowd who embraces with glee that nineteenth century mythology, which suggests the world is but a mechanism – that we fart, fxxk and get f’ed-up, and that when you’re dead you’re dead. I’m ever so sorry, but your embarrassment is hidden behind false logic. Your desperately invented mythology is killing you]…is not an item for religious debate (although precious stones are mentioned 1,700+ times in the Bible); the institutions that represent religions are seldom comfortable with any conversations based upon experience. So those willing to be responsible have to carve out the new standard. Or phrased more appropriately, the standard of our natural state – which is what we are asked to deal with, this is a meaning of life.

So be not terrified of that which is not the banality so treasured by the person(s) who clings to a caged heart – for if you are, that is a very sorry case. Rather than crouch in artificial community, leap to the wings of truth that will deliver you where you need to be culturally. This is what the moldavite says. It will burn until you do; it’ll force your heart to speak-up, and for you to listen, to pay attention to its field carried by rhythmic pulse. The farther you are from this, the more essential it will be (/is). Hence, this (a piece of nature, sent from space) is a counter-device, to counter those methods of academic (undefined) guilt that wants us to subscribe to the thought that we are not important, the method of sinister people; Lucifer’s infinitely diabolical (unspecified) deed plastered upon humanity who, by that stage of confronting isolation and strangeness, might as well at least get stuck in on those things that are defined in their badness. (What a trip…)

This is my account of what I have seen looking out toward the Giza Plateau from my hotel room, through Moldavite. Even if it is only an approximation because words and still images serve as an incomplete bridge. For completion we need others. After all, we are all here to help one another remember – remember?

Like other tektites, many struggle after wearing Moldavite for even a short while. It (I can vouch) works through them, and the cleanse can be a seriously uncomfortable one. It speaks to truths (no matter what fixed-minded effort is made to tarnish it afterwards) and will resonate to prime-top forever after that point. That point being the almighty “Aha!”

The ancient Egyptians (seemed to) make every effort to return to their essence, and cleanse themselves of toxicity. Their mummification process included extracting and putting stomach, liver, lung and intestines into Canopic jars. ‘Scholars’ claim they did so in a vain or symbolic effort to preserve them for the afterlife. However, any reasonable person familiar with the ancient Egyptian mentality and who takes the time to discern will arrive at the knowing that these organs were removed because they represented the function where physical impurities of life would gather and accumulate.

Soldiers Cairo Museum

On the way to Cairo Museum, we passed over what is now a small patch of the nile delta. About 12,500 years ago it would have been vastly bigger and it is commonly agreed by agricultural specialists that it was one of the ‘first’ agricultural hubs; the environment would have been very well tempered and fertile. It was one of the few remnants of another age.


At the museum, which was teeming with secondary school students on an applied art day trip, I managed to visit the sarcophagus of Tut-Ankh-Amun, and the golden interpretation of his face – the one fashioned so that he might remember himself in the transition between lives. It was, mesmirising. His likeness has been raised again to witness the closing scenes of the age of the Kali Yuga – the age of conflict and quarrel, strife and discord (forces that could not have been present in building of the Giza complex); those who live raised above this influence of distortion are better than me.

As I stared at the sculpted face, I thought of one other thing Egyptian tradition declared (accurately), and preserved in its timeless testament to this one body: the soul contains the body, the body does not contain the soul. Naturally, for we are the relationship we have with the world, personally, socially, in proximity to events, geography, rays, and how attuned the edges of our presence is with those places beyond the veil of the merkabah light body. This is just like the astrological diagram of your moment of birth, which displays your ‘soul’ in relation to the observable universe, tapping you on the shoulder to says “You Are the observable Universe” (and more, because the band is beyond our decipherable limits). Do you feel it? …Thank goodness…because if you did not you would be as (or just similarly) estranged as those who carry the burden of reflex hostility, which stems from a frightfulness dwelling on the falsehood that we are isolated beings.

Shoshenq II sarcophagusShoshenq II sarcophagus

In the museum Vincent and I ventured in appreciation, and stumbled upon an anteroom. We each walked in opposite directions and when we met by the door again Vincent said (words to the effect) “Tell me that when you go where I’ve just been that you don’t get pulled to something with a great and indefinable attraction.” So I went where he had been, and he was right, it was like a tractor beam. Even now I cannot quite define what it was but all I could think of was travelling through outer space on purpose. What I had focussed in on was a solid silver sarcophagus (above), in the image of Ra. When Vincent joined me I said, “God it’s strong.” To which he turned to face the next cabinet and said, “I meant that one.”

Apparently his modavite pendant felt as if it was being magnetised toward the other layer of Shoshenq II’s sarcophagus (sorry but the image immediately above is in black and white, so does not do it justice). This one, carved to the same design had detailed embellishments that were distinct from the hundreds of other wooden sarcophaguses in the museum.

We agreed that their auric magnetism was tangible and joked that it was a wonder that they were not in a crate at some government hangar.

Sheshonq IISilver face of Ra

Philosopher's StoneStone face of Ra

Bird HieroglyphicsReal face of Ra

What a resounding energy. As much as I am keen to make the repeated point of separating the Pyramid (the three revered ones) builders from the subsequent Egyptian dynasties, there was something which these two pieces had in common with it…they both still felt somehow alive. Or was it a chorus of hallowed and cursed hymns still chanting for the attention of eternity?

Cairo Museum

The museum was pretty good, an extensive collection of second tier (with exceptions) Egyptian dynastical artefacts that you will similarly see in the British Museum, the Rosicrucian Museum, LACMA etc But the main hall (which I learnt afterward has been the place of many occult ritual ceremony) was overflowing with presence. Capstones and the two giant statues reassured the integrity of all other exhibits.

Tahrir Square Cairo Musem

Returning outside, dozens of fully manned tanks lined the street, all servicemen polite in their acknowledgements but once again, there was no escaping the mentality which would bulldoze itself into a fearful future. That feeling stepping off the plane, of phasing energy was there again in waves without proportions.

Tahir Square, Cairo Museum Tank

Yes it’s no use saying that you don’t know nothing
It’s still gonna get you if you don’t do something
Sitting on a fence that’s a dangerous course
Ah, you could even catch a bullet from the peace-keeping force
Even the hero gets a bullet in the chest
Oh yeah, once upon a time in the west

Hague Nuclear Summit

The Monday after the equinox a hologram pyramid floated, and hieroglyphic symbols marked the edges of the eye-lid table where political actors spoke about ‘policy’ at a ‘United Nations Security Council.’ Powerful symbolism appropriated by those would seize our individual sovereignty and feast on it.

The Pharaohs who succumbed to the distortion moved to Rome, then to London, then to Washington DC…ever to the west…ever in the direction of Ba. Ever more dense in its relative resonance with each wave of cosmic heightening, to the point of obsolescence in not having remained true to their original responsibility It is a situation comparable to man pre-great flood. What was known then, known now and is still not revealed? Well the pyramid builders circumnavigated the world before recorded time. And they certainly had at least a fondness toward Orion.

Orion Correlation

Before I left Giza, Vincent said to me, “Your connection with this place will never be lost.” And in that moment I could not appreciate the fullness of what he meant. The resonant energy gathered in the composure of my journey back to England, where rhythm was set by patience, where few words were said and seemed to only further strengthen the ringing connection I had with the Great Pyramid (in particular); and a feeling was hanging in the background suggesting she too knew.

Alchem Lady Gold

I do mind it, even if I say I don’t. All the waste around; the sloths sitting on and not using their hearts, spilling their attention and honouring their captors, descending to the cutting mentality of Norman Bates but without the strength in character to step into a leading role (which would at least give them a notable characteristic). Those for whom we need to find a humbleness in order to reach out to. But while there is no emotional empathy, least of all for themselves while damaging experience of their private traps blocks out meaning, they will never ask for a hand; never resolving, never taking any courageous decisions (not every decision can be virtuous, but most of the important ones might as well be). And so Man’s hidden history is waiting patiently, there are no missing links only forbidden content swapped for a different kind of perverted content sprouted by pandora’s box rooted in the tree of knowledge, that which feeds on us, not that which waits hoping that one day we might choose life.

Each is entitled to their own opinion (obviously) but to treat ancient Egypt with a reductionist mentality is foolish. There was wisdom to be found in men who lived there once, long ago. Even their deities (a substrata/ the many faces of/ those close in their relationship to the one God) were embodiments of that which we could aspire to. Our bodies, each one, literally are light body temples. Man may have built temples to venerate, but building temples is a luxury best left for those who have arrived at peace and love – for those who have (Isis according to Egyptians) are unlikely to waste energy building such construction unless its to help their descendent remember.

NinurtaMesopotamian God of War, Ninurta

Hmm, some say we are embarking on seven years of tribulation. There is a missing plane supposedly lost to the resource and technologies of all the world [I don’t buy it, and would draw the reader’s attention to the double trident symbology on the jet’s tail and the double trident carried by Ninurta], nations are realigning allegiances, currency wars are converging in relative devaluation, there is more and more but perhaps the most eye-catching is to be seen in the heavens and would not have been missed by the ancient Egyptians.

We are on the verge of a series of the Blood Moons, which are (not coincidentally) falling on Jewish holidays. This occurrence has happened before, three times in the past five-hundred years to be exact. So what happened in those years? Columbus ‘discovered’ Americas, then Spain and Portugal divided it between themselves. On the second occasion Israel became a nation following the Israel war armistice. On the third, Jerusalem was captured and become part of Israeli the state.

These are the dates to keep an eye on (retrospectively might give point of clearer perspective): 15th April (Passover); 8th October (Feast of Tabernacles – Moses’ feast); perfect Solar Eclipse on 20th Mar ’15 (Jewish New Year); 4th Apr (Passover), 13th Sept (partial solar eclipse & NY); 28th Sept (Tabernacles).

The Jews and Egypt go a long way back, sharing common mystical knowledge (the various stands of Judaism need to be treated in careful analysis). The Jewish faith tends to be aware of moments of mass importance. Is this (partly) why Israel has recently shut all of its embassies?

And the Tribulation..: ‘Stars will be blown out of orbit…All the nations shall mourn…That at those times, they will be just as they were at the time of Noah’ (the time set in stone by the Pyramid’s of Giza). Not only is this documented in Christian text but Indian Scriptures too (Kali Yuga). And we know that we are in transition between cosmic ages specified by the Mayans. But do not let yourself weep, let there not be reason for gnashing of teeth for the seventh golden age is there for the embracing.

The Egyptians called the first time Zep Tepi. At that time when the gods ruled, and chaotic waters receded (ie great flood) giving way for a golden age during which humanity emerged into the light. The ‘Urshu’ were their intermediaries, other cultures (Hopis of North America for instance) would call them the watchers (depicted as giants by Darren Aronofsky in his film Noah). Both the gods and watchers, although surpassing the normal abilities of man, adapted similar preoccupations and passions, and would succumb to sickness and death as much as man. At least this is the account of the ancient Egyptians, who (quite frankly) knew their own history better than we can know today, hence what was left for posterity is thoroughly worth heeding.

We have all been deceived to pursue daily drama, or escape through a screen, rather an experience and observe that which is around. That which is above. I find it interesting that besides Jean Michel Jarre (’99-’00) few performers have had concerts beside the pyramids, while mainstream pop music appropriates Egyptian symbology for their own gain and thereby distorting it. However, one who has performed on the plateau is (a West Country local) Sting who sang that love is the seventh wave.

Great Pyramid PlaneIs it a bird; is it a plane? No, it’s a magic carpet

On my return flight, upon descent into London, the captain made an announcement unprecedented in my experience. It went as follows: “Due to British regulation, we’re about to (release) toxic spray” ?! What followed was some kind of canister fly-spray for humans. Was this ‘regulation’ in the name of killing any contaminated Egyptian air? I do not know, but I was forced to take shallow breaths while my nosterils burned.

Lest we be insects, trodden on but rather thence seek enlightenment in all that has been left by our forefathers who cared, not those who would have us live beneath them. Harmony is the language of the Giza plateau, and by use of the innate language of nature all possibility is offered to those pure of heart. Being there will pluck a bass string in each visitor’s heart, its reverberation lasting the remainder of their embodied life and touch the nodes of entanglement shone by every star, most especially the select stars one has the greatest affinity with. There is nothing more important than a love which sprouts a beautifully abundant family, and running gracefully grounded in life with a heart on fire as Spring scatters its stars.

Spring Scattering Stars Edwin Howland Blashfield

Read more

Lost Civilisation

If you do not expect it, you will not find the unexpected, for it is hard to find and difficult
– Heraclitus

My journey began fifteen months ago when I attended a lecture given by Dr Semir Osmanagich at the Megalithomania conference in Glastonbury. The information that Semir presented was powerful. His findings resonated with me in a manner quite apart from any other deep antiquity lecture I had seen. So, trusting my instinct, I set aside the time to visit the Visoko Valley in Bosnia; and participate in the largest (disclosed) archeological excavation currently being undertaken anywhere. When one makes a sincere choice there is no turning back, and what I was about to experience was certainly beyond the scope of conventional intellectual preparedness.

Visoko Map

Visoko is a town set within the belly of a beautiful valley north of Sarajevo, in mid-Bosnia and Herzegovina. Until the 1990s this region had an unsung record of peace. For nine hundred years minorities persecuted elsewhere could find sanctuary within the modern precincts of Bosnia. Persecuted Jews lived alongside Catholics and Orthodox Christians; Muslims chanted their prayers openly in the knowledge of mutual tolerance and respect. Yet today Bosnia is (unfairly) renowned for the atrocities it suffered under the direction of last generation’s political classes.

Visoko town suffered disproportionally during the conflict, its position flanked by steep walls made it an easy target for intruding aggressors. Today the mark of war still hangs heavy. Middle aged survivors carry terrible scars, many buildings are still abandoned, seemingly innocuous fields remain littered with mines and on the first day of every month a siren reverberates – mercilessly serving to remind the good people of the town of their past traumas.

Visoko Pyramid

So it gave me reason to be encouraged when the taxi driver who eagerly picked me up at Sarajevo airport gave his own personal discourse about what an encouraging discovery the five pyramids at Visoko are for a nation lacking in confidence. As we approached Visoko, probably at unsafe speed, I indulged his boyish need to race other cars; the tallest of the pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun, was clearly visible from the dual carriageway. Even at this distance it was impossible not to be awestruck.

What do we know about Visoko’s Pyramid of the Sun? It is 220m high, which surpasses the Great Pyramid of Giza standing at 147m. The Pyramid of the Sun is correctly orientated toward the cardinal points. The four sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cheops) are orientated with an accuracy of zero degrees and three minutes of arc toward the cosmic north or 0.015pc accuracy (G Hancock). The Pyramid of the Sun sits within zero degrees, zero minutes and twelve seconds! of absolute alignment (Geodetic Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina). Is this an inexplicable precision? There must have been powerful motives to secure these meticulous orientations and a great deal of skill and execution that would be extremely difficult to replicate today. We also know that there are two major aquifers directly underneath this pyramid but before we study more details it is worth taking a step back.

Pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon. Visoko.

There is a noteworthy interrelationship between three of the pyramids within the valley. Specifically betweem the Pyramid of the Sun, Moon and Dragon. They form the corners of an equilateral triangle. Spaced 2.2km apart, ten times the height of the Sun Pyramid. When one extends and wraps a circle around the triangle, the symbol of principle, the rim touches the entrances to the numerous tunnels precisely. Clearly their position was mapped with more than half an eye on applying the beauty of sacred geometry. A further triangle is formed by the pyramids of Earth and Love and the River Fojnica.

Visoko, Giza, Lugansk

Zooming out one derivative further, it is interesting to note that another equilateral triangle is formed between Visoko, Giza and Lugansk. Lugansk is a Ukrainian sacred site of much interest to the ex-Soviet ruling class (Valery Uvarov is a good source for more information).

I will not explore the cosmic alignments here but it is worth bearing in mind that all that which is on Earth must be reflected on in context of Earth’s relationship with the Universe.

Greenland Pyramid, Camp and MiddleFinger, 2006

If you are looking for only one answer, you will never arrive at the right conclusion. With matters of this repercussive magnitude one must be prepared to look holistically and interpret multiple avenues of unsatisfied revelation.

However, I will entertain a binary question I have been asked more than any other. Is this, as is claimed, the biggest pyramid on Earth? The response: probably not. The largest above ground pyramid might be in Greenland (above). It is one of a dozen hair raising reasons why the Russian’s are so purposefully seeking to domineer the North Sea Passage and all adjacent seas – of course the argument is always reduced to linear economics and one can understand why, especially when Russia “bailed out” Iceland from their short-term unfunded liabilities in exchange for shipping rights. Then there are the growing murmurs of an above ground pyramid in Antarctica.

China Pyramid

The mainstream accepts that there are pyramids in Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Canary Islands, Mauritus and Sudan. There are bigger complexes in Egypt, Mexico, Peru and China (above) – where there has been a concerted effort to camouflage them with trees (read Hartwig Hausdorf). These bigger complexes also correlate with the cradles of indigenous civilisations that spread out across continents. Hence, it would be a great surprise to not find pyramids in Europe.

Pyramid Capping Stones

In 2005 the intrepid Dr Semir Osmanagich formally disclosed the significance of the Visoko Valley. Since then there has been a steady effort to better understand the vast historical implications by meaningfully excavating multiple sites. The early findings support the authenticity of these artificial structures.

On top of the Pyramid of the Sun there is a variable layer of sediment, which has sheltered the naked shell of the pyramid from untrained eyes, in the same vein as dozens found in central America – one of the latest discoveries is in Mirador, Guatemala. During the 1980s local authorities planted trees on the Visoko pyramids for the sake of “aesthetics.”

Trees, Pyramid of the Sun

It is interesting to note that the trees’ roots have not penetrated the pyramid and have only spread out laterally. As anyone with a tree in their garden will know, roots can devastate structures effortlessly and quickly. They do so by secreting an acid that burns a tinny burrow in the hardest of materials and once the attritional holes have been forged, hair sizes roots penetrate and grow, expanding like water into ice and breaking the material from the inside out; at which point a tree’s will dominates. But on the pyramid of the Sun the trees’ roots have at best only hooked themselves into a most superficial surface.

Roots, Pyramid of the Sun

The slabs that layer the pyramid are composed of a hard concrete. It is commonly accepted that the Assyrians and Babylonians used clay as a bonding substance. The Egyptians used lime and gypsum cement. In 1756, British engineer, John Smeaton made the first modern concrete (hydraulic cement) by adding pebbles as a coarse aggregate and mixing powdered brick into the cement. Cement with these aggregate characteristics but harder than today’s concrete, is what is found on the Pyramid of the Sun. On the surface two thick layers glued together with a layer of Babylonian-esque clay. Some sections appear to be formal blocks, other sections probably poured. Once the surface is totally uncovered and the absolute contours revealed, the rationale for the variation will be evident to all.

Dr Joseph Davidovits (for those who need him introducing: founder of French Institute of Polymers; authored more than fifty patents; published ten books on the construction of the pyramids and holder of French Medal of Merit) has named the blocks “geopolymer cemented concrete.” His research and finding were complemented by analysis from the Department of Chemistry at the Institute of Turin (which specialises in material science).

Dr Semir Osmanagich (Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko)Dr Semir Osmanagich

At exactly one third and two thirds level there is a ribbon of concentrated magnetite, the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth. Scratching the surface of this single monument, I soon realised that I was not only embarking on a journey of material archeology but in reverse engineering the advanced process of the designer, a journey of consciousness.

Even on my first visit to the main excavation sites I was able to appreciate why formerly unpoliticised Egyptologist spoke so enthusiastically about Visoko in the early days. Dr Nabil Swelim (a leading Egyptologist) said that “the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid in the world.” His sentiment echoed by many other highly prominent Egypologists: Dr Mona Haggag, Dr Soliman Hamed, Dr Ali Barakat, Dr Alaa Shaheen, Dr Hassan El-Saddy,  Dr Mostafa El-Abbadi et al

The reason why these individuals have since recoiled but, in most cases, not publicly amended their positions is a fascinating and self-contained case study of fear based sociology. Fear of losing provision, fear of isolation and perhaps a fear of confronting an unsettling version of history.

Syriana, VisokoSyriana, one of many well mannered stray dogs

Since it became a standardised academic discipline, dead to lively research, Egyptology has been castrated. The lazy and quite laughable notion that the Pyramids in Giza were tombs floods a forest of knowledge like the acidic waters trapped behind a dam. In trivialising the mystery the ancillary establishment, who possibly only sought untapped capital hoards originally, certainly got more than they bargained for and were soon treading the same path as the remorseless Inquisitors and Nazi covert expeditions of the past.

Let us remember that the pyramids of Egypt cannot be dated because radiocarbon dating methods are not applicable to stone and that the hydro erosion implies a date pre-12,000 years. As a side note, it is always amusing that the majority of Egyptologist interpret the pyramid complex’s stone irrigation channels as superfluous anomalies.

Let us also remember that the media-friendly Mummies were found in the Valley of the Kings, not inside any pyramids, within which there is next to no artwork. It is a highly tenuous argument to suggest that the pyramids of Egypt are directly associated with the documented Egyptian Pharaohs. This valley certainly raises the hackles of orthodox Egyptologists, who are still hiding in the muddied waters trodden by the looters transcending all social classes.

Ravne Tunnel entranceVisoko’s Ravne tunnel entrance

Yet there is a guide rope, frayed in places that offers help to those who seek truth; the tunnel networks. Tunnels, as El-Rassul disclosed years ago about Egypt, which connect all the tombs beneath valley. A network that partially mimic those on the plateau, where they might have once led to the Great Library of Alexandria (as outlined by the first historian, Herodotus). The Egyptian valley tunnel network was how the machiavellian Carter was able to operate invisible to those on the surface, win the sponsorship of Carnarvon and stun the world with a Tutankhamun shaped magic trick.

However, in the Bosnian valley there is no looting or honour sought. No overriding motivation toward higher social status or guarantee of multi-layered dynastical wealth but instead a physical journey toward truth. Only in this environment can volunteers with sincere interest be accepted on site rather than paid for labourers.

If we are truly to evolve properly, like a flower turns toward the light, we must have a grasp on our pre-history. Concerted efforts to remove knowledge, especially during the dark ages and confiscation of sources by institutions will be rendered futile by the sword of time. Institutional administrators and activists, the same self-certified learned individuals turn to feast on the overflowing troughs of ignorance, will wilt under the rays of “Maat.” Since in withholding of any knowledge comes an equal energy that eats away at the captor and this is now consuming the final energetic stratum of all intellectual gaolers.

Inside Ravne Tunnel

The guiding maxim of Sigmund Freud was to seek and dispense truth, echoing pharaonic concept of Maat (truth, justice, and cosmic order – represented in wonderful tomb paintings of a human heart being weighed on scales of justice by Anubis). Anyone looking for total trust is fixed on a journey where embarrassing someone is unavoidable. In Freud’s latter years he studied Egypt and concurred with the finding outlined by O’Farrell that Carter and Carnarvon unearthed writing on papyri that undermined some of the most well defined and documented middle history. That Moses was originally a prince or leader of Egyptian hierarchy. Of course this does not tell us abour our pre-histoy ancestors but does offer a glimpse into how even one alteration in detail could lead to unthinkable recalibrations of justifications and lead to titanic consequences. Moses the “liberator of the Israelites,” the catalyst for their religion and laws – originally an Egyptian, an aide to Akhenaten?! In modern times this would have obvious repercusions for the Israeli state, planted by agents of the British state, who are naturally closely entangled with Carnarvon. Was the suppression of this kind of information the source of the Tutankhamun curse? Or was the source simply the black market hoarding of antiquities? Who really knows what has been raided and lost.

At the excavations of Visoko there is a higher degree of integrity in the format of self-organised and self-regulated excavations, which are led by the professional hands of archeologists and moderated by physicists, geologists, anthropologist etc representing each corner of the globe. The bedrock, a steady team of fifty to seventy-five volunteers working at any one time during the Spring and Summer months.

Visoko’s Ravne tunnel network extends fifty kilometres. There are parts still well preserved with artifacts such as oil lamps but it are the sections that are blocked, which offer one of the most crucial narratives. The tunnels are blocked with elegantly smoothed pebbles of irregular types. Experts have postulated that the tunnels were blocked by an intermediary civilisation, either inside-out or vice versa. Yet it seems to me that the enigmatic pebble rubble being excavated is akin to river bedrock. It would make a whole lot of sense to deduce that these tunnels were flooded.

Ravne Tunnels

The ceilings of the inverted “V” shaped tunnels range in height, almost in a wave, which structurally stimulates airflow. The air throughout the tunnels is as fresh as mint and the ventilation is remarkable; counterintuitively the air seems more abundant the further one walks in. Of course dozens of peer-regulated scientific tests have been performed within the tunnels and the results are unsurprisingly eye-catching. There is absolutely zero radiation for instance, which is a massive anomaly and implies a radiation shielding. Also, earlier in the year there was a 4.5 earthquake nearby totally undetectable within the tunnels.

Whilst inside, one is always confronted with an ancient feeling, as if by being inside the arteries of a celestial beast. That ancient feeling cannot be measured but the impact of time spent in the tunnels on aura can. Engineer Janez Pelko, used technology developed by Russians to measure aura – interesting to note that it is Russian universities who publicly disclose techniques of measuring aura, not revered Western institutions despite the west’s middle-class fascination with body language. Pelko’s latest statistics demonstrate that 85% of people who visit the tunnels leave with improved aura. This makes a lot of sense when paired with the knowledge of the massive negative ion concentration. Modern medicine is catching up to understand the great healing properties of negative ions, so easily accessible even by just heating salt crystals.

K2 stone

Inside the tunnels there are many mesmerising artifacts, particularly the mega ceramics. There is one eight ton ceramic block that under x-ray revealed an iron deposit. Many bear runic style inscription. The one above reads “Pay attention (/ beware of) wag.” Although unfortunately we do not know what “wag” is.

Runic translationRunic translation

The stone pictured below was activated by light worker Jolanda Klassen.

Ravne Tunnel Stone

And here is a video, which captured that moment.

Water also livens up the tunnels and is intriguing in its own right because it does not settle at the level of the water table.The dynamics it demonstrates are closely related to those extrapolated by Schauberger physics. When measured using the Antoine Bovis scale – measuring the energy in nature ie water. The reading surpass those of the well of Fatima, supposedly the highest concentration found in Europe but not the strength of the water Klaus Dona found in La Mana, Ecuador which was 1,000x stronger than Fatima at 1.5million Bovis, with gold and silver colloidal content. Nonetheless, the Ravne waters are hugely exciting and I am in no doubt positively branded, with startling Masaru Emoto style water memory.

Ravene Tunnel Water

During his visit last year, Pedro Cruz Garcia, a venerable Mayan elder, gave an informal speech declaring his thoughts on Ravne and other pearls of wisdom (click here).

Ravne Labyrinth

The Ravne tunnels are located at the foot of the Pyramid of the Sun. There is even a direct tunnel that runs over two kilometres to the Pyramid; this tunnel is currently being excavated.

Visoko Map

The current state of the Visoko valley and the Ravne tunnels tell a story of a past time where all but the most robust monuments were washed away by a cataclysmic flood. Indeed, Visko is one of thousands of sites that echo the same message. The Bay of Cambay in India (below) is one that has been brought into sharp focus by the marine archaeologist SR Rao, whose team has retrieved thousands of artifacts from the submerged artificial structures.


This is similar to what has been found by technical divers in Sidi Gaber (Alexandria) and the Yonaguni Monuments (Japan). The Yonaguni megaliths (below) were embarrassingly unrecognised by orthodox archaeologists, who are now confronted by the insuppressible eye-witness reports from regular peoples who saw the flooded city landscape, including the stepped amphitheatre, when the waters receded preceding the 2011 tsunami.

Yonaguni, Japan

Massaaki Kimura, the lead authority on Yonaguni has endured many issues with other seemingly intellegent acedmics who cannot deal with the weight of mounting evidence. Even the graphically documented colosseumesque monument, which they are claiming is natural. Time for some discernment? Discernment only? Maybe also humility and grace. These attributes we assume are common but we rarely pay them attention they deserve and require.

So called “authorities” who have dedicated their adult lives in subservience to institutions rarely possess the strength to withstand even the mildest of attacks by peers or the even partial withdrawal of the hand that feeds them. At times it is agonising to witness the soft yet brutish remit of that which is closed minded, reductionist and reinforcing a way of understanding that undermines humanity’s ability to thrive. May they be filled with renewed discernment, humility and grace.

** time for a Bosnian coffee break **

Bosnian Coffee

My two week journey in Bosnia began in late August, by which time the extreme temperatures had settled from their peak of forty degrees to low thirties. When I arrived at the motel I was overwhelmed with the thought “what on Earth am I doing here?!” It was quite surreal to be located in a town, which even in the first moments revealed itself to operate on sponteneity and not dependable physical or social infrastucture.

In order to quell any hesitations regarding my participation, which were only fuelled by fatigue, I set my sights on visiting one of the sites. So I walked twenty minutes to the foot of the unavoidable Pyramid of the Sun and decided to climb it. Despite the recent moderation in heat, walking up the zig-zagging path of the pyramid was sweltering. There is a single lane that runs ninety percent of the way up the pyramid and then one must scramble to the top on an improvised, loose path. On reaching the summit, any reservations were now a distant memory and I was encouraged by a rejuvenating urge to discover more.

Semir Osmanagich Briefing

I was one of fifty or so volunteers participating in this year’s seventh shift. In total about five hundred volunteers from fifty-two countries will have made the journey to the largest disclosed excavation on Earth at this time. The range of volunteers is impressive, representing as many professions and interests as countries. The shift I was a member of was a special group with tremendous light energy and decent will toward the betterment of our civilisation. Before we were allocated roles, we had an extensive briefing, covering the history of this excavation, archeological methodology and the approach aspired to – specifically working in an open-sourced manner, which although intuitively productive, a pioneering style within archaeology and refreshingly built of mutual, respect, trust and devoid of excess ego.

12-B, Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko

At the time of arriving at Visoko, there were twelve active excavations being undertaken. I was delighted to learn that I was assigned to work in a small team on a specialist site on the Pyramid of the Sun. The site’s designation was 12-B and originally opened and targeted after a series of complementary data findings. One was sourced by the renowned out-of-place artifacts archeologist and curator Klaus Dona. To view a video with him at 12-B last year click here.

B-12, Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko

Four metres below the surface of the particularly deep sediment there was a tunnel entrance detectable by ground-penetrating georadar. The access made easier by a fracture. On arriving, this fracture had been cracked and a cavity was made between the two concrete layers.

Concrete Layers, B-12, Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko

The second layer had a crack wide enough to send a camera through to investigate and verify the information gathered by technologies. The camera was able to confirm that this was the entrance to a walled shaft that descended 70 metres into a chamber. The footage was shown at the Hidden History Conference, which coincided with the end of my trip.

Shaft video, B-12, Sun Pyramid, Visoko

During the course of my first week, I worked in a team of five, led by Octavio a charming structural engineer from Madrid. Our physical efforts were employed to expand the cavity and further expand the entrance to the shaft, all the while being considerate to the site and using the least destructive methods possible.

The significance of accessing this chamber is comparable to the so called King’s and Queen’s chambers in Egypt. The main difference between the Great Pyramid and the Pyramid of the Sun is that the latter has multiple chambers that spiral from top to bottom. If one chamber can be accessed, then it might be able to be compared with similar discoveries. In doing so, the relationship between pyramidal stone structures, which have hollows and tubes, to the magnetic fields of the Earth might be better understood.

B-12, Sun Pyramid, Visoko, drawing/sketch

It is evident that Nikola Tesla derived many of his extraordinary findings and re-innovations from his extensive study of pyramids and ancient cultures. He was able to demonstrate a century ago that pyramids can generate power and were most likely, possibly among other things, were ancient power stations. Tesla recognised the original pyramids of Egypt as batteries with at least one component missing – most likely, as with all ancient pyramids, the functioning capstone.

Organic Material, B-12, Sun Pyramid, Bosnia

Our dig turned up many interesting finds and superficial inconsistencies. Pictured above is a slice of organic matter that can be used to date the layer we were penetrating. Similar examples have returned from the radiocarbondating labs of University Uppsala (Sweden), University of Kiel (Germany), University of Technology in Gliwice (Poland) with results that range from 25,000-40,000 years. Obviously these dates are younger than the original structure upon which they have settled. It is already accepted by mainstream anthropological genetics that human communities have been present in this region for 35,000 years.

Hidden History, Dating, Visoko 2012

We found veins of parallel, white quartz crystal (below) seams in the concrete, the regularity of which was eye-catching. This kind of stone makes an easier connection with the pulsation, the heartbeat of the planet; further compounding the idea that this pyramid was once designed to be a machine that harnessed abundant natural energies.

Quartz stone, B-12, Sun Pyramid, Visoko, Bosnia

During the second week our team was privileged to witness the famed dowser Larry Bird at work. It was fascinating to see first hand how he read subterranean details. As he worked, the accompanying unbroken narrative was like a man reading a braille script. Larry is a man of seventy-one years who would show up most men with his brilliant stamina and intellect. His visit to 12-B coincided with the interest of an Austrian film crew who were in the process of filming for a documentary (seemingly adhering to the original definition, implying the end product will have some integrity).

Larry Bird, B-12, Sun Pyramid, Visoko, Bosnia

From the top lip of the excavation, especially on the warmer days, the cool air flowing purposefully out of the shaft’s crack could be easily appreciated, demonstrating the strong air circulation that exists within the pyramid.

Larry Bird, Dowsing, Sun Pyramid, Visoko, Bosnia

Larry’s Native American nose led him a little further east from 12-B to site 12-C. As his unceasing commentary continued he disclosed something, which our team was already privy to. There was an ancillary entrance that fed in to the main one at 12-B. There was a mirror ancillary doorway on the west-side and a further two feeder channels above; the five points forming an “M” shape. Larry’s dowsing was exciting and his skill encouraged us to turn our energies to 12-C.

Sun Pyramid, Semir, Octavio, Dig. Bosnia.

So the team was now reduced to a refined trio including Bjorn (Norway) and Staffan (Sweden). Our cheerleader was Immortal Technique rapping through an iPhone; this was the point of no return. During the course of the first week I was confronted with many artifacts that challenged. Once one goes deeper and investigates things can become a bit scary. Confronted with a version of history that for once resonates across perspective and dimensions. Relive the group memory of Earth’s past cleansing trauma and the cause of death of the civilisation that once thrived in the Visoko valley.
Bjorn, Staffan. Dig. Sun Pyramid, Visoko, Bosnia.

This brand of archaeology is exciting. To be on the cusp of uncovering a monument that was at risk of being buried permanently. Is this not what the likes of Zahi Hawass ought to be applying themselves to? Of course there have been plenty of scornful rebuttals of thousands of archaeological revelations, by individuals entrenched in the archeological establishment. It is no wonder, because once they hint at an endorsement they would simultaneously undermine their academic sand castles. From the perspective of holding onto illusion one can partially forgive their futile resistance to the truth.

The Dig

It is interesting to note the type of groups interested in this valley, today and in chartable modern history. Not all are savoury characters; indeed there are representatives of both the extreme dark and the light.

Sun Pyramid, Bosnia. Dig.

The story here is a fractal of so much being played out on Earth and a reflection of the life of Tesla, who breed so many freeing inventions only for them to be mothballed or used in angst by others. The Tesla revelation was certainly one of the most profound I would take back away from Bosnia. That his Wardenclyffe Tower used exactly the same principles we were uncovering in Visoko, only two hundred kilometres from the place of his birth.

Tesla, Coil energy.

The use of magnetite at thirds and top to stimulate and project the strongest magnetic field. Vast waters beneath. Spiralling chambers as transponders. The real question is, did Tesla reverse engineer and unlock secrets of the pyramids?! If he did, this would reduce the question many believe has not been answered beyond doubt. To what extent is the Pyramid of the Sun made by man or overworked by man?

Bjorn, B-12, Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko, Bosnia. 2012.

It is remarkable how much can be perceived from only scratching the surface of one site. It seemed to me that in asking the right questions, the pyramid amplified them and returned resounding answers, often ones least expected. I had one profound episode where I experienced an amplified personal communication from 1,500 kilometres away. Will we be offered a chance to redevelop abilities of super-sensitivity and the science of Atlantean priests and priestesses?

Bjorn, Staffan, pyramid of the Sun walking.

Occasionally, at the end of a six hour shift we would walk up the side of the pyramid. It was always such a great feeling to climb it and admire its angle and road cut into it’s side (above). In Egypt it has been illegal to climb since 1983. The angle on the Sun is the same and one would do well to avoid taunting gravity by walking vertically up and become exhausted by resistance or vertically down and risk injury when the momentum becomes unmanageable.

Pyramid flower.

At the summit there is a restored Medieval settlement that reminded me of Old Sarum, Wiltshire, UK. where there are the remains of a castle once used by monarchs, positioned on a sacred druidic site.

Medieval settlement, near top of Pyramid of the Sun

Between April and June 2010, physicists detected strong electomagnetic radiation. Specifically a beam four and a half metres in diameter that resonates at ultrasound; confirmed by physicist Slobodan Mizdrak (Zagreb) Dr Harry Oldfield (UK.) It moves at the speed of light and its strength is magnified by altitude, a contradiction of conventional physics. Although it would be even more difficult to accept that the beam comes from above.

Etched Spiral. Pyramid of the Sun. Visoko, Bosnia.

The electromagnetic beam once again hints toward Tesla’s wireless energy conducting tower…

Meditation view, Pyramid of the Sun. Visoko. Bosnia.

With my feet hanging off one of the summit’s walls, facing away from the North side it occurred to me that although we were digging toward an entrance perhaps we ought to be digging on the opposite side. After all it is on this side where we find a plateau, perhaps similar to those found adorning the primary faces of some Central American pyramids.

But these thoughts of process and archeological method soon gave way to higher thoughts. Could the pyramid have also been used to tune certain people – pharaohs, priests? These thoughts came to me as I felt and understood, to a shallow extent, the interests of ancient priests and priestesses. As pyramids enhance life-force can they also influence energetic systems and develop abilities? Even act as conduits to access parallel dimensions of Earth and time. Could one contact past self for advice in order to guide through similar trials one’s spirit has already made sacrifices to negotiate; affecting one’s future for the better? This would offer another explanation of why the Now > (Past + Future)

The Fountain

It is conceivable that two floors of time can be in equilibrium and that the pyramid might biologically balance these times. A mechanism not symbolism. Convergence of timelines as we cross ages of Pisces to Aquarius. I discerned this from just being there. Ah, so this is what it is to have a view from the top. The view from the top was over a land unbounded by tamed beauty and I said “thank you,” for the lessons I have learnt of myself and those lessons I have learnt of others.

Bosnian Flag. Summit, Pyramid of the Sun.

There is a pole at the highest point of the pyramid, too slippery to scale, so we fastened the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the base before Americans thought it was looking bare.

Pyramid of the Sun, 'tattoos'

It is interesting to observe that we often complicate our world by seeking alignment with each other and in so doing ignore and forget to listen to the master within. Listen to the master within! It is like coming home, you are not losing anything, in fact you are able to experience what you could not have imagined you could.
Full Moon, Visoko, Bosnia.

The full moon loomed before the big party of free flowing music and jollity.

A celebration of the Pyramid’s will to bring us all together in this one moment, dispersed coals being warmed in the furnace of Visoko.

Pyramid of the Sun fire party. 2012.

Other entities made themselves visible in orb form (below).

Pyramid of the Sun Orbs. 2012.

The building blocks of the Pyramid of the Moon (below), which is situated on the opposite side of the valley to the Sun.

Pyramid of the Moon.

The artifacts tell a compelling story. Below a small collection of stone and ceramics, pre-dating documented culture rescued from The Temple of Mother Earth where shallower layers tell tales of Greek influence built upon a neolithic settlement.

Ceramic, Visoko, Bosnia.

A series of six palm sized ceramic pyramids were discovered in 2008 by students from the University of Kiel (Germany). They shared striking similarities with scaled-down models discovered in Egypt. They have since been confiscated from the dig foundation by the acheological team from the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pyramid of the Dragon, artefact

A dynamic sculpture found in the Pyramid of the Dragon; combining two stone materials. Superficially it appears to have a free-form but commands attention in its presence. With no pottery function this appears to be purely sculpture and nods to artistic expression. It is without glaze, colour, or metallic finishes but this does not necessarily mean that a layer of luster has not been lost in time. I can only speculate to the object’s use. Decorative, ritualistic or another function lost in time; it may even have an important message imbedded but yet to be deciphered

Pyramid of the Dragon Amulet

Stone panel found on the access plateau of the Pyramid of the Sun. even in the weak image below it is possible to make out a replication of Visoko’s pyramid layout carved in the stone.

Plateau replica stone, Pyramid of the Sun

Further adding to the accumulating evidence from researchers across the world that there was a global high civilisation that was, for all intents and purposes, wiped out approximately 12,500 years ago.

Larry Bird Dowsing

Above, Larry Bird dedicated time to dowsing the stone panel and inscribed its code on paper placed on top of it.

In a town of approximately 20,000 there is a disproportional presence of supranational and mercenary services. Puma helicopters, as pictured, fly regular rounds across the valley each day; monitoring and waiting.

Puma Helicopter

In the final days of my fortnight voyage I heard of an enchanted place nearby called Ginje, which has been embedded in local modern history since its use as a retreat for the pinnacle members of the Third Reich hierarchy.

Pine Spiral

On this specific site emanates a strong spiralling energy vortex – again Tesla coil characteristics.

Pyramid Spiralling Energy

It makes one ponder why there have recently been such atrocities in Bosnia. Motivated by a war on Terra? To let the poison of death and fear seep into the Earth’s ley line nervous system? (wait for the publication of “The Transition” for more)Sun Pyramid, viewed from Ginje Hill. Bosnia. Daniel 2012

So as I accompanied Bjorn and Staffan, with other colleagues who had previously visited this site, we climbed a hill and on it levelling off my passiveness was suddenly superseded by an all consuming transfixion. It was as if something beyond the detection of my five senses was pleading for my attention. Unbeknown to me at the time, I was standing on the very location of the energy vortex. Even in my ignorance at the time, my subconscious was respectful of it and I patrolled the perimiter of the hill as others prayed.

The Sun was setting but there was something more than a light incongruity in the distant landscape. Hills and Pyramids seemed to be swaying, like sheets on a washing line moving against each other. I had a strong sense that the world was telling me that it only exists when it is observed and even the observation does not tell the whole story unless properly decoded because the panorama itself is not entering the brain, it is being observed and as the point of observation changes so does that which is being deciphered. We are perception not objects.

Bjorn, dusk. From Ginje Hill, looking to Pyramid of the Sun

As I ventured toward the centre of the Ginje hill I could feel the intersection of energy sources being pulled in from every corner of the valley. It was two days later that I learned that at every 9.4 degrees from the centre-point of Ginje lies a major monument and that the longest tunnel detected by ground penetrating radar runs from the Sun Pyramid (pictured twice above) to this very hill, which is a known ancient burial site.

Ginje Orbs. 2012

So the significance of this modest looking hill was quickly coming into sharp personal focus. If its sacred might could be harnessed, it could also be abused. It was about now that I began to see sporadic white balls of light rush across the landscape surrounding the hill. At first only one every half a minute of so. The balls would leave a following trail, etching the scenery. The best way I could describe it is by drawing a parallel with the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene when the Ark of the Covenant is lifted and pallid spirits emerge.

It was a firm and adamant experience. A spiritual experience that I did not abuse by choosing to leave within only twenty minutes of arriving. I recognise it as a privilege and felt the presence of our ancestors flow through me, from behind, through, up and out of my physical body.

Indiana Jones, spirits ending

It is time to remember who we are as a human race, who we really are. Not defined by our sub-economic roles. Our ancestors cry at our serfdom. They cry at our isolation from that which we are akin – each other. Time to recognise the sanctity of all life. That which co-habits the Earth, the Universe and the multi-dimensions beyond what we can decipher while dressed in the handsomely crafted physical suits our spirits walk around in.

There is an unceasing intent to indoctrinate, for contemporary men and women to passively accept the grossest misallocation of capital in human history as an armada gathers off the shores of Persia – precipitating what has the hallmarks of the biggest overt terrestrial war ever. Let us choose to create positive modern novelty, let it originate from the depth of our common ancestry.

Sunrise, summer Visoko. 2012.The morning stillness and silence of all possibility

There is still so much for us to rediscover and reconnect to. Here’s to this generation of young voyagers, quickly assembling the evidence and knowledge of good human potentiality, beautiful and meaningful research. It is the time to shift conceptuality to this reality. To reunite thinking and experience, determinism and intuition.

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